I've shaved my legs before. I've also done the duct-tape-on-legs thing when I was younger (don't ask me why. I don't know). And the feeling of leg waxing, for me as a noob, is more akin to the duct tape scenario. Not exact, but very close.

Please give a warm welcome to Glenn Domingo who will be giving us a list of restaurants to try! So if you ever find yourself hungry in Pampanga read on! - CJ


Fast-rising KBeauty site Althea Korea turns 1 today! To make this birthday more memorable and fun *ahem* free makeup *ahem* Althea has some amazing contests and freebies and more! Read on to find out what you need to do.


Prevention is better than the cure. I think I've said that already once here. In terms of skincare I do try to keep it clean and healthy by using products that cater to my specific skin type and skin needs. As much as I can, I make sure that un-needed chemicals aren't present (or in small quantities) and it incorporates as much plant-based ingredients as possible if not all-together organic/vegan.

As part of any makeup wearer's routine, makeup removal is priority in cleansing. Before your head hits that pillow your skin should be clean. There are different ways of taking off makeup but you're no lazy girl. You don't need "A Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleansing". If you're like me, you take makeup cleansing seriously.

So my penchant for Kbeauty has always come hand-in-hand with Korean cuisine. I'm always on the lookout for food and restaurants that I haven't tried. I wanted to try one of the many Korean restaurants/cafes in Ortigas and I decided on Sopoong Food House. I wanted something cold that day (we went there during the heat wave here in the PH around March or April) so cold desserts were the goal.