1. People are free to practice whichever religion they want. (1) (2) (3) (4)

2. You're not supposed to impose or talk about your opinion on your religion or a certain religion/s with anyone. It's typically a thorny path to burned bridges. (1) (2)

3. People are free to express their own opinion or views on things (to a legal degree I suppose).

4. Not everyone is kind, loving and open-minded —Some hate, demean and/or degrade people. (Pretty sure you're not supposed to do that in any religion, but I could be wrong. Anyone?)

5. If you're to follow the bible completely you wouldn't be able to live as you do now in our modern society. (If you're menstruating you're impure! If someone touches you-hand etc.- while you're menstruating then they become impure!)

6. People like to nitpick what's in the bible. (Gays are bad!...but so are a million other things but let's ignore that.)

7. What consenting adults do behind closed-doors (i.e. their bedroom. i.e. sex) is a private matter and should be of no concern to the public other than those involved.

8. Likening people who are gay to animals (or rather worse than animals) is derogatory, bigoted, unkind and uncompassionate.

9. Science (and life) has already proven that animals engage in "gay" sex for pleasure and/or companionship. (1) (2) (3)

10. Being in a position of influence (i.e. politician) tends to mean you look at things in a legal manner not religious manner. (i.e. Separation of Church and State but hey who does that ever in the PH?)

See YouTuber Philip DeFranco's thoughts about the issue in the video below.

Let's talk about Manny Pacquiao saying "gay people are worse than animals."Because WOW...
Posted by Philip DeFranco on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

11. The LGBTQ community with their friends and families are asking for the legal unions. No religion involved necessary. (but if you're okay with it, which I sincerely doubt, that's good too.)

12. Not giving them (LGBTQ) legal rights, as you would other "straight" couples, is dehumanizing and extremely prejudiced against a certain group. (and not to mention bad...just in case you forgot)

13. Being attracted to the same sex does not make you any less of a human being.

14. Saying (or Acting like) that other people are beneath you (non "straight" people) and do not deserve the same rights you have solely based on what sex they find attractive is idiotic to the highest degree.

15. The bible is literally hundreds of years old and should have no bearing in a progressive, fair and modern society.

16. Religion was made by man. (I mean that's pretty self-explanatory in itself but if you need help- here )

17. You shouldn't be wary of people without religion, you should be wary of people who need religion to be good. (I rely on my conscience to do good and be kind. Maybe some people would be lost and turn to illegal activities if their religion were to cease to exist?)

18. A lot (not all) in the bible is degrading and unfair towards women (1) (2) (3)

19. The bible were stories made by people, hundreds of years ago and were deleted, translated, interpreted, rearranged and edited by other people over time. (1)

20. How do you expect to be civilized human beings when you ostracize others for not liking the same things as you? (Are we in Kindergarten? Di tayo bati pag ayaw mo laruan ko!)

I still respect Manny for his craft and his dedication to boxing. He's an amazing boxer no doubt about that. He has represented the Philippines and has often brought us immense pride with his great passion for boxing. And I will probably continue to support him as the boxer, but I cannot upon my good conscience support him when he said that. (Read I have not lambasted nor persecuted him. I respect his religion as I respect any man's religion. I cannot force someone to like something I like. I heard his apology, whether it was sincere or not it was given when it was due and I appreciate it. But I cannot unhear his words and more importantly the words of others who think gay people should be 'converted' by knowing God. Conversion therapy anyone?.)

I know that it's not new. The super-religious-guy-says-something-against-homosexuals is not new. These are just my thoughts. I have no hate towards Catholicism, Christianity or any other religion (unless that religion is reaally messed-up) and no ill will towards people who practice certain religions. I respect yours and I only urge you to keep an open mind and do the same. *sips hot chocolate*


PS. Malamang merong mga pilosopo at sasabihing pano yung mga rapists, pedophiles, mamamatay-tao, magnanakaw etc. Malamang masama yon.
PPS. Civil unions (you know the ones not in church?) help couples with legal benefits in healthcare, insurance, tax breaks and other rights befitting a spouse.
PPPS. But aren't we ALL animals in this world? *thinks deeply while massaging feet*
PPPPS. If you practice any religion (or none) and you do good, help and are kind to other people regardless of their social status, sexual preference, education, race, economic standing etc. then I think you're an amazing human and keep doing what you're doing!

