What's eating me is this very fascinating and entertaining 'eating show/eating broadcast/eating chat room.

"The Diva" one of the most popular meokbang stars in S. Korea.

Mukbang/Meokbang - is where people eat in front of their webcam and broadcast it across the Internet for others to watch. If the viewers like what they see, they allocate “star balloons”, which gets converted into money. People can earn several hundred dollars each time they broadcast themselves eating. The word mukbang is derived from the Korean word for eating (muk-ja) and broadcasting (bang-song). - via expansesocial

I'm not sure where it originated but it was popularized in S. Korea during the 2000s. It's essentially a web show where you watch someone eat and you pay them for how much they "entertain" you. Read: They get paid to eat. Where do I sign up?

Usually large quantities of food are involved but not always and not in every broadcaster. I believe what draws people in apart from watching someone eat are the sounds they make and how they eat it. It's not for everyone to be honest. Some people might even be turned-off by the excessively loud slurping noises and crunches these "BJs" make.

But man am I hooked.

I've watched a couple of more famous eating broadcasters and while they are fascinating, no one has held my interest for long, even if they did order 3 boxes of chicken with sides of fries, a box of pizza and a pack of canned coke.

Except this particular guy.

The way he eats is so inviting (sometimes shocking) and he always interacts with his viewers when he can (ex. when his mouth isn't full noodles+beef+lettuce+soup). And yes okay, he's cute.

This entertaining (and a tiny bit perverse) type of show doesn't always show just one person eating. It can be a group of friends or family. Or it can show someone cooking then eating what they cooked. Basically Mukbang would be a show where someone is eating period.

I hope I expanded your horizons today. Excuse me while I go back to Banzz' channel to watch him eat. And yes that does sound weird.


PS. The Mukbang phenomena was popularized at Afreeca.tv - a social platform similar to YouTube. It's a paid service wherein you anyone can buy virtual money to give to the broadcasters and be broadcasters themselves.
PPS. Top earners take home at least a few hundred-thousand dollars in ONE broadcast.
PPPS. He burns what he eats by (being genetically gifted and) furiously exercising. He has a very short clip of him climbing a rope.

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It's almost the most wonderful time of the year or as the popular Christmas jingle goes. But it's not always wonderful when you're doing last-minute shopping and a budget to strictly follow.

Someone wants this. This one wants that. As much as you'd like to make it rain Aquino's and as much as you want to say "I really love being a godparent to 20+ people I can hardly remember the names of." you've got to economize.

Maybe there's that secret santa thing with a set budget or you'd like to mix and match stuff under a certain amount or maybe you're really scrimping, which is totally okay! It's really the thought that counts! 

Here are some gift ideas under PHP 200 for that beauty lover in your life!
Manila Philippine Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


You don't have to shell out 1K+++ for that brush set which have 2-3 brushes that look exactly the same. Opt for single brushes that come even under Php 100. You can ask them what they don't have in their collection. Maybe you can snoop around (or ask someone to) to check their brush stash and check which one's are missing from their collection.

Where to find the cheap AND good ones. : The Landmark, Watson's (Marrionaud brand), ELF counters and BeautyCosmetics.

Note : Get two pieces at least (I mean they're less than Php 100). You might have to shell out a little more for the big brushes though.
Manila Philippine Sheet mask Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


These sheet masks— that pack nutrients, vitamins and other beautiful things are quite affordable and just a couple of these in a bag would be very appreciated. There are a lot of variants for specific facial needs. If you don't know which ones to get — it doesn't matter. Get a couple and call it a day. These are like beauty versions of the (extremely typical and doesn't require a lot of thought) chocolates/stuffed animal (you/they get) when you don't know what to get someone.

Where to find : Watson's (Sometimes they have buy 2 get 1 for Php 40/ea), Innisfree (Carried by beautymnl.com), Tony Moly and Rucy's Vanity (Php 35).

Manila Philippine Snail Aloe Gel Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

This Made in Korea all-over gel is a good buy for that Korea-obsessed / K-Beauty lover. A lot of Korean brands carry some sort of Aloe or Snail gel in their line and most of them are still pretty affordable (Tony Moly around Php 300 and Nature Republic for Php 250) but this one is at Php 399 for both, making it around Php 200 each.

