Sugaring is essentially sugar waxing (or using sugar for epilation/ hair removal) and has been around for a long long time, think 1900 BC. It's also known as Sukkar or Halawa in the Middle East as Agda in Turkey and Moum in Iran.

I've been liking the cooler weather. Not so much that it's always damp. My clothes. The curtains. The atmosphere, but the cooler nights afford me a more peaceful sleep.

Here are just some of the things that have happened these past few weeks.

Contouring is definitely here to stay. With all the contouring products coming into the PH market you can be sure that Maybelline has it on lock with the trends. Which is why they came out with their contour products so us Pinoys can also try out contouring without breaking the bank.

But for beginners, it can be a little confusing? Daunting? I mean just look at all those Instagram makeup videos (that I can honestly watch for hours on end).

Althea's first birthday has ended and with it the promos, freebies and special birthday sales. I hope you snagged a few items and took advantage of the rebates, 1+1, contests and freebies last month! Althea always has great discounts and other promos going on anyway so no big deal if you didn't.

If you're curious as to what I got (c/o Althea Korea) during, read on to find out :)

I find it freaking hilarious (but not in a HAHA way) when people say "Don't think about what they say" "Be unique" "Be you"...

BUT don't use/buy/dress/talk/walk/blink/enunciate/pronounce/show emotion outside of the prescribed stereotypical gender/sex you were born with.


There are a lot of problems this creates for a lot of genders. But I'll let's just look at a few.

This foundation is really pricey mostly because of the real 24K 3mg gold leaf on top of the cream as well as another 1ppm of gold within the cream itself. Originally priced at ( Althea ) Php 3,380 it's currently on sale for Php 850. (74% off from the original price)