When you think of Tagaytay, you usually want to chill, relax, eat at well-known spots. Enjoying the slow pace is what's on the itinerary usually not exactly the nightlife.

*Queue in* Adverb Gastropub.

Guess which one I kept?

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7 makeup tricks to make you look amazing in photos
NO. Don't suddenly put your arm around me.KTHNXBYE


You've probably clicked on one or a couple of ads on Facebook (who can blame you? Those ads are so well made to be honest). A few might be beauty products- a cushion compact, natural lashes, a mermaid makeup brush kit or a peel off mask maybe?

beautylabwhitening product haul shopping experience

You all know how I love me some KBeauty, and if the beauty community is to be believed, a lot of people here in the PH do to! We already have a multitude of physical and online stores to satisfy our "Kutis Koreana Beauty" cravings, a new addition to the list is http://www.beautylabwhitening.com/.

Hailing from Korea, Beauty Lab Whitening, as the name suggests is a clinic that specializes in simple and strategic whitening/lightening procedures for the face and body. The most famous one being the "Red light theraphy" wherein you put their product on your skin and you go into something akin to a tanning bed (but vertical?) called the R-630 Collagen Machine and yes, they use red light.

"R-630 COLLAGEN MACHINE - Activates the natural collagen cells in the skin. Gives the skin a healthy pink glow."

"The Beauty Lab program combines whitening treatment, R-630 collagen light, dead skin cells management, and home care for truly authentic and lasting white skin. Our patented technique is non-invasive, uses no oral prescriptions, and promotes natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle." - Beauty Lab Whitening/Suaviss Korea

Apparently this treatment is quite popular in Korea i.e. celebrities i.e. IU.

They also sell what they use in their procedures and kindly asked me to try their online store + some of their products.

Photos from Beauty Whitening Lab's Facebook Page

BeautyLab Whitening's skincare products claim to never use pigments, artificial fragrances or other artificial additives in any of their solutions. So all products have 95% natural and 5% functional ingredients, (according to them) which maximizes long-term benefits while minimizing side effects. 

"Our goal is to embue our customers with glowing skin that is not only immediately whiter but also healthier in the long term." - Beauty Lab Whitening/Suaviss Korea

What's better than KBeauty? KBeauty that uses natural ingredients! Here are some of the things I got from their shop.

Ordering experience

It was as quick and painless as with other online stores I've used. One caveat is that you can't check out as a visitor- you need to register and make an account. This can be an issue to some.

Feeling good about my choices. I checked out. Then waited. But after a few days and the proceeding days after, they began to contact me thru text and call that my orders weren't in stock. After giving out alternatives I thought that was that but they contacted me again saying my replacements weren't in stock too.

Miffed, I agreed to just get whatever was in stock. The products finally got into my hands, a week and some change, after going to their booth (near my workplace). This all could've been simpler had the website been updated with their available stocks.

Goodies "Purchased"

Cleansing water, Facial Lotion (2nd step) and Anti-ageing serum. All of which have some sort of lightening ingredient. The Facial lotion is specifically for whitening though.

I'm currently using the cleansing water (slippery and can't be used on the eyes but works pretty decent especially at its price-point! Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry too) and the facial lotion (lightweight and nourishing enough as a daily moisturizer for my somewhat dry skin)

Have yet to try the serum as I still have 2 open.

How many have heard of this treatment? Based on reviews and claims, effects are seen quite soon. As in after ONE session.


how to throw a party to remember how to throw a party that everyone will remember

The season for get-togethers is coming and some of these occasions are better celebrated at
night. Beer pong challenges, foam parties and gourmet feasts are frequently set on -ber months when workload is stable and friends are back from extended vacations. Organizing a party after hours is a challenge because some friends opt out when celebrations are past curfew.