Where to find : Watson's. Literally everything's there. They also have gift sets with beautiful boxes you don't need to wrap anymore. Score! K-beauty sites like w2beauty, sokoglam and wishtrend also have them but the prices vary especially if they have special deals going on

Note: The first ingredient is alcohol. I haven't tried this yet personally (but my sister has and she loves it) but I am wary because of said ingredient. The last aloe gel I've tried also had alcohol but it didn't dry my skin out so I'm hoping these won't either.

Manila Philippine Lip Ice Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

Whether they're teeny-boppers (or adults) starting out with makeup or full-fledged beauty addicts, lip balms are essential to avoid those crusty lips. Tinted ones are just a notch higher from the clear ones to give that little hint of color and these two are really good. I've tried the Maybelline Baby lips (starts at around Php 80) and Lip Ice Water Colour (around Php 150) and the both give an adequate amount of color (some Baby Lips can come across as lipsticks because of their strong pigment) while still making my lips smooth and supple.

Where to find : Watson's for both. Baby lips can also be found at Supermarkets and Drugstores.


A lipstick is pretty typical and dare I say a standard gift to get but getting them a liquid one is a little more out of the box. And getting these might even earn you a "Oh hey! You're up to date with the trends."

These come in matte and creamy/glossy finishes. MeNow (matte) costs around Php 150 while the LA Girl Glaze Lip Paint (glossy) is around Php 299 at malls. I did find a store that sells them cheaper though ---> here for Php 198.

Where to find MeNow : Online stores like Mei Satsuki ---cheapest MeNow I've seen(Facebook) and BeautyMnl.
Manila Philippine Sponges Dupe Beauty Blender Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

You might've heard them talk about the "Beauty Blender" (or you might've heard the term yourself). This little marshmallow look-a-like costs a fortune (around Php 1000) when you think about it being just a small sponge. But I swear to the gods these make my foundations blend like a "dream".

Cheaper dupes are abound wherever though so don't fret. Forever21, San San / HBC, BYS, Watson's, ebay,  etc etc etc carry them.

The cheapest ones I've found (and that work well) are from The Landmark (again lots of things to look at there) and Daiso (also a great store for those little knick-knacks). They're Php 89 and Php 88 respectively.

Manila Philippine Lashes Lash set Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Your homegirl/boy that likes to experiment with looks or is a makeup artist would absolutely love these in their kits. What to get though are the fluttery and soft ones that don't look like plastic. A good pair can cost around Php 200 - Php 300, but there are sets with 2, 3 or 10 that would make a pair around Php 80-100.

Where to get : Alibaba.com, BornPrettyStore.com, eBay, Lazada, Watson's, Nichido and The Landmark. If they'd like some more famous, YouTuber approved US brands like Red Cherry, Ardell or Kiss look at Bonmarchepage.com , BeautyMnl and Lazada which sell them starting at Php 150/pair.


Literally the only brand and line I know of that has decent mascara under Php 200 (this is Php 199 but some stores might still have it on sale for Php 150). I do particularly like Nichido's Color Eyes - perfect for sparse lashes and Shawill's Curling Mascara for separation and length, both are priced well under Php 200.

Where to find : Watson's and Department stores.

Manila Philippine Shawill Contour Powder Perfect Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Seeing as contouring is now a huge thing here in the PH (thanks to foreign YouTubers) local brands like Shawill have jumped the bandwagon and this particular powder (Php 168) is perfect to create shadows for that chiseled cheekbone look.

Note: It can come across as a tiny bit red for certain skin tones or really acidic people.

Where to get : Watson's and some department stores.

Manila Philippine Face Facial Mist Daiso Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Like I said, Daiso pretty much has you covered on the basics of basics and sometimes weird things (banana cases/houses anyone?) that you maybe sort of need (not really).

This particular facial mist I've only used (Php 88)  as a setting spray as it has alcohol and I try not to put alcohol-based products directly on my face. It works really well for that though because of said ingredient. But it's essentially skincare.

There you go. Shopping. CHECK. Budget. DOUBLE CHECK. I hope you like this post. Let me know what you think and if you have other suggestions under Php 200 let me know as well! :)

Happy Holidays!


