Tokyo Cafe : SM Megamall

Carbonara with Japanese Soy Sauce

Verdict : was different. Nothing outstanding.
I didn't want to have any plain 'ol Carbonara so I ordered this.
Hey, at least I had food.

Thin Crust Cheese and Tomatoes Pizza

Verdict : I quite liked this one. 
Super crispy with lots of Mozzarella. 
I just love my cheeses.

A (little) nibble of Blueberry Cheesecake

Verdict : It was passable. 
Too much gelatin, not enough cream cheese. 
I prefer Burgoo's cheesecake any day.

Cafe 'au Lait
I need Java in my system just to walk straight. So remembering that I didn't have any that day, I ordered this. And my tummy was upset because prior to going to Tokyo Cafe, I already ate. So I needed something warm.

Verdict : Just regular Cafe 'au Lait.
Couldn't taste much of the beans. 
Tasted more like milk with a shot of coffee.

Price-wise, I don't think it's worth it. 
Their servings are small for a 200+ php dish and the servers are not really attentive. 
(One waitress ignored us when we tried to ask for the bill) but maybe it's just this branch.
On the up-side, they have cute menus.

Maybe I'll go there again, maybe I won't. But I won't definitely come looking for it.

Cue tears.

What You Need:
Creamy Black Eyeliner
Shimmery eyeshadow (They used gold for this vid)
And...that's it! 
Brushes are optional, because it really is this easy, you can basically apply it with using your fingers. 
Wash your hands first okay?