This June, BDJBox decided to partner up with Bioderma for an exclusive release this month. I literally received it today and wanted to post the unboxing as soon as possible because I was feeling a little meh about this.


Product list:

  • Sebium Moussant (5ml / 200ml - Php 1,238) - Face and Body cleanser. Soap-free and non-comodegenic cleanser with Fluidactiv sebum-correcting complex.
  • Sensibo Eye Contour Gel (2ml / 15ml - Php1,248) - Lightweight eye gel that reduces puffiness and makes eye area resistant to attacks thanks to the Toleridine complex.
  • Sensibo DS+ (5ml / 40ml - Php 1,628) - Calming moisturizer designed for people with sebhorrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Sensibo Light (5ml / 40ml - Php 1,548) - Formulated with Toleridine complex the ideal treatment for sensitive skin.
  • Atoderm Intensive (8ml / 200ml - Php 1,418) - With Zinc and Betasitosterol to provide intense anti-inflammatory care and helps to stop the itch.
  • Atoderm Preventive (8ml / 200ml - Php 1,998) - Created with infants and children in mind. This strengthens dry skin of young ones and keeps them from aggravating the dryness.
  • Photoderm Max (5ml / 40ml - Php 1,348) - Has UVA and UVB maximum protection (100) and Cellular BIOprotection complex to effectively shield against cell damage from the sun's rays.
  • Sebium Pore Refiner (5ml / 30ml - Php 1468) - The astringent and pore minimizing properties of Fomes Officinalis helps to tighten pores, imperfections and mattifies immediately and over the long term.
  • The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain (Full size 8ml - Php 795) - With Vitamin E in Shade 01.


Okay first things first. This is my first time to receive almost all sample sizes in a BDJbox. It's new but I don't necessarily dislike it.

I wasn't really that impressed. For a Php580 box this wasn't what I had in mind mainly because of the stellar previous boxes. In terms of skin care, I see the efficacy of a new regimen within 2 weeks. That's also about the time my skin will adjust to the new skincare I'm using. For 5ml of product it's hard to see if it will tide me over for a week to be honest.

My mom hasn't received her first ever BDJbox yet and I know she won't have the best-est reaction for a first-timer. Hell hath no fury like a woman duped.

Okay so looking at the prices, the tint basically paid for the entire box. But how would you feel to get almost everything in trial size? This is skincare, for makeup I'll take it like last year's Benefit Box exclusive, but for skincare I just don't think the sizes permit a generally pleasant reaction to people getting this box especially first timers.



PS. I'm not sure what the exact value of the box is because usually I don't add in the value of the sample sizes but BDJ has stated it's still triple the subscription amount as it's always been. :) Love this month's sticker. Never stop making them BDJ!

PPS. The BDJ team is currently getting cooked by some of their customers for this month's box. Just look at their Facebook page. Yikes.

PPPS. Gave the whole box to my tita. :)

Website : http://bjdbox.com
Instagram : @bdjbox

Disclaimer : BDJ kindly sent this box to me as a gift. I was not asked nor compensated (monetary or otherwise) to post this in any of my social media or to make a blog post about it. All my opinions about the box - its contents and companies mentioned are my own unless someone steals my account, pretends to be me and continues the blog in my stead.
Rosie paints exactly what I feel like

I've been feeling a little dismayed peppered with a pinch of annoyance because I have to go through interviews again. If you've been in employment for the past few years you've gone through at least a handful of interviews some of which were absolutely dreadful.

Aside from the fact that you need to answer the most stereotypical, trite and flaccid interview questions 100 times, you get sized up by receptionists and/or other interviewers who look totally uninterested and act vapid. You know the types right?

I've been lucky to come across good-natured fellows who are up to snuff about the recruitment process, but man you really get to know the term "backwards" when you've been interviewed in the Philippines, by a Philippine company.

