It's no secret that LA brand ColourPop took the beauty world by storm through their high-performing and cheap-as-fvck makeup. Most noted for their lippies, they have become a standard as to what good makeup is for the price. Fast forward to today their makeup line is continuously growing and improving taking cues from trends and best-sellers and what beauty-lovers really want.

Would you rather drive/commute, spend hours on the road because of the bad traffic (especially lately right?!), then proceed to finally buy the things you want/need only to face the bad traffic again just to go home?


Shop online?

Cue the "Oh I thought it was Benefit!"s and "You mean Hoola right?"s. This cute little boxed powder obviously blatantly mirroring the more high-end brand is not to be snubbed just because they're copying (a tonne of brands do this, high-end or drugstore...mostly drugstore).

This is a very nice little warm sun-kissed look in a box, a 10th (or 16th) of the price of the high-end version. Read on for more.