The best memories are made when the sun is down, however. The best DJs, international acts and cultural festivals all end up in the evening. Colorful fluorescent and LED lights dominate party places and bring happy hour to the next level. If you are caught in confusion on how to throw the party of a lifetime, you use these tips as a guide to make each attendee have a great time.

image source: wingsprivilege.com

1. Select a theme carefully
Following a theme for the night would be perfect. Some common themes for night parties are The Great Gatsby, Las Vegas Casino, Moulin Rouge, the '60s ('70s or '80s will also do), Pop Icons, and other themes that bring the illusion of fun. Try not to complicate the theme. Choose one that gives flexibility when it comes to outfit choices. Picking a theme that's too specific will give you challenge in décor options.

2. Notify the attendees early
Following from the above, themed parties require effort on the part of the participants. Make sure that you give them ample time to look for the right outfits and accessories by notifying them ahead of time. A lot of people choose to skip a party because of last-minute notice. This applies in particular if you have competition like certain holidays.

3. Choose a suitable party venue
Of course, you need to choose the right place for the party. The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate all the attendees and décors. When choosing a venue, prioritize comfort. There are plenty nightlife party venues in Manila, that is if you choose to hold the party somewhere in the metro. Some places to check out are:

● Chaos in City of Dreams, Paranaque
● House Manila at the Resorts World, Paranaque
● Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City
● Prive in BGC, Taguig
● Skye in 28th Street cor. 11th Avenue, BGC, Taguig
● Valkyrie in Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig

image source: says.com

While at it, make sure that the management is okay with decorating the venue. Alternatively, why don't you choose a party venue in Manila that you can tie with your chosen theme? For example, have a Mexican party at a Latin bar. You can go this route, or you may always start with a blank canvas. Your call really.

4. Plan the venue décor
Now that you've picked a fitting venue, the next step is to determine how are you going to dress up the place. Following a theme, your goal is to create an atmosphere where attendees would feel like they are being transported to a different place. Such undertaking requires a keen attention to detail. Always, always, always factor in the dimension of the available space. This means having an ocular inspection way ahead of time so you can plan your décors properly.

5. Plan the menu
Your choices of foods and drinks should also adhere to your preferred theme. The venue management may take care of this portion but make sure that the people understand your menu requirements. Yes, the food alone can make or break your party! So, make it memorable for your guests too. They may forget the décors but never the food and drinks.

Planning a night party is a mighty undertaking, but that doesn't mean you cannot tackle the task. Make it fun and memorable! And such stance applies to all aspects—from the theme to the invites to the venue, décors and menu. If you prepared for it, your themed party would definitely become a success.

Contributor : This article is written by Tanya Gomez, a blogger from Manila, writing about party venues in Manila, events and also weddings. She writes for Hizon’s Catering, one of the best catering company in the Philippines. Follow her twitter @awesometanya64

althea velvet powder review
You guys know about Althea Korea by now for sure. The online Korean Beauty destination has captured every Kbeauty enthusiast in the Philippines (and Southeast Asia!). Just in case you've been living under a rock here are some links (here, here and here) to get you acclimated to the wonderful world of Althea.

Althea finally released their own makeup brand, the first product being this Petal Velvet Powder made for all skin types and more importantly (to me at least) made from natural ingredients + CRUELTY FREE!

Claims :
- Translucent
- Controls sebum but non-drying
- Blurs pores and leaves a lightweight, smooth velvety finish
- Non-comedogenic
- Made from natural and cruelty-free ingredients

The main highlighted ingredient are "Althea seeds" which give hydration, sun protection and provides anti-ageing properties.

Full ingredient list : silica, mica, vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, methicone, hibiscus syriacus seed extract, hydrogenated lecithin, 1,2-hexanediol, glyceryl caprylate, maltodextrin, fragrance

Packaging is a simple and compact screw-cap lid jar. Not surprisingly, the puff included is very soft and useable. I would assume the people behind Althea know the woes of having 'trash' applicators included in the product.

Compared to another cult KBeauty loose translucent powder - Innisfree 'No Sebum Mineral Powder', this is priced at P220/3g while the Innisfree one is P260 (sale price)/5g. Althea's is cheaper but barely. For how much you get, it's more sound to get the Innisfree one.

