Christmas is fast approaching, almost as fast as my aunt and uncles retreating into their hiding places. And unbelievable as it may be it's only a FEW days away. Where has the year gone? I feel like I barely did anything to pass the time by. Everyday's been filled with idle bliss(?), for the most part; not bad, but not fun either. Sigh...

Hooray for pasalubong! 

My mom just got back from Macau for work and met up with my Aunt who lives in Guangzhou with her family.

Anyway, she got or rather my Aunt and my Grandmother got me some clothes and some beauty things as well, which is why I wanted to share it. I won't show the clothes anymore since I don't really post outfits here {yet}, so that leaves me with two things to show!

When I watched missglamorazzi's video on YouTube about an all-around salve for the body, I was so intrigued. Usually salves like those smell awful, medicine-like to be exact and always reminded me of clinics and the sick who visit there. But hers smelled good according to her, works absolutely like magic and in a cute little tin. I really appreciate the old-school packaging design of this product. And it does smell like roses. {I'm not in-love with the smell, since I'm not generally in-love with rose scents. I don't hate it though, I just don't appreciate it.} 

Ah the Pièce de résistance. I love this scent. Ever since my mom first used it waaayyy back when I was a lass. She always had a back-up of this {the toilette version though} in her dresser, and it smelled so refreshing. I loved smelling it whenever she put it on. Instant mood-booster whenever I'm in the room with her.

Interestingly enough, I found that as I grew older, my choice in perfumes had the essence of what most of her perfumes smelled like {she has more than one scent, as most ladies should }.

I like wearing scents with musk and I have others that have a clean citrus hint to them, and she does too. But I still have an affinity with food-like smells, like creams and chocolates, sweet smelling but not overly so. Which she never found appealing. Meh. Must be the age thing. Which is understandable since why would a career woman in her late 40's wear sugary-sweetness cum toothache-like scents. I mean, that's just bizarre.

Wouldn't you agree? Or is it just me?

Have a happy weekend!

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Love the bandanna and booties+socks. What part of this outfit do you like?

This is the reason why I have been M.I.A. or as I like to call it internet-dead for the past couple of weeks, nay, more than a whole month actually {not counting the promo I recently posted. It was for a friend.}. Come to think of it, I haven't really been active in all the other social networking sites, much less my phone wherein which my usual recipients are inside my familial circle. I'm THAT disconnected to the outside world.

How this woeful incident came about I can only put blame on myself. Sigh. 'Tis too tragic a tale to recount for fear of unhappy emotions might again resurface.

PS. I like to talk {like in real life} like this, mixing up regular speech with pseudo-Shakespearean-era-like words when I like to dramatize certain events and make light of it in a way so I won't feel like sh*t. 

I do feel much better about this though...Probably because I'm getting a new laptop in the coming months. But for now, I'm settling in my old College netbook, which I've outgrown since I needed something more upscale for designing/video editing/web development.
PPS. I'm enjoying that little snippet of a GIF on my post. Please enjoy crying Patrick as well.

“Life's great happiness is to be convinced we are loved.” 

Who here has read Les Miserables? Even better if you watched the musical. Film version hmm, so-so I guess. It is a bit tricky to translate a play full of singing actors to the big screen without being awkward and so out of place.

I want

1. Etude House BB cream || 2. Lip and Cheek Tint || 3. Baked Blush || 4. Mac Red || 5. Mac Speak Louder

I have a product review for you guys today, weather you like it or not. {eh? Eh? Get it?...sigh} 
Read on to see what I think about this product :)


Of all the nail art trends, the accent nail is the one I like most because it can be as understated or as flamboyant as you want. There's just something about a row of single colors and then a one nail that {seemingly} doesn't fit in. 

Ranging from simple {two colors}  to complicated combinations, the possibilities are endless.

These are just some of the ones that I really like. I obviously like glitter accents. {But they're such a pain to remove!}

Have you tried the accent nail? What's on your nails lately?

"So I went shopping today"...Isn't that how these things usually start? 

Not this time. Shopping was not what I had in mind when I went to buy just one thing. UGH I can't believe I bought so many things I wasn't even meaning to buy that day.

I went to WATSONS yesterday to buy lipbalm. Just lipbalm

But then my brain started to think "Oh. Why not just look around and see what they have? You know you want to. We're just gonna look, swears" . Fully knowing that I will for sure buy something other than the lip balm, I still obliged my very convincing brain. 

Riding in cars with boys, kegger-infused relationships or ( in my case ) just plain dancing in your pajamas in your room. Your childhood music stays with you  for better or worse. It may evoke certain kinds of pleasant as well as unpleasant memories in you but no matter how unpleasant, it made you who you are today and you're not as screwed-up as you thought you were gonna be. Which is just the way you like it. Not what you had exactly in mind when you were dreaming of a richer more successful you, but those are really subjective terms, and you're still alive, that's always a plus right? All my blabbering aside, this is a great mixtape.

