Remember those times when you scraped your knee or had an accident with hot water or just had a bad case of dry patches or just about anything and your Grandma/Mother used to say just put this on immediately...

No? Well then you're like me. I've only learned about this when my mom came back from a trip. She bought this despite not knowing what the heck it was for. So I put on my Nancy Drew wig and proceeded to investigate. (via google, I'm the 2.0 version. Gotta keep up with the times!)

Hi! How are all of you during this lovely weather? *sarcasm*

Just wanted to make a quick post about these grossly amazing products.

I have been blessed with acne-prone, roscacea induced, acidic, dry-combination and not to mention sensitive skin. Even if I use the mildest of mild cleansers, one wrong trigger, say, prolonged dust/pollution exposure/using the wrong skin care product/makeup ingredient, only once and my skin instantly, and I mean instantly flares up, turns read and/or get little white-heads or red itchy bumps.

For curing acne, I can only tolerate a small amount of Salicylic acid and I'm allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide so it's tricky to choose the right acne cure, among other things.

While using these for 5 of days, ( this supposedly was to last me 2 weeks according to the assistant. Sure. The moisturizer lasted longer though, maybe 3 more days. ) I didn't experience any flare-ups, itchiness and new bumps. It's extremely mild and the moisturizer felt cooling on my skin. Made it matte too.

The ONE thing that impressed me with this was when I looked in the mirror one day, right after washing my face with the gel cleanser was that my pores were pushing out the whiteheads on my cheeks.

GROSS I know.

But absolutely amazing. I've never encountered that with any skin regimen I followed or any skin product I've used. I was totally grossed out in a good way.

Sadly it's WAY out of the confines of my pocket. One bottle apparently costs around Php 1,500 (~$26 at Kiehl's website) if I'm not mistaken and for 100 ml or so, it's just not my style to spend so much on one product.

Damn it.

Let me just stick to gentle cleansers, change my sheets every 2 weeks, rinse my towels 10 f*cking times so there's no soap residue and be extremely vigilant in choosing products. Or suck it up and go to Kiehl's periodically to live off of their samples.

Damn it.