PS. Not sponsored. Just in case you were wondering about all the links and mentions. I wish I was though. *cough**cough* meow.
PPS. Would you care to view some organic/natural products under Php 200 too?

Images : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Clean workmanship, Environment-friendly, Elegant, Classy and Supports Local Communities, Grassroots is definitely one for those with discerning luxury taste and patrons of Philippines and Philippine culture. (Designs and materials are indigenous to the country.)

Under its mother company — Craftmill, Grassroots has garnered numerous international accolades for its design, hand-made approach and world-class materials. And why wouldn't it? You can feel the Filipino essence when you step into their stores. Expats and locals alike can't get enough of the simple, compact and multifuctional use of their products.

Most famous for their photo frames according to the Vice President/General Manager and Designer Ms. Jean Guerrero-Bautista, they also carry in their roster Desk organizers, Jewelry and Watch boxes, Hampers, Multi-purpose organizers, Bar trays, Bath accessories, Runners, Lamps, Vases, Wall panels, Floor tiles, Serving trays, Wall panels, Floor Tiles and even Furniture (sofas, dining chairs, ottoman, loveseats, arm chairs).

Last November 12th, I was invited to the launch of Present Perfect by Grassroots— a gift-wrapping service exclusively at Greenbelt 5 and PowerPlant Grassroots stores.

The tables and chairs had Abaca (or some kind of stiff fiber) covers. Talk about fancy.

Bloggers got to ask Ms Jean Guerrero-Bautista questions about Craftmill and Grassroots.

Starting at Php 50, persons who don't have the time, skill and/or patience to wrap their presents can do so at Present Perfect. The personalized touch won't get lost and you get to support the local community as well as the environment in the process! (Available all year round!)

Contemporary and Country Charm sample styles

The Abaca fibers and Raffia display a proudly-Philippine touch to the present. You also get to choose between Country Charm, Elegance, In the Bag and Contemporary styles for your present/s.

Elegance Style Samples

We also got a glimpse of Urban Farmer. Grow lettuce and herbs in the comfort of your home just by using water (no soil needed). Seedlings and start-up kits you need to grow your "mini-farm" are also provided.

Visit Grassroots today and check out their beautifully hand-crafted wares!

Thanks organizers for the invite and early Christmas present!


PS. I want that soil-less plant grower. The future is upon us!
PPS. Eco-friendly AND reusable. The packaging your presents come in can be re-purposed however you like. Store anything in there.
PPPS. How cool is it that everything is Filipino-made with 95% of materials sourced locally. Helping Filipino livelihood and mother earth not bad eh?

Braches : Greenbelt 5, PowerPlant Mall Makati and Market!Market!.

This has been making rounds on instagram as a great quality and most importantly cheap pen eyeliner. I decided to get one and take it to the test.

And yes you read it right "Sleak" not "Sleek" —another popular and affordable High-street brand that's also available in some parts of the US. I know most brands copy each other in terms of packaging, but this Shawill takes the cake for blatant packaging and logo "similarities". Good job on the name change though.

Shawill Sleak eyeliner pen
Sleak eyeliner pen Shawill

I do like how it's packaged though. Every detail is on the little box and I appreciate that. This was priced at the time of purchase Php 99 (around $3). The pen clicks shut and doesn't leak when stored tip side down.

NOTE : Ingredients are nowhere to be found unfortunately.
Shawill Sleak Eyeliner pen

The felt-tip is a little thick over-all so don't expect to make really precise liner looks with this. It does taper out but it doesn't provide really thin and precise lines. At most you'll have to go over (and over) the line that you did. It works better if you start out with a thick-ish line and angle the pen not go at it directly.

Shawill Sleak eyeliner pen liquid

As you can see the liquid isn't patchy when applied thickly. When I tried to make finer lines it applied patchy and I have to press down the liner to get more liquid to the narrow tip. Which in turn makes my supposedly thin line thick at the part where I pressed the pen down.

The way I've been applying thinner lines with this is the dotting/dash method, wherein I slant the tip against my eyelid then press down instead of dragging it along my lash line.