It's come to my attention that what the hell, am I really attracting these types of jobs or am I not looking hard enough...am I even good enough? I've literally went for careers I wanted and made sure I was the perfect candidate. Still...ughhh.


Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Science Fiction is definitely one of my go-to genres. I'm into Adventure and Fantasy and Thriller but Science Fiction definitely has my heart.

This (slightly depressing) freaking blog post.


I love the very very 80's - Early 90's vibe this has.

Watched Jurassic park 1 & 2. Looking forward to watching Jurassic World after I'm done with the 3rd installment.

My flowy bohemian top with Spiderman pajamas. Don't worry, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

About repercussions of actually going to one of my interviews.

The opposite of elated.

Being in bed. All. The. Time.

A place of my own.

A place of my own.

For my own island. You know what I mean?

Someone needs to tell me "You go Glenn Coco". I need a pick-me-up.

I haven't had a lot of friends married off and haven't really had a chance to become a "bridesmaid" but I feel like I'm steadily going there (ala 27 Dresses). Contrary to the popular saying (this posts' title) I don't feel one ounce of bitterness when I say that. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid actually.

Weddings and/or marriages is a big step. And a huge turning point in a person's life. People put a lot of thought into it and one shouldn't marry for the sake of being married or not wanting to be alone. It's a huge commitment....

Unlike dress shopping. :) 

So when Formal Dress Australia contacted me for a collaboration, I thought I'd do some window shopping for possible formal/wedding dresses.


For people who want something a little breezier, a tiny bit more casual but by no means less gorgeous, short dresses are a nice option and these dresses are my top picks.

Dress 1 | Dress 2

In my opinion these dresses can easily be used for anything other than weddings. Adding to the fact that you can dress these up and down effortlessly the length and a-line adds a little youthful and sweetness vibe to it.

I really want the (1st pic) left dress and (2nd pic) left dress with the "petal" details. They can be used for any special function or for the office. Petal dress + Moto jacket/Structured blazer + Black closed pumps + Black leggings = WIN.

It might still be a little "dressy" or "formal" for work but what can I say. I like dressing up for work.

Dress 1 | Dress 2


As with the short dresses, these long dress options are also flowy, a-line and look ethereal.

I'm thinking a late afternoon garden wedding or beach wedding. Wait. Why am I thinking location?

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


These aren't really something I'd personally wear for my or anybody else's wedding but I think they're fun options for really fun snazzy events where cocktail dresses are appropriate.

I mean look at the middle-eastern-esque bead work? I'd personally go for the silver one but the light pastel pink's beading is no joke too. The shoulder caps are really pretty.

Dress 1 | Dress 2

The site has a huge selection and I looked over 407 + dresses to really find ones that I like. They even have plus sizes.

What do you think of these dresses? How therapeutic is window shopping? I mean really. I feel a little better looking at pretty clothes.


Formal Dresses - http://www.formaldressaustralia.com

Disclaimer : Oh my gosh! It's a sponsored post! Aghh! Eegad. What has the world come to?!? Everything here are lies!!! Are what some people might think but if you've read my posts or other posts for that matter, you'd know that these are the truest of my true opinions as always.

For those who've never tried MAC lipsticks and have heard of their distinct scent, yes, they do smell like vanilla cupcakes. Ngghh.

My one and only MAC lipstick is finally getting some screen time on my blog. This light warm peach-coral is a cremesheen formula called Sunny Seoul. I confess that the cute name is what prompted me to get it. 

Other than the name, I thought the color would work well on my skin tone and hair color at the time (black-brown) but it seems to look slightly odd with my bleached hair now. Or I might just be overthinking it.



Because it has white/silver shimmers one would think the texture to be gritty but that isn't the case here. The shimmers don't compromise the "creme" texture of it. In fact I don't feel the shimmers at all. The lipstick is indeed creamy but a little draggy and tiny bit waxy in my opinion.

It stays on for at least 2-3 hours with light (conscientious) eating and occasional drinking, it is a cream. I found that my lips tended to get drier as the hours passed. According to reviews this seems to be the case with this particular formula of MAC.


