While there's a certain nostalgia to creating and receiving physical letters and notes, technology upgraded our standard of living by making sure what we need to say can be stored safely and sent out to numerous people simultaneously without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the good it does to our environment when we don't have to cut-down, process and recycle unnecessary paper products when it can be easily done virtually.

Paperless posts do just that.

From the standard birthday, wedding and christening invites...

To the fun flyers for gigs, events, block parties and what have you complete with cute GIFs and

There's a little something for every occasion.

And the designs are very pretty and print-ready!
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PS. Any parties or events coming up soon? Why not go virtual and send everyone an invite all at the same time?

Get your goggles and don your lab coats because this ig-worthy chemistry-lab-inspired milktea shop is both unique and delicious...or rather, as their tagline goes, scientifically delicious.

This is my second time visiting this unique milktea shop. I've previously mentioned them here purely because of the concept and cute interiors (there's not a space in here that's not picture-ready).

The industrial/utalitarian-esque design with lab and science inspired food presentation is a welcome change from the usual coffee shops I frequent.

Lab Cuterie - P270

Classic labdog - P140
Chicken Slaw Croissant- P160
Ham and Cheese Croissant- P150

The ham and cheese croissant was tasty as well as the sausage/franks on the charcuterie plate aptly named 'lab cuterie'.

Lab Treats (P75/ea)
Mango Muffin
Chocolate Muffin
Red Velvet Muffin
Choc Chip Muffin

Chocolate chip cookies - P35/ea

As far as chocolate chip cookies go, I'm the hard + chewy cookie combo type and their cookie hits the spot especially since it's not overtly sweet. The Red velvet and Choc chip muffins are soft, moist and as with the cookie, just the right amount of sweetness.

Creme Brulee Series
110 Medium
120 Large

Creme Brûlée Frost (Cbx)
Mango Brûlée Frost (Mbx)

Super Nova - P260
Tic-Tac-Tots - P230
Tri Potato Medley

Original Earl Grey
Mango and Strawberry
Tea and Infusions
Green Tea
Rose Tea

As always I'm a sucker for brewed leaf teas so I quite enjoyed this as well as the teapot and tiny tea cups it came in.

Their milk teas and hot teas are delicious by the way. I vividly remember their Assam and Earl Grey that I tried during my first visit. They also adjust the ice and sugar to your liking which is a big plus for me.

A Lab Minute
Belgian grid cake - P145

Not to be confused with the usual light and fluffy waffles, this grid cake is a little more dense and tightly packed. It was cold when I got to try this unfortunately so I don't have the most glowing review of it. Hope to try this again but fresh off the grill with the butter sliding off because of its warmth.

The usual patrons are of the younger 'school'-age crowd so there are lots of people studying, reading, researching on their laptops. But in my experience, the sounds are still quite muted as there's a general respect to everyone's space.

The owner Carl giving us a little history quiz on Bubba Lab's beginnings as well as what's in store for the near future.

The nice attendants of Bubba Lab : Lamp Quarters. Thanks for lending us your lab coats for our impromptu photo op. Haha

Had fun with the rest of my blogger I mean lab mates. 'Til next time!

Thanks for having me Bubba Lab! And to fellow blogger Aileen of Aileen Loves to Eat who extended the invite to try Bubba Lab!


PS. Have you tried this place yet? What do you look for in a milktea/coffee shop?

Location : Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Niño / C&B Circle Mall Marikina Heights / Graceland Plaza JP Rizal

1. Never ever go when it's a public holiday, the weekend...
...and PEAK SEASON at well known places

The number one rule I follow when going on any type of outing is that it should not be on a public/regular holiday and NEVER the peak season (unless you don't want to relax and just want to party). We did that on a trip to a beach camping site at Nagsasa, Zambalez and the cherry on top? The following day was also a weekend. So it was close to a 12-13 hr drive from Manila just to the docks excluding the boat trip to the actual campsite.

2. Pick a good spot
Ideally somewhere with good ventilation, where the surrounding perimeter of your tent has moving air/breeze. Usually that's the spot right near the entrance of the camp site, sometimes it's at the very end.

x We were placed on the inner parts of the camp spot (where it was cramped and near the bathrooms and wash area) and were surrounded by breeze deterrents like tents, shacks and kubos. Needless to say we woke up drenched in sweat on top of already existing sweat dripping down our sticky bodies.

3. Find the beauty and enjoy yourself
Despite things not going to plan and wishing things differently, my last and most important rule to live by is still have fun. Let go of the things that already happened and find ways to actually turn things around to your pleasure.

Long ass drive because of unimaginable bumper to bumper snail's pace traffic? - Take pictures. Have conversations about anything. Take naps. Literally anything to take your mind off the traffic because there's no use getting mad.
Cramped area? -You'll be forced to walk around and explore the place.
Sweating profusely?- You'll get the toxins out of your body (just make sure to hydrate and drink a lot of water)

While this wasn't the ideal first-time beach camping I've envisioned I quite enjoyed myself because first of all, it was a place I haven't been before. Secondly, this trip was arranged together by a loved one as a late birthday gift to me and thirdly I knew for a fact that the 'negative' aspects of the outing wasn't the end all be all of the whole experience. The trip was so much more than bad locations, small tents and sweaty clothes. In the end I'm honest-to-goodness glad I experienced it because it made the trip that much more memorable. (yeah bold, italicized and underlined for extra emphasis)

That isn't to say I will go out and willingly book escapades during peak season, weekends and/or public holidays at well-known tourist spots but if I do for god knows whatever reason, I'd just have to be smarter about it. :)

Have you experienced hiccups during your trip/s?