Shawill Sleak Eyeliner pen liquid
The thinnest line I can achieve with this pen. Not that bad.

It works well. But I like the variety of liner looks I can get with a different tipped pen liner. Another thing is that it cracks along the outer crevices of my eye. (You know where the top lid and lower lid meet at the end of the eye? Yeah that part. And I don't have particularly oily lids.)

So that's a bust. It's also not waterproof nor smudge-proof. It can actually be removed easily with water. I don't particularly mind that much but for oilier lids and people with hooded eyes that can be an issue. I wanna say it's water-resistant at most.


It's a pass for me. The packaging is sturdy. The ink is black. It's pretty easy to apply. I find the size and shape perfect for beginners. Plus it's cheap...

But it's not waterproof, it drags a little because of the felt-tip, I can't make a really fine eyeline and it cracks in the folds of my outer corners. And those are the major things I look for in a good liquid (pen type) liner. Right now I'm trying to finish this so I just skip lining the outer part of my eye anymore (no cat eye boo) and stick to a straight line.

Have you tried this liner? Have you tried any of Shawill's liners?


PS. Shawill recently has ton of new things I'd love to try. I've swatched most their highlighters, blushes and eyeshadows and they are all really smooth and pigmented. The lipsticks are also a must try I heard. I've only tried one from one of their lines and it's pigmented and creamy. Too creamy in fact; I broke that one :(.

PPS. While I don't really mind the copy-cat packaging, I am wary of the false advertising. But what can you do, lots of brands do that.

When you say beer I immediately ask for the flavored ones or anything but the "preferred" and ubiquitous beer in the Philippines. I can't stand the bitterness and acidity no matter what anyone says so get that thing away from my face thank you very much.

I thought I was left with settling for the expensive craft and imported beers (that suit my taste more) and well, I was right...and wrong.

Bavaria has been brewing its own taste of beer for over 300 years. That makes it 7 generations of perfecting quality beer brewed by using the finest mineral water from their own spring. Bavaria is focused on following its family traditions of brewing high quality beers for the present and future generations to come. It prides in brewing its finest pilsner since 1719 and introducing the first truly alcohol-free beer in 1978. With a deep and rich history, the company wants to share their precious creations to the world.

bavaria beer launch from manila with love

Held at UCC Mentore Cafe and Bar SM Aura Nov 7, 2015

bavaria beer launch from manila with loveUcc mentore bavaria beer launch from manila with love

I was right about getting another imported beer but I was wrong that it would be expensive. I believe this retails for around Php 80-90 at 7-11 stores.

I quite like the smooth, crisp and light taste it has this is in part of the beer's water source. Since 1719 Bavaria has gotten their clear water straight from the springs of Holland and is continuously managed by the same family that started the company for generations.

from manila with love bavaria beer launch ucc mentore
Met new blog friends.

Bavaria premium beer from manila with love

Despite the light and refreshing quench it provides, it has an alcohol content of 5%, so it's one of those "surprise" attack beers wherein you *think* you don't feel drunk after so and so bottles, but when you stand up suddenly you kiss the floor.

I can't wait to try their 0% and 8.6% beers that'll be rolling out in the coming months. If you haven't guessed yet, 0% 8.6% refer to the alcohol content. 

Some may ask 0%? — What's the point? 

It's for people who like the taste but prefer no inebriation, people who are allergic and/or can't have alcohol or too much of it in their system (like people with gastric problems a.k.a. ME).

bavaria 0%
 Pomegranate, Original Malt and Peach.

I definitely have a new go-to beer.

If you want to give Bavaria Premium beer at try, they're out now in 7-11 stores and if you like getting better deals they currently have a promo — 330ml for a pack of 6 for Php 299! Check it out here - Ensogo

Happy drinking!


PS. Because of my GERD, I can't really ingest anything acidic or anything that triggers more acid. But I like spicy and tangy food. I also partake in the considerate consumption of alcoholic beverages. I need to live. yaknowhatimsaying?
PPS. Thanks for the invite Brian!

Outfit for creative spaces

Living in a tropical country with only two seasons— sweltering and flooding, is usually not an excuse to wear shorts and slippers to work no matter how close to a heat-stroke you are in that blazer. [So put that back on intern.]

