Have you ever tried a body scrub at a spa or skin clinic? It was my first time to get a body scrub without me doing the actual scrubbing. So let me just ask. Is it always so, ahem, intimate? I'm no prude but it did throw me off a bit at first. It wasn't like a full-body massage, where you sometimes also have to get fully-naked. I did become  more comfortable as it went on (and after the assurance of my specialist to not be embarrassed about something completely normal).

As I've mentioned in my post here, Cathy Valencia is a skin clinic specializing in cutting-edge treatments, technology and products for the skin and body (Cedrix Clinic). With branches here and in Japan you can safely assume the technology is one of the best in terms of skincare.

They gave me gift certificates so I could experience their services so I got their Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (Php 2,500) and Body Scrub (Php 3,920)  a month ago at their Eastwood branch along with my mom, who had a Diamond Peel (Php 3,140).

I was expecting to be put in a room similar to the ones I previously posted, so it was a tiny tiny bit of a let-down when they showed me the room. Not that it was dank or dirty, everything there was immaculate, smelled clean and looked pristine and elegant. I wanted my room to be a little more pretty I guess.

I started off with the full-body scrub. If you're not familiar it's where you strip down to nothing and wear disposable panties. The very nice lady who attended to me made me feel at ease. Except for the scrubbing parts, I didn't exactly feel at ease there. The scrub used was a little rough than what I was used to or maybe it was because of the air conditioning plus the fact that I was only in a silk robe while waiting a good few minutes before the scrub actually started.

"Feel free to fall asleep."

Not me. The scrub mixture was left to "sit" for the whitening properties to work and I was told that some clients tended to fall asleep. Damp me couldn't believe it. But to each their own.

Extreme close-up.

My last itinerary for the day was a facial with mask. I like this the best. After washing off the body scrub and an application of lotion (which left my body feeling smooth and silky.) I was treated to a complete facial. The pricking was minimal (yay skin!) and my attendant in particular was very light-handed. No major stark difference with my face after but I did feel better knowing it got special treatment for the day.

All-in-all. Good service, very nice and accommodating people and elegant furnishings. For celebrities to frequent CV and the numerous positive feedback (with image testimonials) regarding their non-invasive face and body treatments, you can tell CV isn't all marketing spiel. One thing to note is that they're really pricey with Php 2,500 a pop for a facial. So expect to dole out a few thousands in one visit.

You can set an appointment at their branches: Eastwood, Makati, White Plains, BGC Fort, Greenhills, Timog, Alabang and Tokyo. Check here for exact address.

Have you tried Cathy Valencia Clinic or any Beauty Clinics? How about body scrubs?


PS. I think I'd have liked the body scrub better if the place had been less cold. Maybe in an open-air area?
PPS. I believe a lot of their whitening packages have vitamin C in them.

Website : http://cathyvalencia.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cathyvalenciacenter/
Instagram : http://instagram.com/cathyvalenciaofficial/
Inquiry Hotline:
Tel. No.: +63 2 91-CATHY (912-2849); +63 2 725-2778; +63 2 376-4202
Mobile No.: +63 917 772-0028; +63 922 849-3777
Email: [email protected]

Trash time!
Here are what I've used up the past few months.
Avalon Organics Hydrating Toner 207 ml
  • Hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin and contains organic ingredients. 
  • No synthetic fragrances, phthalates, harsh sulfates, lauryl / laureth sulfate and parabens.
  • 100% Vegetarian ingredients, certified organic.
  • Not tested on animals.
Thoughts : It's a good toner. I didn't get any breakouts so I know it's good for my sensitive skin and that's what I most like about it apart from the good ingredients and the points I mentioned above. Already finished two bottles of this.

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle 70ml
  • Has dimethicones and alcohol (bummer)
Thoughts : BUT it stays true to the claim. Within 3 minutes my hair is significantly softer and more manageable during the wash and after drying. I already have a backup in the shower.

Cathy Valencia Papaya Triple Whitening Soap 135g
  • Has SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Sodium Hydroxide, "Perfume Water", FD & C Yellow #6, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Alkalide Capain, Cerecin and Papain, Vitamin E & A ( in order of what was written in the box)
Thoughts : I got it at this event. It's nothing special. Didn't notice anything with my skin. Not harsh on the body and leaves it clean-feeling though. I won't be repurchasing.

