1. SNOE Hair Heroes "Intense PM Repair" || 2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer || 3. Baby Lips Tinted || 4. Liquid Neutrogena Mild Cleanser 

My first empties post yay! Or rather, Mehhh. Which basically sums up what I feel about these products. Click through to know more...

And it's making me sad and want to just lie down whilst staring blankly into space to contemplate how much this song is hitting me to the very embers of my core.

God, can I get more melodramatic than this?

Yes. Yes I can. So here's the song for you all. #allthefeelsintheworld

The lyrics, the melody, the harmony of voices and the fact that they decided that this song be sung by both a female and male is a smart move.

That aside, Ariana Grande is, for lack of better adjectives, the absolute bomb. Gorgeous and talented and gorgeous, did I say that already?

Her whole "look", in my opinion is in complete contrast to the sultriness of her voice. Ever since "The Way ft. Mac Miller" she has been on repeat on my playlist.

Very reminiscent of Mariah Carey when she sings those high notes, she still has something unique to her. Since I can't elaborate on what that "thing" is, let's say a certain "Je ne sais qois" like most people would say when asked to describe something they can't really describe. Not because, they lack the vocabulary, oh no. (Lies)

These two songs are for me the "what if" and "what happened" in the love spectrum. After playing The Way on repeat for a bajillion (Pretty sure that's an actual word) times, what takes its place is Almost is Never Enough ft. Nathan Sykes (Who is Zac-Efron-Hairspray-Movie-pretty-boy-type of handsome) from The Wanted, whom I think is underrated in terms of actual singing prowess, because they each have an amazing set of pipes.

There's actually one more song on loop, very much on the same somber love note I'm currently getting sucked in to, but I'll leave it for another post lest my feels completely get hold of my sanity.

What songs are on loop in your playlist lately?

PS. I don't know if I'll watch the City of Bones, but it does look interesting.