Note: It's even hot/humid when it rains sometimes.

Thankfully there are more free / casual companies out there who don't care what you wear as long as you get things done. They're a little more "devil-may-care" wherein you might find some people in the office stomping around in flip-flops.

This post serves as a menu or inspiration of sorts for when you want to wear shorts but don't want to appear TOO casual.


Shorts are heaven sent to spaces like these especially in this particular part of the world. These are not your daisy-dukes denim kind of pair as it is still a workplace : the material and cut should be taken into consideration. Because the length of the bottom is shorter the turtleneck serves to counter it by having the neckline close on top.


Of course for shoes, I always have to choose boots. This suede pair adds texture and still keeps the subdued palette...well, subdued. The jacket is also pretty neutral, the cut and design however makes it more interesting. Apart from the pop of green from the shorts everything else is pretty muted, a no-brainer palette for work but the overall look make up for the otherwise [color] blandness.


The accessories like the earrings, watch and necklace break the monotony and add a little more flair especially the watch face -with the burst of rays design- and the sun earrings. To finish the look a versatile simple leather bucket/backpack is not only utilitarian and sturdy, the off-white colour and gold hardware says chic [and matches the rest of your jewelry] whichever angle you look.

What do you think? Which pieces do you like?


Monki crop top
1,800 PHP - monki.com

H M motorcycle jacket
1,080 PHP - hm.com

Valentino high-waisted shorts
24,740 PHP - stylebop.com

Giuseppe Zanotti black booties
12,795 PHP - currentboutique.com

Elizabeth and James sling backpack
31,645 PHP - harveynichols.com

Boum leather watch
3,955 PHP - bluefly.com

Stud earrings
8,560 PHP - jewelstreet.com

Vanessa Mooney long necklace
2,560 PHP - shopbop.com

PS. Yes. The 2 seasons were jokes. Get over it.
PPS. The earth is changing too fast. The ice caps are melting. There's hail and snow where there shouldn't be. Open your eyes.
cover photo

Boy or girl. Man or woman of any age. Have you ever heard of catcalling? Well let me tell you, it's a very powerful thing. It can make your ego and sense of worth soar through the roof just by doing "seemingly innocent" things to other people! *wink*.

You might think that that's dangerous. That you don't want to do uncomfortable and disrespectful things to other people.There're bound to be repercussions right?

And I admit yes, there are. But good news is they're not on your head! The ones who'll feel the negative repercussions are the ones you catcall and the people who notice the catcalling. Over time society in general will think that catcalling is perfectly okay, normal and to be expected. So you won't find anyone stopping you and/or (god forbid) beating you up!

Here are some basic notes to start you on your perverse and satisfying journey.

  1. Make sure the person is by themselves. Standing or walking on the street (crowded or not) — it doesn't matter.
  2. Socially acceptable greetings like "Hi/Good Morning/Good Evening Miss/Love/BabeAte", "Hello beautiful/gorgeous/sexy" can be used. 
  3. But if you're feeling like a dog in heat "Sarap/Delicious/Yummy/Yum", "Dayum Girl" "You can sit on my face all day" or "Here puss puss puss" are usable too.
  4. You can match what you say with a leer, lip smack, smooch noises and "mmmm" sounds as well.
  5. Make sure they're walking and you're standing, they're standing and you're walking OR you're both walking when you say and/or shout your preferred terms/sentences. This ensures that they won't know who actually said it and/or they'll be too scared/busy to actually stop and confront you about it.
  6. You can even do it from your vehicle! Just shout or whistle loudly enough for them to hear. You're completely safe because you're on the road and there's an easy getaway. Kinda like drive-thru!
  7. Remember you can only shout when you're at a safe distance and or when you're with your "bros". There is strength in numbers. And you'd want to impress them with your catcalling skills. Great ego boost and plus points from your friends.
  8. As much as possible wait until your target and you are exactly parallel and close enough for you to whisper your greetings and/or compliments. 
  9. Yes. Whispering is the medium of choice in the Philippines. This is what discreet people do to not attract any attention from other people they're not catcalling. Whispering is more powerful that way —it's more intimate.
  10. Don't worry if you think that person's a minor. If they look like a passable adult to you, or even if they don't. Catcall away. It's to condition society that people are and can be like this and getting encounters like this from the streets at an everyday basis is the norm.
  11. Always remember, if you get caught or if you get confronted. Act innocent. As innocent as the day you were born. Be defensive if you have to. Blame the person for wearing "so and so" because if they didn't want to get attention they wouldn't  wear "so and so". Doesn't matter if it's subjective and these are just your opinions. Blame the clothes. Go as far as to say they were "asking for it" then angrily storm off. Don't let them waste your time and kill the ego boost you just got.
Now you're equipped! Go forth and shape society into a mold where these things cannot and will not be stopped.