Aura 100% Pure Argan Oil 70ml
  • 100% pure cold-pressed Argan Oil
Thoughts : Great argan oil. I mean it's essentially the same as the other pure Argan oils that I've tried. But I do like the glass bottle and gold cap, it feels so luxe and looks great in a vanity. It's also in a pump dispenser which is great. It's cheap too! For something pure I mean. I think it's around Php 1000 + for a bottle. The only con I can think of is that it's in a clear bottle, as I've mentioned here Argan Oil keeps better if it's in a tinted bottle. Already in my list under things I can repurchase.

january_2016_empties_skincare_beauty_frommanilawithlove_2Pond's Flawless White BB+ Beige Spf 30 PA++ 25g
  • Has a lot of chemicals and other ingredients that I don't really approve of like fragrance. I don't even want to mention all of them.
Thoughts : Sheer buildable to Light. Smooth and easy to apply. Light on the skin with a natural finish. Doesn't last long unless used with a primer and set with a good powder. Has a scent to it that I don't like - a little strong in my opinion. Recommend for people who're only looking for a light tinted-sunscreen / tinted-moisturizer type of everyday base. Got it in my Pond's Exclusive BDJ box. Will not be repurchasing.

Aloe Derma 99% Organic Aloe Gel 45g
  • Organic
  • 99% Aloe Vera Gel
Thoughts : Pricey for 45g compared to other brands (Etude, Tony Moly) but those have other ingredients to it and preservatives this one is purely organic and 99% Aloe. Works well as a light moisturizer and it didn't break me out. Perfect moisturizer under makeup! Also got this in another BDJ box.

Dove Oxygen Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Has SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
  • Contains fragrance
  • "Oxygen-infused"
Thoughts : Pretty decent. Didn't make my chemically damaged hair soft and manageable as with other shampoos I've tried but it didn't make it worse. The clear blue gel infused with what I assume are oxygen bubbles are interesting though. The conditioner is okay as well. Also received this in a BDJ box,

What skincare or haircare have you finished lately?


I have a new product to showcase for you guys today and it's the Glam 21 One Shot!!! (Chok)2 Lip Tint Gloss. That's Chok-Chok by the way, if you're wondering how to say the name.As most of you probably know Korean beauty in general aims for that really dewy almost wet/oily kind of complexion and that doesn't exclude the lips.

Glam 21 (a brand by Coswel Korea), I confess, is a brand I haven't heard of before despite being the avid K-beauty consumer that I am. Good thing Trixie of  AboutFace.Ph (formerly Purple Tags PH ) contacted me for a collaboration aaaand poof that's how you make coco crunch.


From what I've seen from glam21's site it's a little more up there in price compared to let's say Etude or Holika Holika and I believe it's a direct competitor to another Korean brand —3CE (3 Concept Eyes) which is very well known in Asia already. They both kind of have the same sleek all-black packaging with just text going on. 3CE's more expensive though.


The cardboard it came in is made from recycled materials as evidenced by the recycle logo on the cardboard box —awesome! Onto the tube itself and to the most interesting part.


It looks like a typical (pretty with the ombre effect going) sturdy lipstick tube at first glance but upon closer inspection there's a slanted sponge tip at the top with a hole in the middle instead of the usual cream stick. To get the product out you twist-up the bottom part of the tube, as you would a liquid pen concealer, until the liquid lip colour is pushed out onto the sponge-tip.

I think it's designed well. I've never seen a product like this before. Tints that I've used and seen from all other brands have the doe-foot wand type of packaging or the marker type but not this. I quite like the quirkiness of it. One point for Korean packaging.



Whole In ONE!!!-
It provides long-lasting while keeping lips moisture and shine. Lips stay moist and protected. You can get 3 POINTS from the tint, lip stick, lip gloss AT ONCE!!! - Glam21 (Coswel Korea)

According to the description it's essentially a moisturizing liquid lipstick with a very glossy finish. And I agree. It's extremely pigmented (almost neon-like) economical (you only need a little) and lasts through eating. (still fades a little like other Korean tints I've used)

It's also non-drying and keeps my lips supple but I wouldn't say it can replace your standard hydrating lip balm.