If you're reading this, you're probably not new to the words "Argan Oil". At the very least you've most likely heard it from a YouTuber or read about it in an article online. Using facial oil is a nice addition to your skincare routine. I for one have been using facial oils for over 3 years now. The French and Koreans have lauded its benefits for years and it's particularly important during the Winter months.

"How does it help my skin and what does it do?" You might ask.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is a rare plant oil produced from nut kernels of argan trees which only grow in Morocco. The oil can be ingested and applied topically so it's versatility is as great as its benefits.

The oil contains essential antioxidants like Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E which help treat skin infections and effectively moisturizes it. (source) (source)

Uses of Argan Oil

Apart from culinary uses (make sure the argan you use is culinary/food grade before consuming) it's also popular as a skin treatment for eczema, dandruff, acne (yes!), rashes, infections, bug bites and yes as an all-over moisturizer.

Popular Uses

  1. Face moisturizer
  2. Nail/Cuticle moisturizer
  3. Stretch mark healer
  4. Hair oil/serum/leave-in conditioner
  5. Helps with skin allergies like asthma, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff etc
  6. Heals irritated and dry skin

What properties help with the skin and hair?

Argan oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids, (80% unsaturated fatty acids) The main natural phenols in argan oil are caffeic acid, oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catechol, resorcinol, (−)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin. - Wikipedia

Essential Fatty-Acids - Some natural occuring in our body, decreases over time. Ingestion and topical application helps smooth out skin, moisturize it and aids in skin infections and irregularities.

Vitamin E - Keeps skin elastic, helps lighten brown spots from poor liver function, encourages cell regeneration (source) and improves appearance of scars. (source)

I've been using White Allure's 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil and yes it's legit. Certified Organic. Coldpressed and Vegan, I also like that it's in a glass amber tinted bottle (tinted is essential for Argan Oil) and has a plastic stopper incase of accidental spillage.

It's 1,200 PHP for 100 ml with shipping and I think that's more than reasonable considering you get 100 ml of pure Argan Oil. (I bought an "unpure" one for around 1,500 PHP).

The packaging, box and bottle is nice too. The glass is hefty, granted not the best for travel, but looks so inviting on your vanity table with the amber and gold colours.

How to know if Argan Oil is Pure?

  1. It says 100% Argan Oil. 100% Pure Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
  2. It's in a dark tinted glass bottle, aluminum or stainless steel bottle. Glass should be tinted Amber or Blue/Violet. The best come in dark bottles although some do come in clear glass bottles. It's said that those are "more pure" and "can withstand light", but I'm not certain so it's best to err on the side of caution.
  3. Price is reasonable but not "cheap". It's expensive to make, a few nuts can only make about a couple of drops. That isn't to say the most expensive is the best.

How to know if Argan Oil is Pure? - http://www.arganoilmanila.com

Further Reading


Other Argan Oils I've tried. (here) (here) (here) & (here)


PS. Do you use facial oils? Have you tried this particular brand?
PPS. If you're pregnant please consult your OB or are allergic to fatty acids, vitamin e, please check with your dermatologist first.


Ah K-Beauty (Korean Beauty). Let me write a thousand sonnets on your adorable packaging and efficacy that rival fancy brands on top of being affordable, dare I say cheap. (well some, there are mid-range to high-end K beauty brands).

Etude House, Banila Co., The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Missha, Laneige and Too Cool for School are just some of the Korean brands that have made their mark here in the Philippines as evidenced by their physical stores around the country. There are online focused brands like Purple Tags Ph (About Face Ph) and Beauty MNL that cater to Korean Beauty fanatics like myself.