Here I am wearing it with a straight winged liner and again tons of highlighter. I only tapped the lipstick and then blotted a little to make it look little more natural. 

Compared to the swatch on my hand it appears a little lighter on the lips when applied full-on even before blotting. I quite like the slight sheen it gives making my lips seem moisturized and soft.

It retails for around Php 1000 here ($23 - $24 depending on the exchange rate and where you get it), a big amount when compared to the US price (~$17) as is the case with most imports. So I suggest buying online from sellers or personal shoppers.

That concludes my review. Have you tried any MAC lipsticks? What are your thoughts on MAC cremesheen lipsticks?


Ps. Made this review prior to coloring my hair the colors of the rainbow.
As you know we are currently experiencing (for the past few years really) the effects of global warming. India's heat wave has been killing around 2,000 (if the news articles are to be believed . I sincerely think it's more than that) already if not for the fact that we get offset in a way by the heavy rains I think we aren't too far off. Apparently people still think global warming is a hoax to be thought off in the same context as the tooth fairy and Neverland.

Moving on.

We're Kissing Dry Goodbye for this month's box! This curated package for May focuses on getting back the moisture lost in our skin and hair from all that summer heat and fun activities.

This box be packin'.

I spy the Nivea wipes.

Dermal Masks (3 sheets) - Php 70/ea
Cetaphil Hydrating Lotion Samples - 100ml / Php 70
Himawari Dear Beute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner (samples) - 500ml / Php 695/ea
Pure Savon Body Wash in Rose and Lily (samples) - 300ml / Php 545 /ea

Dermal  - Hooray for masks! I've ordered this before in Multiply and it was super cheap then. I think it was only Php 25 or 35?

Himawari Dear Beaute - These oil in shampoo/conditioner are silicone-free, sulfate-free and formulated with :

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract
  • Sunflower Seeds Extract
  • Sunflower Extract
Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamins E, A, C and D, extremely moisturizing, light in texture and helps prevent premature signs of aging (when used topically).

Cetaphil - Because of puberty and other hormonal changes I was an avid user of the Cetaphil cleanser. Haven't tried their lotions though.

Cure Peeling Gel (samples) - 250ml / Php 1,500

Japan's #1 exfoliator is included albeit only samples. But I take what I can get. This very popular exfoliator contains 90% water and is :

  • Preservative Free
  • Coloring Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

Yes this works and it's the most gentle exfoliator I've tried but I kinda like the feeling of grainy scrubs on my face haha. It's a psychological thing I think.

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Brigthening Scrub - 50ml / Php 84
Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream with SPF 19 PA+++ - 50ml / Php 265

The only time Garnier ever hurt me was when I tried their Pure Active foam/scrub. The one Georgina was endorsing. It was too harsh on my skin and I broke out even more. But the lemon line has always been good to me. Let's see if these continue their lucky streak.

Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel - 45g / Php 280
Colgate Optic White Plus Shine - 100g / Php 115

Colgate - I squeed when I saw the two boxes of toothpaste. Squee-d. Like a pig. I'm currently using the predecessor and I'm excited to try this "Plus Shine" one.

Aloe Derma - This pure aloe vera gel from Aloe Derma is surprisingly very popular (according to an instagram post I saw). I've seen it at Watson's a couple of times but paid no attention to it. Looking forward to trying this one as well.

FS Powder Blush in Silky Coral Pink- 6.2g / Php 350
Nivea 3in1 Exfoliating Wipes - 20 sheets / Php 140

Nivea - Funny story. I wanted to try the hyped-up Nivea wipes so I put on makeup and proceeded to wipe it off. Initially I was very unimpressed, it barely took off my makeup. It performed the same as my baby wipes with the added bonus of the raised embossed side. What the heck right?

Then I checked the label and actually read it this time. It said exfoliating wipes not makeup removing wipes. Lesson: It pays to read.