NOTE : As a rule of thumb it's better to exfoliate your lips regularly and always drink a lot of water before you apply any lip colour.


I don't like orange-based reds or plain orange on my lips because it makes my teeth SUPER yellow. I avoid it as much as possible so I use the Scarlet Orange strictly as a light tint.


The consistency is thicker than most lip tints. The latter would usually be watery and thin so I would really classify this as a liquid lipstick. It doesn't have any fragrance in the ingredients (so hurrah for those who don't like fragrance in their cosmetics). But it does smell like talc and wax which is part of the ingredient list. So if you're anticipating a sweet or candy-like scent (and taste) that other tints typically have you'll be surprised with this one. By no means is it bad smelling, strong or overwhelming , some people might just dislike baby powder-scented cosmetics.

I wear this as a tint and tap it on my lips rather than apply it full-on. I prefer the stained look if I'm using tints, but you can definitely increase pigmentation by gradually applying more. Don't glop on a thick layer on the onset because it remains emollient throughout the day and will probably just move around your face if you don't use a lip liner or lip coat. It's not sticky like a gloss though so don't worry.

One other thing to note is that they're cruelty-free which is great news. I know for sure Amore Pacific is completely cruelty-free. Other brands though are aren't 100% verified. This chok-chok tint gloss retails for Php 899 (3.8g / 20g with bullet) and I believe it comes in 4 colours but the site only has these two shades as of the moment. The other two are a soft coral-nude-pink and a red.


If you're looking for a tint that's as pigmented as a lipstick, light and non-drying, check it out. Plus points for being cruelty-free too. One can argue that it's a little steeper than most affordable Korean tints for sure, but still within reason especially if the tech, packaging and ingredients behind it are high-end and high-quality.

Skip if you like sweet / floral-scented cosmetics or don't care much about cruelty-free products.

What do you think of the packaging and the shades? Isn't it nice that a lot more Korean brands are accessible to us now?


PS.I read that there are a tonne of other beauty brands in Korea that hasn't reached international exposure unlike Laneige, IOPE, Etude, Tony Moly and Missha to name a few.

PPS. Chok-chok is a term used when something (in reference to your or someone's skin or lips) looks dewy, shiny, plump and moist. Like really glowy, bouncy and healthy-looking.


It's a new online store / brand that sell from the obscure to the well-known products to beauty lovers especially the Korean beauty addicts in the Philippines. You can check out their products on their website or Zalora!



Wearing someone else's hair can be off putting to some, but it's essential if you want hair extensions that are as real-looking (and feeling) as possible. My sister cringes everytime she sees the extensions and tries to scare me by exclaiming that it used to be someone's hair. That never swayed me from enjoying them though.


I've had my short hair for over two years now and while I don't miss the weight and the unnecessary heat my super long hair brought, I do miss all the different looks I could come up with it. Madison from Irresistible Me must've sensed my slight distress (she's part psychic) and asked if I wanted to try their clip-in hair extensions.

I chose Silky Natural Black in 24 inches, 200g ($219) from their Silky Touch Line because according to their site, it's the easiest to use by beginners and looks most natural.
Silky Touch is our best-selling line. These 100% Remy human hair extensions are fantastic quality for a friendly price and can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend in your hair perfectly. The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them.



  • 100% Indian Remy human hair extensions
  • 200 g sets (10 pieces)
    • 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5") very thick!
    • 2 pcs of 3 clips (6") only received 1 piece in the box.
    • 5 pcs of 2 clips (4")
    • 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")


As I've mentioned I've never tried clip-in extensions or hair extensions period. So it was a challenge for me to put them on. I tried placing it every which way on my head and for the life of me, I could not get it to blend in.


My short hair kept peeking through despite the numerous tutorials I've tried. It's possible that I need more pieces for it to blend in better OR I need to give the extensions a trim so the layers would be more evened-out so it can cascade naturally. Curling it was a big help. Here are the tutorials that helped me tremendously.

