Of all the nail art trends, the accent nail is the one I like most because it can be as understated or as flamboyant as you want. There's just something about a row of single colors and then a one nail that {seemingly} doesn't fit in. 

Ranging from simple {two colors}  to complicated combinations, the possibilities are endless.

These are just some of the ones that I really like. I obviously like glitter accents. {But they're such a pain to remove!}

Have you tried the accent nail? What's on your nails lately?

"So I went shopping today"...Isn't that how these things usually start? 

Not this time. Shopping was not what I had in mind when I went to buy just one thing. UGH I can't believe I bought so many things I wasn't even meaning to buy that day.

I went to WATSONS yesterday to buy lipbalm. Just lipbalm

But then my brain started to think "Oh. Why not just look around and see what they have? You know you want to. We're just gonna look, swears" . Fully knowing that I will for sure buy something other than the lip balm, I still obliged my very convincing brain. 

Riding in cars with boys, kegger-infused relationships or ( in my case ) just plain dancing in your pajamas in your room. Your childhood music stays with you  for better or worse. It may evoke certain kinds of pleasant as well as unpleasant memories in you but no matter how unpleasant, it made you who you are today and you're not as screwed-up as you thought you were gonna be. Which is just the way you like it. Not what you had exactly in mind when you were dreaming of a richer more successful you, but those are really subjective terms, and you're still alive, that's always a plus right? All my blabbering aside, this is a great mixtape.