It's pay day again and now while I recommend to budget and purcahse what you really need it's good to reward yourself with a little something-something, maybe once a month...(keyword:maybe). If you're new to makeup these are solid brands to go for, price-wise and availability (they're everywhere). Here's what's on sale along with products beauty bloggers swear by.

enchanteur-paris-parisienne-fragrance-launch-la-creperie-0I love me a good fragrance -- whether it's in hand sanitizer form, book or perfume (not so much with skincare though). I wanted to see what this brand was all about seeing as it's inspired by 'the most romantic city in the world' --- Paris and the fact that this will be sold exclusively at Watsons, meaning it's in the affordable range.

When a plus-size model walked out I visibly lit up. Then came the POC models. Then the someone with Pink hair and I realized this wasn't any old typical we-only-employ-thin-models type of fashion show.