The second video's result is what I achieved.

My braids look a little dead because the hairspray I used wasn't very good. Any suggestions?

My head did feel heavy, I mean what do you expect? I did put 200g on it. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. If you have sensitive scalp and brittle hair I wouldn't recommend clip-in extensions, as they might weigh your hair down and make it more prone to breakage.


For people who want more volume and/or length Irresistible Me has a wide range of hair colours with varying lengths and weight. The length might be a little longer than what's advertised. I think the measurement doesn't start until after the clips. Which isn't a bad thing at all (more hair for you!)

Customer service is top-notch as well. Just email them for help about proper care or application etc and they're right on it. (Had a bit of trouble with the postal office and they kindly helped me with it!)


As for quality, I've washed it, coloured it, put styling products and used heat tools. They seem to be taking the damage well. They're great quality but I have to remind you to take extra care of any kind of hair extensions especially those made from real hair. Shampoo, treat and brush it very carefully so it lasts longer.

They're very natural-looking and when you get the hang of it and know what works best for you, it's such a fun way to change up your look from time to time. Your friends' and families' faces when they see you is a treat as well. I might just grow my hair out more or take the plunge and have it shaped at the salon. Either way I'll be keeping them and I'll wear the heck out of them until I decide to change my hair colour again. :)

Have you tried hair extensions? What do you think about them?


PS. Good hairspray. Non-aerosol please!
PPS. The postal office taxed me when it was a gift!
PPPS. You can tease the roots first if your hair is super smooth. I only did it once because couldn't handle the tangles after I took out the extensions.

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For the latter part of 2015, I dare say I've accumulated a few new lip things. This isn't counting the already sizeable lip "things" I currently own. But let's just focus on these fairly recent ones. Besides I haven't done a makeup haul post in a while.

Most were bought but two in particular were given as gifts by family (EB Advance Liquid Lipstick and Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm). Here's a run-down with the prices.
  • Pinkies Collection in Calalily and Bark - Php 169 (Price is currently Php 199)
  • Secret Key Chubby Jelly Tint Pack in Plum Purple - Php 300
  • EB Advance Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lace - Php 180
  • Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6 - Php 150 (Sale)
  • Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry - around Php 287 (Sale)
  • Essence XXL Shine Lipgloss in Nude Candy and Wood of Roses - Php 50 each (YES)
You know how enabling instagram is. With the perfectly arranged outfit, lunch, motd or ootd it can both be inspirational and envy-inducing. Especially with makeup, at least for me. I got these Pinkies Collections Matte Lipsticks after I've seen a few pictures of it online. I have swatched a few in person way before I saw the pictures, but turned the other cheek as I deemed it too drying or too unwearable. That is until someone posted Bark. Next thing I knew I was at the counter with said colour and another in tow—Calalily. Both are "natural" "nude" colours. Bark is a deep mauvey-old-rose kind of shade while Calalily is a light pinky light-nude beige—perfect for dark dramatic looks.

As for the Maybelline Lip Polish (Or Colour Elixir depending on the country) they were having a 50% off and Php 100 off sale on a lot of their items so being the opportunistic little twit beauty enthusiast that I was, I grabbed a shade that really "spoke" to me. I just wanted to try out the texture and Glam 6, a seemingly creamy (non-glitter) deep purple shade was something a little more unique in my eyes. That and there weren't a lot of choices at the time. Touted as the first of its kind, this liquid lipstick+balm+gloss hybrid is smooth, moisturizing and pigmented. It's a pretty and shiny non-sticky lip gloss for non-lipgloss wearers (me).

pinkies_collection_bark_callalily_secret_key_lip_tint_pack_revlon_matte_balm_essence_lip_gloss_EB_Ever_Bilena_Liquid_lipstick_Maybelline_Lip_polish_glam6_haul_3I asked my sister to buy me the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry  as my advanced Christmas gift a few months before December. It was on sale for half off and I've wanted to try it for the longest time. I settled for one of the three shades available because these were flying off the shelves. Apparently our Revlon here hasn't been that generous (huge discounts) in a long time. Sultry is a deep old-rose shade a tad similar to bark (I'll be investigating this soon). A little mauvey but on my lips pulls a little more brick red. It's still pretty and moisturizing despite the matte part in the name. It's so weird using something dubbed as a matte balm, but it does feel really comfortable. Not at all drying. Glides on smoothly and really delivers on pigment akin to a matte lipstick. Good job me.

