I get laughed at a lot because my tolerance for cold weather is next to zilch. Here are some style inspirations featuring, you guessed it, layers!

...or coats.


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Somebody stop me from making a jingle about this scrumptiously-delicious-crunchy-sweet-chewy-salty-smoky-mouthwatering-heart-stopping-pain-inflicting rice bowl.

My mom, who is an avid fan of online shopping, called my name {loudly}one day. I noticed the "upbeat" tone of the the way she called me so I scratched out me being in trouble. {I tend to incur the wrath of certain motherly err, affections}

So imagine my not-so-surprise when she showed me her latest purchases. Two big boxes from zalora came in, with two sets of shoes per box. I thought, wow, they certainly didn't skimp on presentation. Kudos to their marketing team! Good quality box and cute design too.

Moving on to the actual contents, I have a new pair of heels! And they're absolutely gorgeous.

What I'm most excited about is the red sole reminiscent of Christian Louboutin shoes!
 The upper part is leather and so are the insoles.

It also has satin trimmings and really well made for the price.

Now the only question is where to wear them? My mom suggests I wear them to an interview, which I completely disagree with since I don't want to be solely remembered for my outfit let alone my very eye-catching shoes. Then again, you have to look nice. :P 

What do you think? And where do you usually shop for shoes and clothes?

Why only one star? See my thoughts after the jump!

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Remember the lists and those resolutions you wrote {or thought of} at the beginning of 2012? Yes, those lists. The “I will vow to eat only organic stuff and exercise more” and “I won’t spend so much on clothes and makeup so I can travel more” Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera . Do you know why they went haywire and never seem to push through, which in turn leaves you feeling depressed and which consequently makes you completely forget those promises and then New Year comes around and you’re back to doing what exactly?
Making promises you know you can’t keep? Or showing the world that, here you are making more resolutions {most of which are the same ones you made the year before} which will fizzle out before you reach the middle of the New Year.

Why does this happen?

Hey you.
Happy New Year!
Starting my post with something light, fluffy and, well, vain. I have an upcoming post about the New Year and goals and stuff and hauls and hauls and more hauls. And some reviews on the side. And music posts too! I miss doing those. Anyway, cheers for the new opportunities and meeting new people, and let me leave you with a very inspiring quote for this 2013.