U-Part, L-Part, Lace, Human, Synthetic? Wigs - I've only ever had experience with extensions, except that one Halloween when I wanted to be a 'witch' (y'all now I didn't need a wig 'fo dat... plus it was itchy as hell... anyyyway).

Wigs essentially cover your whole head while extensions cling to hair you have. Both are used aesthetically and can be customized to fit ones needs/look etc.

Disclosure : Sponsored post but as always thoughts are all mine.

Whatever your reason might be (thinning hair/baldness/changing up your look), you want to know which wig would be better for you. Here's a little breakdown of how to choose wigs via type of construction and/or type of hair.

Wigs via construction:

Is a wig where there is a 'U' shaped opening where you can pull your natural hair through, creating a more natural transition from your real hair and wig.

L(lace)-Part / Lace front / Lace cap / Full lace
It has a 'see-through- lace section where your own scalp shows through creating a natural hair line or 'realistic parting'.

Wigs via hair type:

Of course there are synthetic and human-hair ones. You might think, human-hair is obviously the right way to go but we've come a long way from really obvious 'oh you're wearing a wig' wigs. Synthetic haired wigs are looking more and more natural there's barely a difference from great quality synthetic from human hair wigs.

Yeah, I can't tell either.

If you're worried about the wig not looking like real hair, there are nice ones out there that won't break the bank.

Have you ever tried wigs? Extensions? What do you think about wigs in general or people who use them like an 'accessory' not as a 'necessity'?


Image source/s : Divatress.com, Trelogganwigs.co.uk

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Last mother's day (May 13th) I was invited by Century City Mall to spend a mom's day at their event's place. Naturally I invited my mother but for reasons unknown she was nowhere to be found. I kid, she couldn't make it SO not one to let things go to waste, I had a mom's day, without my mudra.

The buffet spread was good and the decor was very nicely done. Very festive and it screamed summer. The thick cables on the floor were a little hazardous though and the walking paths were a little narrow. Maybe there were a touch too many tables + chairs(?).

The event had different programs for parents regarding parenting, beauty and food! Things like how to take care of toddlers, How to prepare easy and healthy meals for your kids and How to put on a natural face-makeup by Avon. There's also a separate kid's shark show, at the top floor, which was only accessible if I had kids with me.

This event was for PHP 999/1K/person :for the buffet, talks/tips/tricks and goodie bag (not sure if it's just for bloggers) it's...ok. There weren't a lot of people left by the time I went there (about an hour past 12PM ). It was nice though for a mom day and I still very much commend them (it's hard to handle events! ) but it definitely could use more work regarding the program and venue/setup.

Let's move on from that and on to a little surprise! What's up for grabs? Prenagen mommy Milk Drink (2 boxes) and Milna Rusk for infants (6 cookies).

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Sigma is a household beauty brand. Every beauty lover knows it and has coveted it at some point in their lives. I myself have, but not to the point of actually purchasing one. Thankfully there are Korean beauty brands who keep an eye out for the innovative and popular.