<3<3<3 Some people like him, some people don’t. I’m the former. :)
C’mon, the song is sweet. Look past his Beiber-ness and just listen.
And countdown starts now! Happy Christmas Eve!

2 more days!!! Well…2 and a half.
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Woot! 4 more days!

I love him.

I love her.
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I'll Be Home for Christmas (sad version) by auxprojects
I don’t know who sang this version but it’s very lovely.
Last-Christmas by yukari
Taylor Swift’s version of Last Christmas. <3

Glee Cast - Santa Baby by lucidonline
I've always liked this song. Not only is it almost always sung by women. It’s always sung by GEORGEOUS and SEXY women.

I’ll be posting some Christmas songs everyday until Christmas. Just to make the days more colorful by filling it with awesome music.

Song is by Naya Rivera from (Santana) from Glee! Her voice is luscious. Like velvet.Mmmmm red velvet.

Red Velvet Cake

How about you? What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Comment the link to your post about your favorite Christmas song/s!


Perfect for the sunny weather, if I say so myself.
I am now in the process of deleting my "book/movie review" posts. And deleting other things, to make this blog a beauty/fashion related thing with food and music on the side. No more book reviews or movie reviews.

I'll just make a different blog that caters to books AND movies. Problem solved. *Pats myself on the back*

Now why separate them?

1. Because it's too darn cluttered. My blog is a hodgepodge of shit, so people just pass through it on the net. (That's what I tell myself to answer the question, why do people not comment on what I write?)
2. Because people tend to just search on specific things. It's an SEO thing. I don't wanna elaborate.

So that's it. Astamanana...or sumthin'.
After hearing a certain song a couple of days ago from a friend, I believe it was Don’t let me go, by some rapper, who sampled Lykke Li’s song, Tonight.

Hours later…
I couldn’t make it stop playing in my head. It’s so folksy-indie-Regina Spektor-ey, which I like. Her voice has an eerie-fairy-like quality that makes the lyrics more piercing. The original song itself is very beautiful, but when sampled along with a lyrical twin in the form of a rap, dang, it’s so good.

The Original Song.

I couldn’t find the song I heard from my friend, but I like this much better.


And I actually came across this artist, accidentally. I heard another rapper sample Tonight, but it wasn’t very good. Both the lyrics and the beat. But This.Is.So.Good.Period. Good thing I had patience in searching.
I have all his songs. Downloaded his mixtape and he’s real talented. Very good lyrics and beats. But this song is my ultimate favorite.

“and it’s because of you, we’re the best of friends, so take my heart and my love, and Imma etch you in”


I've always had this penchant for anything classic/retro/old-school. So naturally this would be one of my dream cars, next to the Volkswagen.

The Classic red and Dark blue, would be my top color choice. Last option would probably be black.

Sadly I don't think they sell those here in the Philippines.*Long Sigh*

*Disclaimer: images used are not mine. 

A clutch a day

A clutch a day by csurita featuring an animal print clutch

I never fully appreciated evening clutches or clutches in general until college, when I had to attend evening events and all I had in my arsenal were book bags, Backpacks, Messengers and Gym bags.

I still went to the events but man did I look ridiculous. Especially since I had classes earlier in the day. I hauled my shit to the events and it was a little tiring.Going out partying with friends becomes silly too because I'd be sporting my day-time medium-sized shoulder bags that don't really work well with my "party" outfit.

These are just some of the clutches that caught my eye and I like that it's a boxed, hard-type of clutch lord knows I tend to man-handle my things.

What do you think of these cool-looking clutches? Most are a little "out-there" and "young-ish" but I quite like it. I think anyone of any age can rock these.


I know some of you may think this is kinda’ morbid or pessimistic or some negative shit, but I want my burial song to be this. It’s so nice.

Ma Boy (마보이) by Sistar19 by ctingg
I stopped obsessing over this song over a month ago, then I wanted to hear it again today, and it has been on loop ever since.
Not only are they hot and cute they’re hot.Did I say that already? Well, let me say it again. They’re hot.

Hyorin (Left) & Bora (Right)

Sistar19 is actually a sub-group of Sistar. Yeah. I know. Sub-group? Really? Well, these two stand-out too much I guess, in a good way. I don’t really know much about the “main” group, but what I do know is I like Sistar19 way better. Hyorin & Bora! *fangirling*

Gray skies. Cold winds. The pitter-patter of the rain on the windows and the smell of the wet street. Makes you want to get a blanket and chill by the windowsill, take out your MP3 player or book while chowing down on some *insert comfort food here*.
Cold and wet days and nights are ahead, and what better way to fulfill the soul and warm the tummy than some rainy-day comfort food. Here are my top comfort go-to food to combat or accent this dreary weather.

Tomato Soup with cottage cheese
(At least I think that’s cottage cheese, oh well, it’ll probably taste good anyway)

Good old fashioned Lugaw/Arroz Caldo (Gruel/Porridge) with
Tokwa at Baboy (Tofu and Pork)

My personal preference, Hot English tea with cookies.
Because I feel more like the Queen of England that way.

Churros with hot chocolate dip

Chili with some cornbread

And to top off my list

Vanilla Ice Cream with some milk wafers…mmm brain freeze

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Photos in this post are not mine.
Do you like shopping? Designing? Making magazine layouts? Scrapbooking? Putting outfits together?