"Just because it's what's been done, doesn't mean it's what should be done."

I don't know if you can tell but this was a completely sarcastic post. A satire. I tried to justify what comes into these people's minds but it just can't be justified. 

It's really all about power. People who catcall and go as far as to stalk and hurt you if you don't acknowledge their "compliments" do exist and that's a really valid and scary thing.

Stop doing this. Stop people from doing this. Why do they not understand this? Why can't they comprehend? You can try to stop them by a shout to the harasser or a simple "Hey are you okay?" to the one being harassed just to make them feel that you yourself, saw that inappropriate behavior and you're not just gonna turn a blind eye. 


PS. Yeah I got the quote from Cinderella 2015. It's a great quote.
PPS. These are just SOME of the generous "compliments" women in your life get thrown with whenever they go out alone or in the company of other women.
PPPS. We talk/shout back. We walk faster. We ignore. Nothing so far works as far as my experience has taught me. It's hard to hold them accountable because they'll exclaim innocence and no other person on the street will help you mainly because "It's none of their business."

A few favorites and their channels: Wayne Goss of GossMakeupArtist, Emma Pickles of EuphoricCreation, Jen Chae of FromHeadtoToe, Tanya Burr of TanyaBurr, Emily Noel of BeautyBroadcast, Kandee Jhonson of KandeeJohnson, Marlena Stell of MakeupGeekTV, Nic and Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo, Kathleen Lights of KathleenLights and Lisa Eldrige of LisaEldridge.com.

With the surge of the popularity of Beauty YouTubers, Gorgeous Brand Ambassadors and Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers a lot of people (now more than ever) are now experimenting and expressing their creativity through makeup.

I know a lot of people buy makeup that they "saw in this particular video" or "read on this particular site" that they don't know how to properly utilize because they don't know where to even begin.

 Click to register!

Click on the image or here to register!

This November 14 at The CBTL Showroom, Bonifacio Global City from 1:00pm - 4:00pm, consider your questions answered by Gail Sarion in partnership with Speedy Course.

She'll be showing and guiding you on how to do basic makeup and how to use the existing things in your kit through a consultation!


What you need:

  • Your makeup kit with makeup (really want to know how to use).
  • Php 500 (Course fee with Snacks)
  • Your zest for learning!
  • Optional : Camera for Selfies/Groupfies/Documentation!

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • The Basics of Makeup (products and tools)
  • Demo: Steps of Makeup Application
  • Practical Tips and Tricks
  • Question and Answer
  • Makeup Kit Consultation

“It’s safe, it’s wearable; it screams but it’s subtle.” - Gail Sarion

About Gail Sarion

Gail Sarion is the Chief Make-up Artist for Sarion Films (an independent production company), In-house Stylist for Alabang Town Center and Make-Up Workshop Facilitator for corporate personal development programs. She is also a freelance make-up artist for all types of events.

With its simple, easy-to-use search engine, users simply need to type in a keyword to get results on what training courses are available for the type of skill that they want to learn or develop.

About Speedy Course

SpeedyCourse is an Online Course Finder. By bringing together training course providers who specialize in different fields, SpeedyCourse continues to build its vast database of short courses, training, seminars, workshops, and learning events. 

See you there!!!!!


PS. No seriously. See you there! :)

Website : http://www.speedycourse.com.ph/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SpeedyCoursePH/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/speedycourseph
Image sources : http://dailymakeover.com/ , http://cbtl.com.ph/ and YouTube