If you want to try something new and if the added bonus of Althea seeds, sun protection and anti-ageing intrigue you Althea's might suit you better. Apart from the aforementioned claims, I don't see anything different from what they both hope to achieve, which is to set the makeup, control sebum and leave a silky soft finish on the skin.


Ok I admit the price is up there for 3g but you really don't need much especially for these types of powders. Let's start with the aesthetics and other superficials. The packaging with the Althea branding is great. It's compact and the plastic material isn't the cheap kind. You know those types of plastic packaging that break easily?

The scent is very light to me. There is a noticeable scent but it's faint. As for the product itself, it sets the face well leaving my skin velvety smooth (true to the claim) but that's the case for most translucent 'silica'-y powders. I do like the added benefit of anti-ageing, sun protection and hydration (from the Althea seeds).

I can also commend the fact that it's non-comedogenic (my sensitive skin didn't break-out thankfully), cruelty-free and has ingredients that are natural. As for the oil control though, as someone who has dry skin my t-zone still oiled up. It didn't dry out my skin though and if you put a little too much it can tend to make your skin look REALLY dry.

Though it's nothing a little face spray can't fix. I wouldn't say it's the magical product for all oily-skinned people. It's a pretty great touch-up powder too because there's no colour it doesn't alter your face base.

Bottom-line: It's not bad. At all. The price is good. The product works sufficiently well. There's no white-cast that I can claim. But I wouldn't necessarily wax poetic about this powder.

Have you tried this powder? Have you tried any loose setting translucent powders? Share below!


PS. Thanks Althea Korea for sending this over and letting me try it!

Sometimes we wake up looking (and feeling) bright, cheery and radiant. Other days, not even caffeine can help. With about a thousand things we need to think about as we rush through the day, sometimes skincare is the least of our worries.

Regardless of your stance on physical appearance, a proper skincare routine is essential. Taking care of ourselves is an important step when it comes to self-love.  So here are a few tips that might help you look and feel fresh and radiant.

Cleanse your face

Cleansing is important, regardless of how tired you are. Always take your makeup off before bed. Period. There are a multitude of cleansers out there for makeup removal and regular cleansing. Oil cleansers, Micellar waters, Foam and cream cleansers just to name a few types.

Tip: Choose one for your skin type! Foams are usually best for oil/combination skin while cream and oil cleansers are best for dry skin.

Another thing to remember is exfoliation. About once a week, use a good scrub to remove dead skin cells. Any product you use after that will apply and be absorbed more easily (apart from the baby-skin-like texture after).

Choose the right moisturizer

As with cleansers, the type of moisturizer to use depend on your skin type . Oily skin types benefit more from water based moisturizers. Dry skin needs something a little more heavy and emollient. While specific skin concerns like sensitivity, acne, ageing and whitening need specific ingredients that target them.

Read the label in the back and look for stuff such as retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – they all help the production of collagen and help your skin retain elasticity. To target acne, products with salicylic acid are great, but if you have a more severe form of cystic acne you might wish to use something with benzoyl peroxide.

Enjoy a good workout and a balanced diet

Diet and exercise play a huge part in looking and feeling healthy because most of the time they just didn't wake up one day looking the way they do. You really have to work a little more extra and the pay-off is of course worth it.

Some opt for plastic surgery though and I wouldn't necessarily say that's bad. Just like most things we shouldn't rely heavily on it. The point is, to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful, and if you want to turn to breast enhancement and dermal fillers to help you achieve your ideal, then that’s great. It’s your body, and you get to pick what you need to do to make it look the way you want.


Read : Liposuction in Perth is on the rise, and one of the most popular procedures in the whole country seems to be breast enhancement.

Play with makeup

Makeup can create confidence. A lot of people who wear it can attest to that. The key is to enhance and accentuate certain features. Or just play and see what works best for you and your skin + features! There are a tonne of blogs and vlogs that can help especially on YouTube. Makeup doesn't have to be stressful it's actually quite fun!

Looking attractive is more than just about the products you use, it’s about your lifestyle choices and
the attitude you have. Take good care of yourself and you’ll always have fresh, glowing skin with the confidence to match it.