FS Blush - Haven't tried any blushers from FS. I don't really need another blush so I might give this away.


This box came in just in time to still call it the May BDJbox. I wish there was an email blast or a social media update as to why it was delayed. People were wondering left and right because it was very near the end of May.

In terms off full-sized VS sample ratio, the previous box had more samples while this one has more full-sized items. In terms of actual usability of items this and the April one take the cake for me. The Pond's (March box) exclusive triggered my allergies and broke me out. (All skincare items except the rose gel)

I'm definitely noticing that Japanese beauty brands are steadily getting into the country and I would like to give the people responsible a very slow and dramatic clap.

The stickers as always never failed to make me smile.

Box - Php 580
Value of box - ~ Php 1500 samples excluded

Have you gotten the May BDJ? What're your thoughts?


PS. How about that opening statement huh? Tad bit heavy for an unboxing post but I had to voice it out one way or another.

Website : http://bjdbox.com
Instagram : @bdjbox

Disclaimer : BDJ kindly sent this box to me as a gift. I was not asked nor compensated (monetary or otherwise) to post this in any of my social media or to make a blog post about it. All my opinions about the box - its contents and companies mentioned are my own unless someone steals my account, pretends to be me and continues the blog in my stead.

I saw this YouTube video and I completely agree with everything here. Catcalling serves no good purpose for any party. And these disgusting men need to be called-out.

But when I looked at the comments I was appalled. These people think that women dress the way they are to GET cat-called at. As if that's what women's main purpose in life — get the attention of men. These people (boys mostly) think they are entitled to give lascivious comments about them and their body and think that's ok. That that is acceptable. And that THAT is their right. Because why wear clothes that accentuate your female silhouette if not for wanting men to harass you on street? Right? RIGHT?


So wrong. Girls, yes I use the term girl not woman, because girls as young as 10. TEN. Get harassed. And do you think they wear provocative clothing? It's these pedophilic people who sexualize young girls. They're the ones who have a problem with girls, going about their day being girls. These people think that we should fix girls. We should teach these girls to be afraid of their bodies and cover them up and if they get harassed it's their fault not the harassers.

Another thing. Clothes. Women, regardless of what they wear. Hijab or not. T-shirt and pants or not. Dress or not. Still get harassed and/or raped the same. Why can't women wear whatever the hell they want whilst not being branded as a whore or a slut? Why can't we respect women and their decisions with whatever they want to do with their body?

Next is men thinking that they are entitled to catcalling, name-calling and harassment because a woman is right before them. They believe that it's the woman's fault that men react like that. As if women have a sign over their heads or on their clothes that says


They feel like these women compel them to act like beasts. No brains. No conscience. No decision-making capability of their own so they're swayed by their animalistic urges by what they see. Which makes them no different from plain animals.

Not only does it put the few good men out there in bad light but it assumes that they have no thinking capacity of their own. It teaches other people (men and boys) them that this is acceptable behavior. This is what men do to become men. This is what women and girls like. They act coy but they like it. Silence means yes. No means maybe. Pakipot lang yan. Ganyan talaga babae. Sa una ayaw pero magugustuhan ka rin nyan. Nyan. Like a thing. Like a thing to be whistled at if you what they see pleases them and put them down when it doesn't.

To people think it's just a normal greeting on the street, it's not to most women. People think most women are paranoid but when the odds are always against them who wouldn't?

When one goes about her day a complete stranger greets her or comments on any part of her is it supposed to feel welcoming? Would that be a compliment?

Because when a woman tried to respond to the greeting by saying thank you — since people think it's JUST a compliment — the stranger followed her, because he thought that because she responded, she was interested.

Tell me, how fucked up is that? She wanted to think positive. She thought it WAS just a compliment according to what people keep telling her. To just "take" the compliment.

If you don't respond = Prude, Ingrate, Paranoid, Bitch, Stupid.
If you respond = Interested, Slut, Whore, Asking for it, Stupid.