Thank the hallyu stars for Althea.

This coming February 15, experience the newest beauty destination for beauty lovers in the Philippines. http://ph.althea.kr/


I was a beauty beta tester for Althea (thank you!) and all throughout the process, from making my account, browsing the site, clicking the order button then having it securely (no squished boxes) arrive at my home I can safely attest to its seamlessness. It was very much like if I had ordered on a local beauty website.

It was easy to register. All details of the products are there (yes also the ingredients and amount!)

The only gripe I would say was that a few of the products had wrong product descriptions but as of writing this post they would've probably seen it by now. Everything is still in the testing stage after all.

Good thing the shipping was amazing. I kept track of the whole process through a link they sent (it's of their courier.)

Selling point/s of Shopping at Althea Korea

  • 100% Authentic. They get it straight from the beauty counters. You can even email them if you think what you received has a possibility of being fake.
  • They have unknown brands or brands that we just can't get a hold of here in the PH unless you're okay with waiting for months through facebook and instagram shops.
  • 30 days unconditional returns. If you received it opened, damaged or if it broke you out (yes you actually used it) you can return it within 30 days of purchase. Halleluja.
  • It's shipped from Korea straight.to.your.doorstep. You have no idea how amazing this is for me. I loathe going to the post office after months of waiting (customs keeps it for so long I don't know why) and then being subjected to my opened package. Where the heck are all the x-rays in the country? I received my package on the 8th day from ship-out, excluding weekends.
  • A minimum total of Php 1500 gets you FREE shipping. (taxes and/or shipping would apply for a total less than 1500 and more than 5000. Still waiting for verification from Althea).
  • The prices are almost the same here in the Philippines. Most are reasonable and affordable. But if they're on sale or have promos going on which I believe happens a ton. Then it's almost too affordable to pass up. The deals are that good.

Here's a breakdown of what I chose.

  • Royal Gold 24K Foundation in #23 (7.5 g) - ₱850.00 
Yes it has real 24K gold on top of the foundation. This brand Royal Gold apparently has gold in all of their products. Skincare or makeup. Talk about luxury huh?

  • Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly In Cleansing Cream (150 ml) - ₱400.00
So much cheaper in Althea than at the mall. Even the regular price Php 534 is cheaper than the Php 600 + at the mall.

  • The Face Shop Bright Cleansing Foam (150 ml) - ₱260.00
Made with rice water and moringa oil. Two products I haven't used in my facial wash routine yet. Well I've used rice soap before but not "rice water". That's different right?

  • The Saem Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water (300 ml) - ₱270.00
Yes! I finally get to try a cleansing water. So far I'm liking it. I've read that some would rather get this than Bioderma, which does the same thing, but for a fraction of the price.

  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Type (10 ml) - ₱70.00 each
I got these wash off masks from another brand that's not that widely available in the Philippines - Innisfree. I got Strawberry yogurt for brightening and Apple yogurt for moisture.

  • CP-1 Protein Silk Ampoule - ₱72.00
Yep this works. It's just a leave-in conditioner. Smells good too.

This coming February 15th, they'll be giving 300 credits (Php 300) for every new sign-up! That's basically free money being handed to you. Just sign up. You're welcome.

Apart from the low prices there are also 1+1 deals, Zero Peso Deals and free shipping for Php 1000 spent this during the launch month! So tag your friends share the facebook posts, like the page. This 15th will be big!


PS. I'll see you at the checkout! ;)
PPS. If your loved one missed you/pissed you off on the 14th, here's another way for them to make it up to you. Mwahaha
PPPS. Pero seryoso yang Php 0 deals na yan? Kelangan maging ninja ata ako. Feeling ko mabilis yan mawawala haha.


If you're interested in beauty, fashion and art, you'll know that this year's Pantone colour(s) are Serenity (A light periwinkle blue) and Rose Quartz (A muted carnation).

