You're rushing. You don't want to stress anymore than you need to. You need a quick gift idea STAT. Here's a list. No time to waste!

2016 is coming to a close and out come the gift guides from the interwebs. Of course this site's no different! For our first gift guide we'll be focusing on local indie beauty brands. More specifically the organic + natural kinds.

why you should have a domain for your blog

Blogging 101 before you even start a blog, the tips say to buy a domain name. My friend has been nagging me to buy for the longest time. I just didn't see the reason why I had to when my 'blogger domain' was working perfectly fine. Little did I know there are many benefits to having a custom domain name...mainly:

Before December finally comes and bites us in the ass, I wanted to catch up on some backlogs (and I have plenty to go around). 🙏

I have finally decided to review one of the items I got from my last Althea box and it's this huge 30ML Elizavecca "White Bomb Gold-CF Nest" Eye Cream.

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I know some guys who aren't Monday people. The feeling of dread usually starts on a Sunday and gradually increases as the day goes by. I also know that Tuesday is just as bad as Monday (at least it is for me sometimes). While technically not being the start of the week, it's just as far from Friday as is Monday.

What usually makes people happy? (Apart from long weekends, paid holidays and bonuses)