What if there’s a site that caters all to what I’ve just mentioned and every single fashion product known to man was there? From purses to make-up and from ready-to-wear to couture, www.polyvore .com is a haven for girls and guys alike who love fashion and simply adore putting outfits together.

What it is, is a one-stop shop for the fashionistas everywhere. You can shop for the items found there or maybe you’re feeling helpful and want to answer some fashion dilemmas posted by other users. If you want prizes or recognition, enter the contests there that get the best set(outfit/layout) all around the globe. There are literally hundreds of contests in Polyvore that you can enter and win! Some contests are even sponsored by famous brands like Lancôme or Alexander McQueen, so keep a sharp look out for those.

I, myself waste…ahem…dedicate my time there to make certain outfits to help me plan or sometimes just plan outfits, just because.

Here are some of my creations:

Sharing is possible if you want the world to see your creations to other sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Polyvore is connected to a lot of other social networking sites and blogs so sharing doesn't get much easier than this.

Don’t get all gangsta on my *ss. I like twilight and all but not to that extent. C’mon Kristen? Seriously? Can’t she act less monotonously? Me thinks she can’t, let us wait till the new installment comes out, but let’s not wait for the inevitable.

How did Twilight save my life, you may ask? Two words. Iron and Wine. I guess, three counting the article. Do you recall the prom scene, when Kristen wore that dress ,that was 4 inches below the knee with leggings?


No? Me neither, but what I do remember was the song that played. It was, for me, by far the sweetest song I would personally love to slow-dance to, any takers?

The lyrics may not make a lot of sense, but hey the melody is beautiful right? After hearing this, I became interested in who Iron and Wine was, thus I compulsively got all their albums; singles, EP’s and studio releases.

If you’re into quiet and/or folksy un-mainstream artists/bands , that are actually kind of perfect for this kind of rainy weather we’re (in the Philippines)  having lately, I strongly recommend Iron and Wine.

Bring out your translators boys and girls, it’s time for a little foreign lesson. *wink* *wink*

So I just read this article on Yahoo. 

Ok fine, I kind of skimmed through it. It's about using your pick-up  lines in your “target’s” language.You might be abroad, for business or for pleasure and happen to chance upon that lovely creature at a bar or café. The thing was that one of the lines, when translated to English was a bit, ballsy. 

Exhibit A

3.What to say: Voglio passare il resto della mia vitta con te.
Language: Italian
What it means: "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

This is a pretty daring and dangerous pick-up line to use. It’s best paired with a ring hidden in your pockets, preferably a cheap trinket that doesn't really fit. If you don’t have a ring, just tie a straw around her finger.
If done right, it comes across as endearing, cheeky and comedic.
If she’s into you, you both will get talking. If she isn't, at least she’ll most likely let you down gently.
However, do use this line with caution. You may never know when a girl will take you too seriously and start planning the wedding.

Now you might want to say this, when you get to know the other person better, like after a couple of dates, because you might come across as creepy when you use it as a first liner. But I guess, if you can pull it off, why not?

Although there were cute ones;

Exhibit B

4. What to say: Wo de guo jia mei yi ge nv ren xiang ni zheme ke ai
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Translation: "My country doesn’t have girls as cute as you."

Chinese people love it when foreigners try to speak Mandarin. The key word being ‘try’ because no number of classes will help you get the intonation of a native speaker.
The success is two-fold. Firstly, the Chinese are generally very forgiving when you fumble with the language. Secondly, you attempt to speak Mandarin lets you come across as cute and adorable.

Exhibit C

5. What to say: Oye, muchacha loca. ¿Y una lección de baile privada?
Language: Spanish
What it means: “Hey, crazy girl. How about a private dance lesson?”

Spanish is ranked the second most widely spoken language with 329 million native speakers. So on top of appealing to a large pool of women, it acknowledges their culture and capability of great dancing.
This pick-up line puts the woman in the position of the knowledgeable educator. Most women find it appealing when a man would put aside his pride and ask for help. This line puts you in a good light, while giving you a reason to spend time with her.

I wouldn't exactly use “crazy”, maybe instead of that you could put “hot” or “beautiful”.

These lines can be used for guys too, just tweak them a bit, you don’t wanna embarrass yourself and call that hot stud a “girl”.

After reading this, I thought, “Well, what about the Philippine women?; How can a foreigner pick up a Filipina?

After not so much thought (a few seconds to be precise), I had the answer. 

To pick up a Filipina girl, use your own language.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the effort, believe me it’s absolutely adorable, but for me, when a foreigner is confident in his own language and can pick me up using that language and not relying on the mere cuteness of attempting to use OUR language, is very refreshing. Like when a Korean guy, starts saying something in Korean to me, then I ask “what?” then he starts explaining and so we live happily ever after…*ahem*, do you get what I mean?

How to decipher what their native language when you ARE not abroad and THEY are, meaning they’re in your “turf” so to speak, it might take a good ear (eavesdrop) or excellent visual training, to tell them apart from other countries. Imagine speaking Spanish, to an Italian woman, total ridicule but if you can turn it around and switch on the charm, you might just avoid the “Sorrys and Excuse Me's, I thought you were (Insert Random Nationality)”

Well if you want to read the full article, here it is: Yahoo Article

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