Either way you run the risk of still being harassed, mugged, raped, killed in any which combination if the attacker decides so.

It makes me so angry and so upset that people ,and not only men, who think like this. And then I see posts saying...
I'm so sick of people saying they're feminists.
You're gay because you're a feminist.
Only gay men support feminists.
Femenazis are everywhere.
Ugly women made feminism.
And then I saw this comment.

Now, listen me out.

As a young, white, straight male, I approve of this. Also, I am amused by all the upset boys shouting "it's not fayre, wai iz talkin 2 a gurl on streat call street hrassment?!?!? not fair boohoo, fuk u radical feminazis! >:P".

Guys, you either are idiots, or have never, ever, in your life, talked to a girl about this - and similar - issues, in order to see her point of view.

Of course it's easy for us to say, "where is the beauty of romance, if this emerging cultural trend starts stopping us from whistling and beautiful ladies compliments in the street”? Well, that would sorta make sense in theory, but it's totally different in reality. A beautiful girl can be catcalled even 20 times a day just for walking on the fucking pavement. Every fucking day. That's her life in the big city.

Ok, you may say, she could dress more sober to avoid it - let's say it reduces the ratio to half. But it's still annoying and, plus WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE TO ADJUST YOUR WARDROBE, LOOKS AND LIFESTYLE TO FIT AN IMAGE WHAT CREEPS ON THE STREET ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO? That's fucking stupid, unequal, degrading and tiring. Let's imagine you had the chance to witness gender roles change for a month - guys acting like girls and vice-versa. Now, of course, the most attractive of you guys will be in heaven at first. Imagine walking on the street and being called out by different girls now and then. Going to the club and having a bunch of chicks grinding to you, fighting to get in your pants.

That's fucking rad. The problem is, that's fucking rad for 3 days. After that, you should be unimpressed. After a few more days you get bored. After that, you get annoyed. Near the end of the month, I guarantee you will be pissed, annoyed and more reluctant to engage in social activities than you were before. You know why? Because you'll figure that you are treated as a valuable good that everybody's trying to get their hands on and fuck. You won't even know how much of a likeable person you are, and after a few awesome raging orgies with 10 chicks in a row, the excitement of that will not cover anymore for the awkward feelings you'll get. Plus, nobody says only the hot and cool chicks will hit on you. Every category you can imagine, and especially creepy, persuasive chicks. And that, my fellow guys, is the life of a woman. That's all the shit she has to go through. Of course, most women don't hate men, but having to put up with all these preexisting barriers and especially filtering through them to actually meet / fuck / date a cool guy is a job we guys don't have. Nobody says that all of those cat-callers are actually dangerous sex offenders and maybe in a different situation they might have a chance on the girls. 

It's just that they're assholes who weren't educated how to approach women, and so, they just perpetuate this fuckery, bullshit phenomenon that scares women. Stop fucking whining, the guys in the vid deserved it. Anyone who acts like that deserves at least that. You are not entitled to be offended and in say an innocent tone „I can't believe these rude girls, the guys were only complimenting them and look who is harassed". Stop that shit. We all know that's not how things work. 

Putting up that sudden urge of equality and calling it ”talking” is hypocritical, either voluntarily or involuntarily. And in the context of a proportion of cat-callers being creepy, aggressive (sometimes rapey) males, it's totally off charts and just helps sustain the patriarchal discourse (we are allowed to catcall girls in all ways because we're males, indifferent of their stance). Their stance on this matters the most, because they're the one being catcalled. You're not entitled to define what's normal and acceptable when you're on the oppressor's side.

You're not entitled, as a boss, to say whether your workers are well paid and satisfied with their job. They are.You're not entitled, as someone who did wrong to someone else, to say "well, I said I'm sorry so you should forgive me. If you don't forgive me, you're a cunt, I did my best". They are the ones suffering the wrong you did and they can forgive you or not.You're not entitled, in any position of power between two parties, out of which the other party is affected by your actions, to have anything to say regarding how they should feel about your position.That's dictatorship, and it's fucking mental.

