Covering all Bases: Primers (A review on Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser and Beauty Treats Mineral Primer)

A review on the two primers that I currently own: One promises a baby-butt-smooth base while the other, a mineral-infused one promises to make your makeup last longer.

(was it baby-butt though? or just baby smooth? some babies are rough though so…) Read more nonsense like this after the jump!


At my first foray into the simple but complicated world of makeup, I never really understood the purpose of primers (face primers/eye shadow primers/mascara primers).

Honestly speaking, I never really understood squat about anything regarding makeup much less know their names and intended uses.

As I delved deeper (swimming ang peg) though and understood more about skin types (I have oily skin w/ dry patches), I found a growing appreciation for them and an insatiable need to finding the perfect one for me.

NOTE: Makeup primers, much like the ones you use to prep a canvass before painting, are used to prep your face for better application of other face bases, like foundation and/or bb or cc creams. They aim to make your makeup last longer and show their truer colours. (eye shadow primer)


Being dubbed as a more affordable drugstore dupe for the famous Benefit Porefessional, it has the cute packaging down pat and the similar texture, which is very lightweight btw, apart from that I don't really know since I never owned the porefessional.

In terms of makeup longevity, I think it holds it fairly well in a (EDITED) 3-5 hour time-frame, except my nose which no matter what I do, oils up first and melts off the makeup. (I sweat a lot. I live in the tropics. I sweat a lot.) Plus I only had one instance of touching up.

Application-wise it's not that obvious when used under your base the best, it does make it easier to apply other bases with, but for more apparent effect, use this on top of your base makeup (foundation/bb/cc). It won't erase pores per se, but it does minimize it.

Oil control is zero for me. I have oily skin, and this does not do it. Freshly applied yes it mattifies but an hour or so later it doesn't hold my makeup...well, up.

I seriously love touching my face whenever I smooth this over, making me look insane. All that’s missing are my eyes rolling to the back of my head and roses and sparkles all around me. Shoujo manga style.

Heard it has Cherry extracts which is supposedly good for acne-prone skin. Errr I'm breaking out.

MAYBELLINE : ~P239 (~$5) –Bought at Sale Price 
~P299 (~$7) –Regular Price


I knew it was shimmery and I was okay with it, I realized I can maybe probably double this up as a light highlighter. NO. You can’t and it sucks because if I can use this as a highlighter that maybe one of the redeeming factors for me other than the fact that it’s a mineral primer (according to the slightly convincing Sales Assistant). It applies like a light watery moisturizer/face lotion and I like the consistency because it is easy to blend in.

I don’t know how I feel exactly, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I guess I was anticipating it to smooth pores as well but not all face primers are like that. Oil control is ZERO but it does a fair job of making my makeup last longer same as the Maybelline one in the same time frame.

I actually think it does nothing to make it last longer, I've tried skipping this step and my makeup still pretty much looked the same. It just feels nice.

BEAUTY TREATS : ~P129 ($3) –Bought at Sale Price
 ~P150 ($3.50) –Regular Price


MAYBELLINE is what I would say hands down and definitely would repurchase except, I THINK IT’S BREAKING ME OUT.

I don't know if my skin is just insanely sensitive or what but if I am allergic to any ingredient in this thing I have a sinking feeling that it's either the Silica or Dimethicone which might be in larger amounts that what my skin is used to.  (since those are the two ingredients that generally disagree with people's skin) Please let this be not the case!

I like this!
I love it!
I wanna clothe it and call it my baby!

But alas unless I know if it’s truly the culprit, beauty treats would be the victor here.
I’d definitely recommend these two for their price and availability (Watson’s & Department Stores and some parts of Asia : Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & The Philippines as of now) They’re worth their price especially if they're on sale.

Legend: ~ = Roughly

Any primers or new products you can recommend? Leave your blogpost link, I love discovering new blogs!

EDIT : Yes. It is breaking me out. When I take my makeup off I notice my face is redder and not because of me man-handling my face. It's not the case when I'm using the Beauty Treats one. Oh well. Such is life.


  1. I've hear alot of raves about the Maybelline one, it's a really good alternative nga for porefessional! very affordable <3 I need this for tamad days when I don't want to put too much makeup pero gusto ko poreless/flawless parin yung dating ng skin ko :))) Thanks for this review!

  2. I really love this post! Definitely makes me want to try it out.

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  3. Wow! Such a great review, I like it so much! : )


  4. Sure just let me know. Here's my email: [email protected] Thanks!

  5. Ooh.. By the way.. I nominate you for the liebster award. Here's the link -

  6. Maybelline has great products,, :)

  7. Glorie ParalejasJuly 1, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    wow, so effective yet for a cheap prize :) I would love to try that :)

  8. I'm really curious about the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, I haven't seen it in stores yet! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  9. I just bought Maybelline's Baby Skin, yay! I'm excited to try it for myself. Currently I love my Smashbox Photo Finish primer but it's way too expensive and not available locally, so I'm hoping Baby Skin will be a close-to-good replacement for it once I run out of my Smashbox primer.

  10. I think they have it out now in the States :) Where do you live?

  11. I tried the Smashbox one at Beauty Bar but I have no luck with silicone primers. :( It felt nice on the skin though.

  12. Oh no it's too bad that it's breaking you out. :(

  13. I'm from Poland so I think I'm gonna have to wait for it some time! xx

  14. Thank you Rhia! Just saw this now :)

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  16. I'd love to follow you :) God Bless!

  17. Shanne Halil ShamsuddinFebruary 4, 2015 at 9:51 PM

    Hi, CJ! Thanks for the follow. I guess this will be my favorite place to hang out from now on. I really love your site. More power!

  18. That baby pore eraser also broke me out! Any silicone primer brokes me out. :( I also have tried that beauty treats primer, I don't see any difference at all when I use it. :/

  19. I'm sorry it broke you out. My skin gradually adjusted to it though so I don't break out anymore. I just break out if I use it everyday for a long time. Diba?? Wala lang sha talaga. Di naman nakakaprolong ng makeup or makes skin smoother :/

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