Same story as the Maybelline Lip Polish, I got suckered in by Essence Cosmetic's half-off sale and settled on Nude Candy and Wood of Roses. I figured if they were too sheer I can always put them on top of my lipsticks to alter the colour. Surprisingly these pack quite the pigment. It's not as sheer as I thought especially Wood of Roses—a slightly reddish brown with multi-coloured shimmers. Also it's not as sticky as I thought. Like the Lip Polishes, these are very comfortable to wear. As you can see there are glitters but they aren't chunky nor do they look "kiddy", you know like play makeup? It also has a scent that reminds me strongly of Fruit Loops (a little "kiddy" but who cares).

I learned that Nude Candy, the creamy baby nude pink with silver shimmers, is a good dupe for Nars' Turkish Delight lip-gloss.

If you remember my post about the Korean gimick that is the lip tint packs/masks, you'd know that while I was intrigued I was also perplexed. So I got one to try out. Ssssh it's for SCIENCE.

I think it's a little pricey considering you need to use a thick application each time but it stays true to the lip tint claim. The gimick lasted until after the first try then I realized I'd rather use a regular lip tint than wait for this to dry and peel costing me precious minutes. Minutes I could be using to eat.

I'm still testing these out but I'll definitely be posting reviews about most of them. What do you want reviewed first? Let me know!


PS. Maybelline only had the sale until Dec 31, 2015. Revlon isn't on sale anymore :(. Essence might have a few things still on sale but I wouldn't bet on it.

Review of the Pinkies Collection Matte Lipsticks and lip pencil here.
Review of the lip glosses here.

Create-your-own and made-on-the-fly burgers aren't new to the food scene. But one that's at the same price point (plus actually good) as the heavily processed and controversial fast-food burgers - now that's something new. Well at least to me.

After a few hours of hard-core and sweat-induced lollygagging, my sister and I went to Megamall's (Makati) food area (directly facing the supermarket) to satisfy our hunger and settled upon Fuel Burgers for our my burger craving.

The wait wasn't that long and the process was fairly easy since the menu wasn't complicated as let's say Teddy's. I take so long ordering from there; so many options. (one might argue that it's too many.)

The decent-sized meal was plated on a wooden board with parchment paper to soak up some drippings. A+ people. The plastic utensils were a little useless since they can't cut shit still, A+ on the presentation.

The vegetables still had some bite to them, the patty was seasoned enough and cooked well. Not the glued together kind of meat (you know the kind). The buns were soft, fluffy and had some denseness to it. The oatmeal crumbs on the top made for a good looking bun.

As for the fries. They were okay. As standard as I fry can be.

All in all it was good. The meal with the drink I believe was around Php 190? Give or take Php 200. It was absolutely value for the money. 100% I would go there again. Don't expect a ton of seating though as the spacing allocated to each "restaurant" at the food area is limited.

I don't know if it was only a promo at the time but do check it out if you're nearby and craving for some cheap but very decent burgers.

Majority of 2015 I was feeling unqualified and insatiable, unworthy and bullheaded. I was feeling down but I didn't really like that; It didn't feel good so I trudged on. I denied what I was feeling and the more I did that and the more my life refused to adhere to what I was envisioning, the heavier my heart sank.

In retrospect I didn't realize that I had a lot going for me this past year, i.e. my blog. It's easy to overlook the small accomplishments in face of your perceived "goals" or success. I like to think I've grown this past year. :)

I already know and understand everything below but I do slip sometimes so I like to remind myself of these nuggets of wisdom. Here are five things I want to take in with me into 2016.

Never compare your life to others
It is extremely easy to compare how your life is going to your peer's when you open your Facebook. Extremely easy. Those "instagram models" and young hot celebrities that go to exotic places before they're even legal to drink can make some put on those emerald green shades.