We, men, are still in a position of power in society, whether you like to admit that or not. There are many social encounters where I feel slightly privileged just for being a male - from the way I'm looked upon when I say something in class, to being appreciated depending on my ”sex count” - society mostly rewards males for doing whatever the fuck they wanna do, being powerful, hitting on chicks, fucking as many chicks as they want, being loud and confident and taking charge of things.

Whenever a girl, however, does one of that stuff, society tends to raise an eyebrow, laugh, dismiss her or „put her in her place”. It's not a fair game. And un unfair game requires unfair treatment to be equalized. If you deem that women come up with „more peaceful” ways of sorting this out, you're patronizing and still a sexist. You don't really reach out for the fair game, you just want your privileges untouched. 

You want the women to make themselves heard in a way you're still comfortable in your position. That's neither tolerance, nor getting on their side, that's still following your own interests. And yes, considering the actual context, the women are allowed to be a little mean. Actually, I'm amazed they haven't yet organized riots, beating up random men on the street. They must be really peaceful beings. So, in the end, butthurt meninists, give us a break and take pull your heads from your asses. And start listening to what the women have to say.

To the person who wrote this I applaud you. Doesn't matter if you're an actual guy or not. These things really should be said — shouted even— out loud.

Because honestly, I don't want to live in a world where I have to teach my younger sister to cover her body up because it's dangerous. That having a female body does things to men that make them become brain-dead beasts.


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Some words were changed for spelling.


If you've seen my latest haul I got a few things from Shawill. I'm really happy about the fact that they have a lot of new products out most of which are eyeliners and blushers.

So I road-tested the Shawill Coloring Eyebrow and The Perfect Powder.


The Perfect Powder is not as pigmented as the ELF blush and bronzer duo (reviewed here) but it is matte and cool toned, which is essential for creating shadows on your face. It's smooth but a little hard because when I swirl my brush there's little fall-out (great!) but the powders on the brush (stippling) aren't enough. I suggest using a densely packed one.

In terms of blending, it does so nicely. Because it's not super pigmented you can build up the color and not over-do it.

It comes in three colors (white-yellow, brown-orange and this cool brown) and all are matte. The compact feels secure, well-made and has a big mirror inside. It also looks very sleek and professional because of the black glossy finish with the white text on top. I haven't played with it for long but I think it's a pretty decent contouring powder and for Php 168 it really doesn't hurt to try it out.


It was really a surprise to find a cheap eyebrow pen readily available in malls. I know NYX and Korean brands have eyebrow pens too and sold at a relatively cheap price compared to the coveted K-palette eyebrow pen but this one is really cheap at ~Php 200. (I distinctly remember it not going over 200)

The Coloring Eyebrow Pen comes in two colors, light brown and gray brown, I believe I chose light brown as it was a more "believable" color that complemenented my somewhat pinkish-orange-red-blonde hair.

Using it was still new to me. I've only tried K-palette once and comparing the two, they feel pretty much the same. Both have the same brush tip but this one has a mechanism inside (a metal ball maybe?) to mix the liquid..

One time I used this I inadvertently over-drew my brows which I found was easy to do if you're not used to pen liquid brow products. So take it slow and use light feathery strokes to mimic hair when using something like this or else it will be very very obvious and not the good kind.

I also found that I have to lay it down in my storage or put the brush-tip down so the tip won't dry out.

All-in-all I'm pretty happy with these. I wish the contour was creamier and more pigmented but that's just me. I imagine that to be great with beginners though.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them?


Other products worn:
  • Maybelline The Rocket
  • Nichido Satin lipstick
  • Revlon Highlighter/Bronzer in Peach Glow
  • LA Colors eyeshadow palette
  • James Cooper blush duo
  • PeriPera BB cream + Kate Tokyo base remaker