Following my first dress pick (here) for Valentines' in collaboration with dress.ph I chose the most sought after dress colour of the year. Surprisingly the fashion world (as far as retail) hasn't churned out a tonne of Rose Quartz inspired garbs. Which is a shame since quite a few people are actually looking for it, even going to the tailor to have one custom made for that specific colour.

I admit it's really pretty. The two colours are very spring-summer appropriate, especially this one.

This particular dress is (in my opinion) sexy. In contrast to the "sweet" and "calm" pink hue, the cut, style and embellishment with the zipper takes off some of the saccharine appeal that the shade naturally emulates.

Cocktails and (dinner) date appropriate this can also be transformed for more meeting-appropriate scenarios by using maybe a white fitted turtleneck, black tights and black mary-janes. Not everyone's cup of tea but I know some can pull it off.

The price is the most surprising because it's PHP 5867 but currently on sale for PHP 628. That's a pretty big discount don't' you think? Comes in S M and L. Another good news, payment is secured by Paypal and everything on the site is returnable within 30 days.

What do you think of the dress? Definitely for a fancier date but even if you're going to the movies or whatever it's okay if you dress up! It's your body. It's your date. As long as you have fun and you feel good :)


Disclaimer : Sponsored post. But words and thoughts are the blog's as always. As per from manila with love blog's policy only relevant products, thoughts, ideas, events, etc will be presented which means the companies' from manila with love blog work with are also heavily scrutinized.

Website : http://dress.ph/


The tulip brush or tulip sponge is not the newest thing in Korea but as you know the rest of the world is having a cosmetic crush on them at the moment so everything they've loved for eons ago we're only just getting a taste of recently.

To be honest this product was introduced around 2011 so not necessarily new but not as old as the snake and snail/venom-infused skincare they've been slathering on for years.

Like I've mentioned in the title, it's like a paddle (traditional foundation brush) + makeup sponge hybrid. And yes, it does look weird (-cute). I mean look at it.


The sponge itself is the typical latex sponge so if you're wondering about the texture it's nothing like the beauty blender but it's smooth and soft so you can rest easy. You can wet it or not it doesn't matter because it doesn't expand. It's used like any other latex sponge, so you smooth/spread it onto skin then afterwards you can bounce it to push the product more onto the skin and/or get rid of streak marks.

I didn't know I could pull out the sponge for cleaning so I kind of manhandled the first time I washed it - which explains the tear at the base :(. Cleaning is also easy. You just pop out the sponge from the plastic base handle and wash it just like any other sponge.


Because of the shape and the "petals" it's easier to reach the sides of the nose, under the eyes and around the mouth. 

The plastic handle at the base also makes it very sanitary for people who don't like the regular sponges that you need to hold with your bare hands —this is a nice alternative.


It's a little odd at first but I get the idea behind it but I like my "beauty blenders" more. I do enjoy the petals, it does a great job of reaching the crevices of my face.

It's not bad at all, I'm just more used to the regular sponge blenders. I think makeup artists would find this particular sponge extremely useful though for their gigs because of the handle.

You can get this at AboutFacePh for Php 449 and Zalora.ph for Php 359 (ON SALE!).

What do you think of this sponge? Would you try it? I think it's better than the lollipop looking ones, you know with the long brush handles and sponge on top. With those you can't take out the sponge and I heard they don't last long.


PS. This came with the chok-chok lip tint glosses that I also received from Purpletags.ph. Thanks Trixie!


Oh yes Valentine's Day. Where flowers are more expensive than usual and there are tonnes of chocolate and bear promotional items everywhere. Perfect excuse to date your loved one whether they're your lover, parents, siblings or friends. Or, better yet, go out and have fun with yourself by yourself. It's ALL GOOD! (If it's a Tinder date, that's cool too. No hate here.)

I teamed up with dress.ph to give you two dress picks if you're looking to wearing a dress for this heavily marketed "holiday" (can you see my eyes roll? I don't really buy into this special day tbh, but to each their own).