Contributor : Amy Mia Goldsmith
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmyMiaGoldsmith
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldsmithMia

althea turns 2 contest fly to korea for 2
I believe it's safe to say that kbeauty has been cemented in the hearts of many in the beauty world. There's at least one kbeauty item in a beauty enthusiast's regimen. Be it skincare or makeup, we have all been converted to the wonderful world of Korean beauty and we don't mind one bit.
calyxta jigs mayuga 5 makeup trends
Starting off this July with a little trend report - 5 Fall/Winter Beauty Trends to be exact that I believe anyone can recreate and incorporate into their 2017 looks. Most of these looks are probably in your arsenal already lately or even for years now.

Dermatologically formulated skincare range, Cetaphil, clinically proven to strengthen and protect even the most sensitive skin ensuring healthy skin just celebrated their 70th anniversary last May, at Shang-ri-la Hotel Makati.

Tea drinker? Then read on.

There's no denying that I'm an avid fan of tea and that consequently extends to (legitimate not those powdered ones) milk teas. So hearing about Php20 milk teas from a notable brand, my brain doesn't need any more convincing other than, "MILK TEA?".

I'm not really a sentimental type of person. But recently with the onslew of 'hugot' commercials, most of them really well done, I can understand the appeal and I can definitely appreciate it. They are a little late to the game though as I've seen a really sweet commercial way back (the vow and the Mc Donald's one)...

Netflix, Iflix Who??

Top VOD (Video on Demand) service in South-East Asia, HOOQ, just celebrated its 2nd successful year with new partners, new content and more incoming projects!

To be honest I haven't tried HOOQ yet, but I will now after learning that they're going to be providing the sequel much lauded Indie Action film that is On The Job. As well as a series accompaniment!

Note: If you haven't watched the film, I highly suggest you do. It's very well made. :)

althea-trendy-box-from-head-to-toe-1The market is saturated with subscription boxes and everyone just can't get enough. From healthy snacks, pet things, clothes and of course beauty.

It's pay day again and now while I recommend to budget and purcahse what you really need it's good to reward yourself with a little something-something, maybe once a month...(keyword:maybe). If you're new to makeup these are solid brands to go for, price-wise and availability (they're everywhere). Here's what's on sale along with products beauty bloggers swear by.

enchanteur-paris-parisienne-fragrance-launch-la-creperie-0I love me a good fragrance -- whether it's in hand sanitizer form, book or perfume (not so much with skincare though). I wanted to see what this brand was all about seeing as it's inspired by 'the most romantic city in the world' --- Paris and the fact that this will be sold exclusively at Watsons, meaning it's in the affordable range.

When a plus-size model walked out I visibly lit up. Then came the POC models. Then the someone with Pink hair and I realized this wasn't any old typical we-only-employ-thin-models type of fashion show.

KBeauty is going strong and full-steam ahead everywhere. And the love is not slowing down any time soon especially when we have another contender in the KBeauty site department. Cue in https://yeppunonnie.ph. A shopping site/brand/destination for all your KBeauty fantasies.
Affordable homegrown brand San San is the main feature for LocalPH : The makeup edition. To be specific, I'll be featuring their very online famous concealer pen. Is it worth the cheap price tag?

Read on for further dissection...

And yes, it's glorious you guys.


Summer and beach season is fast approaching. And almost everyone is ready to get their tan on for that beachy-summer-y glow! But sometimes we get carried away with the tan and end up looking quite darker and ashy than the Tita JLO peg we originally intended to do.


Long story short : It works.

Read on for more details!
Yes right? Finally, I'm reviewing the whole V-Face line of Maybelline which I showcased here.
Read on for swatches and thoughts.
Careline has been around for years. Being the (little) sister company of Ever Bilena, this brand is as ubiquitous as its predecessor. Department store to drugstore you've most likely spotted a few of this brand's items.

Basing on the packaging alone you know that this is geared for the more younger crowd. That said, there are times when gems can be found in the cheaper and teeny-bopper side of the makeup aisle. Read on for what I think are hits and misses.