Pining for someone? Here's a pop-rock song for your love life.


With pieces this easy to put on, you'll look effortless yet put together.Although I do admit having a CK watch and that clutch helps with the "expensive" aura. And less is definitely more with just a cocktail ring and pendant necklace.

As for the shoes, they are classic in shape and color but the thing that stands out for sure is the heel part itself. Hmmm gold.

Now, how to make this work for work? Just add a simple blazer. See my two basic black blazers that I am particularly fond of.

Pick something that adds sleekness to the look and doesn't compete with all the other elements. This is not the focal point of the outfit. You are. When everything works well together, one element just adds to the other and makes the look more complete.

Hope you had fun reading my thoughts.

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So someone has asked you out huh? And you know for a fact that it's been a while since you dated or rather you don't really have that much experience under your belt. What is the norm? How do you act? What do you do so both of you enjoy yourselves?

This post was actually inspired by a friend :) who's going out on a date today, and it got me thinking what usually happens so you don't end up wanting to split the bill and run the f*** home?

Hey Hey Hey! Unsure of how to pull-off a sheer blouse at work? If you're at a conservative office environment, certain clothes are a no-no ( Flip-Flops, Sandals, Slingbacks, Clear shoes, Expadrilles ) and it can be a bit constricting with certain trends that you're only allowed to try at weekends/nightouts/dinners. So here I am with a look that is work appropriate and  safe. Read the post after the jump!

Sheer Clear

Have you heard of the old wives tales from your superstitious mom or aunt of using toothpaste for pimples or that shaving makes your hair thicker/darker ? Which are really true and which are just myths? Well keep on reading to find out which is which.

There's no amount to how much I love this! Pixie Lott and Korean singers GD & TOP of BIGBANG.

woman putting on mascara

Note: Trust me, this is from experience.

Now as some of you know, usually mascara can only be used for 4-6 months as it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Since mascaras have a liquid consistency and you use it on your eyes then put it back in the tube, certain kinds of bacteria may be thriving in there. And if you find it's kinda smelling a little funky, you better toss it. It's not worth the risk.

But if you find that you still have plenty of mascara , hasn't hit the mark of 6 months and isn't smelling like feet but is getting a little clumpy here's what to do to extend it for a few more uses before you buy a new tube.

What the heck should I wear?! You've heard it and you've said it a lot and I mean a LOT of times in your life. Now these words are usually uttered or on occasion screamed, whenever we're going to an event wherein we want to look nice and still stand out from the throng of body-con/bandage dresses and strapless numbers. 

My College graduation is in a weeks time, this coming Friday actually, and I admit I already have a dress. It's nice, flowy and floral. It Offers a little cleavage and leg action without the word "slutty" clinging to the air when you wear it. But seeing as it's an extra-hot summer, and with the slew of whites, off-whites and florals, my dress doesn't exactly stand-out from the crowd not to mention the fabric of my dress is itchy and hot, given this unforgiving hot sun and extra-hot air is probably not the smartest choice to wear.

Good thing I chanced upon the Nuffnang X ZALORA contest, because I can have a chance to make my  desires a reality. Here are my choices.

1. Plains & Prints - Mykonos Dress

Other than the fact that the material is light and breezy, the cut is demure. 
The perfect silhouette for a school function. 
I've always wanted to try the hi-low/mullet hem.

I'm in love with the heel detail. 
And wedges are comfy, especially since I'll be doing the mandatory 

The hint of color on the side gives it
a young vibe.

Nothing makes entering the "real world" more official
than an elegant, simple and very cool time piece. 

The perfect blue for the perfect day.

Even if the pieces I chose, in itself are very simple, together I think these would really make an impact marking my graduation a most memorable one. I mean, c'mon how often do you get to say to people that you won your whole outfit?

It's black leatherette with bronze embellishments.
Surprise! It's not a clutch! I wish it was though.

So are you going or what?

Oh that smoldering stare. Please have my babies.

Ethan Peck . I'm guessing you don't know him by name, nor by face. But dear GOD you should. Let me just refresh your memory a bit as to where you might have seen him.

Summer's Here by csurita featuring vintage handbags

I love anything vintage, especially bags, clothes and sunglasses. And that BAG is soo adorable I can just put ice cream on top of it and eat it. So I figured most people would probably put something floral or anything and everything floral on their summer dress list; I decided to opt for color blocking-mod-havana-circa 1950. I hope I got that right, because I'm just making the words up as I go along.

A little birdy also told me that dainty rings are all the rage and they are right because they are so cute. Small and understated but can still make an outfit complete yaknowhatimean? How about you? What's your summer dress list?


And by beloved, I actually meant myself...Buy engagement-style rings for myself...WOW, I’m amazed at how easily I made myself a bit depressed. Anyway, I put a slideshow of some gorgeous engagement rings after the jump and the whole reason why I decided to look for some rings over the internet.

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