1. Essence - Get Big Lashes (non-waterproof)
One thing's for sure -- The brush was too big for my eyes, or for regular lashes. It also didn't provide the 'volume boost' it claimed for my straight and sparse lashes. I would imagine this working much much better for fuller lashed people who don't need a lot of volume.

It wasn't waterproof too so at the end of the day I'd ponder if I'd put on eyeliner while getting ready.

I'm definitely more a sneakers/boots person. My last kicks I wore to death for a year and a half before it gave out. So I decided it was time for some new ones, apart from the fact that wearing stiff boots most of the time has earned me the nick name - tomb raider, which I don't necessarily mind. It was time to switch it up a bit and wear something a little more comfortable.

It's been a while since I've posted and I finally have a new makeup review to break this stagnant blogging ice. I'll be reviewing this Colour Collection lipstick in Kissmark from sampleroom.ph , a try before you buy site that offers deluxe and full-sized samples bought using points directly from their site.

Colour Collection matte lipstick in Kissmark

This has been in my collection for months or actually a year now I think? And this review is long overdue.