First up is a (LWD) Little White Dress number when you just don't feel like being your normal black-clad self for this cherubic day.

It's a very versatile cut and style I think. The halter style drawstring neckline  and the length is a little more fun and casual than the usual floor-length or mid-length number. With the right accessories this can go from casual to formal easily.

Throw on a black tailored blazer and black closed pumps or stilettos and voila. The black lace trim at the front give it a little more texture and break-up all the white. And add a little "something-something" to the dress, you know what I mean right? The key-hole back detail is pretty and sexy as well.

Available in S M L XL. Originally priced at Php 3989, on sale for Php 609. Subscribing to dress.ph also allows you to get coupon codes to further reduce your total. With secure payments via PayPal and express shipping, payment and delivery is assured by the company within 3-5 days.

Purchase your first dress this February while they're on sale!


Disclaimer : Sponsored post. But words and thoughts are the blog's as always. As per from manila with love blog's policy only relevant products, thoughts, ideas, events, etc will be presented which means the companies' from manila with love blog work with are also heavily scrutinized.

Website : http://dress.ph/

There's not a lot of women's support groups regarding business and entrepreneurship. Or at least they're not as visible. Yes there are ones that are modeled for the general public but they don't "get" the nuances of being a woman and subsequently a woman entrepreneur and may lack the appropriate mentorship, nudge and training some women need.

That's the number one goal of WINGS — to meet like-minded women entrepreneurs and create a positive dynamic team within a nurturing group of professionals for personal growth, business benefits ...and more.

Ava De Guzman - Founder and Director of Bridge of Hope and Wings. Based in California.

WINGS (Women's International Network Giving Support) is an organization of empowered women entrepreneurs and professionals locally and abroad that understand the values of collaboration for enhancing business acumen for financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.

WINGS organization as a whole aims to provide foundational and authentic support to all members including five important resources: Community, Recommendations, Mentorship, Team Support, and Power Partners. As a program of Bridge of Hope - World, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization helping single mothers, abused women, and orphans in the poorest communities worldwide, WINGS will impart and teach the values of philanthropy or charitable giving for common good-will as well as the business credibility edge it brings.

The lovely Ella (who painstakingly made the event run smoothly) kindly invited me to their official launch in the Philippines at Chardonnay by Astoria.

Raw and organic food. Organic body care and handcrafted accessories were available for the attendees.

Everyone was treated to great awe-inducing, heroic, touching and very personal stories of how the speakers' do what they do and what they went through to get where they are now. Believe me their stories were staggeringly incredible to say the least especially Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius's (went to the US from Japan by herself at 20 with a few dollars in her pocket and not a lick of English) and Janet Belarmino's (went through very rigorous training to climb Mount Everest 3 MONTHS after giving birth).
 Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius renowned and seasoned Psychologist, Author and Personal Coach based in California.
From left : Janet Belarmino (Most sought after inspirational speaker in Asia and one of the first women in the world to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Based in the Philippines.) and Elaine Leung (Served as the VP of Marketing and Business Development of a successful global IT Consulting firm where she increased revenue from $12 million to $25 million in one year in key growth markets such as healthcare and biotech. Based in California)

Here are some helpful links :
  • To see if you have a Wings Chapter in your area or if you yourself want to apply as an ambassador click (here) and to become a member click (here).
  • If you just want to observe first there's an upcoming event in Quezon City via this Facebook group (here) Psst...Mention this blog so they know where you got the info ;)

"Commemorative Photo!"


PS. She climbed a snowy mountain complete with snow storms 3 MONTHS after giving birth. MIC DROP. And Dr. Michiyo got on a boat (from Japan) with change as travel money and whatever she could carry on her back to make a life in the US while barely speaking English. Did I tell you she studied by translating every single English word in her books and classmate's notes to Japanese using a dictionary just so she could understand the day's lesson? MIC STAND DROP.