The search can never really be over for that perfect nude with that perfect finish. Hopefully in a perfect price point. Careline's uber pocket-friendly (size and price) Kiss Sticks might just be the answer to that.

The whole line is geared towards teens to young adults so the packaging is a little less sophisticated and the vibe is very young, fun and juvenile. But definitely not the cutesy 'play' makeup packaging that makes you feel like you're 9. Been there, done that. So over it.

The twist pen type of product delivery is reminiscent of those crayola twist-up crayons and Colourpop's lippie stix. They also have a sharpener at the end that I haven't used yet, but will definitely come in handy.

I find this type of layout easier to apply and get cleaner lines. They also take up less space in your makeup bag. I got the 3 colours that are 'safer' to use everyday in terms of outfit and makeup coordination.

Consistency | Finish

These kiss sticks are marketed as having great pigment and matte finish. And I agree. The consistency is creamy but not overly soft like it's just going to melt and slip on your lips. Compared to the VICE lipticks I reviewed, those were a little waxy, these are on the creamier side.

As someone with dry lips this is actually very comfortable to wear despite the 'matte' finish and doesn't make my lips any drier throughout the day. A little exfoliation before lippie application would benefit most lipsticks that I have, but truth be told that's an extra step I don't really find necessary for everyday. Lol.

Just better is a pale nude baby pink, while Lucid is a little deeper and has a little more brown to it. Pinch is more 'rusty' and appears more 'red' on my swatch but on my lips it appears more like a dusty deep rose.

These I find really nice for everyday and at P180 a piece this is pretty solid lip option. Plus they don't destroy your budget when you buy 2 at a time. Try to buy them on sale! I got two of the colours for P99/each.

Note : I used lipbalm so the inner lips aren't coloured. The lippie is a little sheerer if you have something on your lips so put lipbalm on then wipe it all off when it's been hydrated properly before putting on any kind if lipstick.

Longevity | Pigmentation

The matte lip trend is not a trend anymore and a beauty staple to this hot and humid country of ours. While I do appreciate a matte lip look, I don't necessarily like the way it feels. Some I've tried are super drying and make your lips look like crust city. Others are cute but once you drink a little and/or eat they fade from existence. This on the other hand while it does transfer yes, it's really comfortable to wear and doesn't suck the life out of my lips. I'll take that any day over something that feels like wall paint.

What do you think? Have you tried these Kiss Sticks before?



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