But you have to understand, what people post on their social profiles are highlights of what they want you to see.  Most of these are stories they concocted to make it seem like their life is smooth sailing all the way, but it's rarely that. Everyone has struggles, they might not just post it.

Your success is defined by you. Not by your school, parents, friends and society.
Have a great job after college. Get an amazing house by 30. Have a family before 35.  Retire by 40. Have your own thriving start-up as soon as you can. Etc. Etc. Etc. You know how that goes.

Remember, this is your life. Your rules. Success for a fisherman is getting enough to sell and take home for the family whilst success for a CEO might be closing a billion-dollar deal. Success is subjective. It's a state of mind. It differs from person to person.

Celebrate those "small" accomplishments!
Getting up early for 2 weeks straight after perpetually being a night owl. Quitting caffeine after years of being a coffee junkie. Signing up for a dance class when you have two left feet.

Those things might seem inconsequential compared to your other "real" "adult" goals, but habits and long term success start from those little seemingly inconsequential things. So pat yourself on the back. It might not seem much for now but keeping to consistency very rarely doesn't pay off.

If your friendship/relationship becomes toxic. Walk away.
Friends. Family. Business. Bottom line if they're hurting you even after civil communication and trying to understand them, just leave. Not that you should burn bridges, you should just walk away.

It's not giving up. It's choosing your happiness.

Don't be afraid to say yes. Don't be afraid to say no.
It's tricky. "Fear of missing out" is a real and valid thing. It's also not good to agree to everything then force yourself to enjoy it. But once you get to master it you know who to say no to or who to say yes to. Including opportunities.

My blog didn't start picking up until late 2014 to early 2015. At the start of last year, I've been consistent with posts, pictures and updates. I said yes to most opportunities that fell on my lap. Opportunities that made me grow as a professional and as a person and if it weren't for that I wouldn't have met new and interesting people. I wasn't afraid to say no too. Other things that fell on my lap felt off-brand and just off  period, so I politely refused. And that's ok.

How about you? Any life lessons you learned last 2015? How are you planning to attack 2016? :)


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Happy New Year everyone! It's another new year, another go at a fresh beginning. At least for me. I have a post coming up about things I've learned in 2015 and realizing I had a lot going for me despite my "claims".

I decided to do a quick makeup even if my only plans for the night were eating [and eating] in my hole-y tank top and ratty denims. Here was the relatively simple makeup look I did to greet the New Year.


For the base I went with a BB cream, because I didn't really have another base product that worked for me and so far this light and creamy Proud Mary BB (not pictured) is doing well. To set I used my gigantic tub of 3W Clinic loose powder or Palgantong (old name) in shade 23  to set everything.

As for contour I used my trusty Shawill Perfect Powder in 003 —a really nice taupe colour. To blend the contour and give some warmth back to my face I whipped out my W7 Honolulu Bronzer, a supposed dupe for the Benefit Hoola. I used a peach blusher from Careline to keep the face muted making way for the loud lip colour I wanted to use. Glowy is my thing so I lightly swept on some ZA Cheeks Groovy in June Bride — a light champagne-gold highlighter, on the tops of my cheeks, tip of the nose, cupid's bow and forehead.

The look I was going for was bold lips + understated everything else. So I just dusted some gray-brown matte eyeshadow on my lashline from my Catrice Absolute Matt Palette and coated the lashes with Shawill mascara (don't get this one! wet, takes a long time to dry and not waterproof. Ew). I lightly filled in some sparse brow areas with Pinkies Collection Brow Pencil in Black to match my dark mane. I'm liking this one at the moment. It's creamy but a little hard which I prefer and has a spoolie at the end.

And now for the pièce de résistance, I whipped out my very neglected MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Kooky for a little something special to my otherwise "bland" look. This matte lip cream is a little hard to apply in my opinion because the doe foot isn't as precise as I would prefer and the formula is a little hard to come off when it dries. I tend to re-do my base when that happens. Maybe I just need more practice with this. The colour is very pretty though ; A dark berry purple shade.

    How was your NYE/NY? Did you also "dress up"? Going for a really bold lip colour gives me an excuse to put as little as possible everywhere else. Do you also do that?

    Wishing for more love, discoveries and successes this 2016 to come your way!