1. Never ever go when it's a public holiday, the weekend...
...and PEAK SEASON at well known places

The number one rule I follow when going on any type of outing is that it should not be on a public/regular holiday and NEVER the peak season (unless you don't want to relax and just want to party). We did that on a trip to a beach camping site at Nagsasa, Zambalez and the cherry on top? The following day was also a weekend. So it was close to a 12-13 hr drive from Manila just to the docks excluding the boat trip to the actual campsite.

2. Pick a good spot
Ideally somewhere with good ventilation, where the surrounding perimeter of your tent has moving air/breeze. Usually that's the spot right near the entrance of the camp site, sometimes it's at the very end.

x We were placed on the inner parts of the camp spot (where it was cramped and near the bathrooms and wash area) and were surrounded by breeze deterrents like tents, shacks and kubos. Needless to say we woke up drenched in sweat on top of already existing sweat dripping down our sticky bodies.

3. Find the beauty and enjoy yourself
Despite things not going to plan and wishing things differently, my last and most important rule to live by is still have fun. Let go of the things that already happened and find ways to actually turn things around to your pleasure.

Long ass drive because of unimaginable bumper to bumper snail's pace traffic? - Take pictures. Have conversations about anything. Take naps. Literally anything to take your mind off the traffic because there's no use getting mad.
Cramped area? -You'll be forced to walk around and explore the place.
Sweating profusely?- You'll get the toxins out of your body (just make sure to hydrate and drink a lot of water)

While this wasn't the ideal first-time beach camping I've envisioned I quite enjoyed myself because first of all, it was a place I haven't been before. Secondly, this trip was arranged together by a loved one as a late birthday gift to me and thirdly I knew for a fact that the 'negative' aspects of the outing wasn't the end all be all of the whole experience. The trip was so much more than bad locations, small tents and sweaty clothes. In the end I'm honest-to-goodness glad I experienced it because it made the trip that much more memorable. (yeah bold, italicized and underlined for extra emphasis)

That isn't to say I will go out and willingly book escapades during peak season, weekends and/or public holidays at well-known tourist spots but if I do for god knows whatever reason, I'd just have to be smarter about it. :)

Have you experienced hiccups during your trip/s?


The search can never really be over for that perfect nude with that perfect finish. Hopefully in a perfect price point. Careline's uber pocket-friendly (size and price) Kiss Sticks might just be the answer to that.

The whole line is geared towards teens to young adults so the packaging is a little less sophisticated and the vibe is very young, fun and juvenile. But definitely not the cutesy 'play' makeup packaging that makes you feel like you're 9. Been there, done that. So over it.

The twist pen type of product delivery is reminiscent of those crayola twist-up crayons and Colourpop's lippie stix. They also have a sharpener at the end that I haven't used yet, but will definitely come in handy.

I find this type of layout easier to apply and get cleaner lines. They also take up less space in your makeup bag. I got the 3 colours that are 'safer' to use everyday in terms of outfit and makeup coordination.

Consistency | Finish

These kiss sticks are marketed as having great pigment and matte finish. And I agree. The consistency is creamy but not overly soft like it's just going to melt and slip on your lips. Compared to the VICE lipticks I reviewed, those were a little waxy, these are on the creamier side.

As someone with dry lips this is actually very comfortable to wear despite the 'matte' finish and doesn't make my lips any drier throughout the day. A little exfoliation before lippie application would benefit most lipsticks that I have, but truth be told that's an extra step I don't really find necessary for everyday. Lol.

Just better is a pale nude baby pink, while Lucid is a little deeper and has a little more brown to it. Pinch is more 'rusty' and appears more 'red' on my swatch but on my lips it appears more like a dusty deep rose.

These I find really nice for everyday and at P180 a piece this is pretty solid lip option. Plus they don't destroy your budget when you buy 2 at a time. Try to buy them on sale! I got two of the colours for P99/each.

Note : I used lipbalm so the inner lips aren't coloured. The lippie is a little sheerer if you have something on your lips so put lipbalm on then wipe it all off when it's been hydrated properly before putting on any kind if lipstick.

Longevity | Pigmentation

The matte lip trend is not a trend anymore and a beauty staple to this hot and humid country of ours. While I do appreciate a matte lip look, I don't necessarily like the way it feels. Some I've tried are super drying and make your lips look like crust city. Others are cute but once you drink a little and/or eat they fade from existence. This on the other hand while it does transfer yes, it's really comfortable to wear and doesn't suck the life out of my lips. I'll take that any day over something that feels like wall paint.

What do you think? Have you tried these Kiss Sticks before?



NEWLIFE or NEWLIFE Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic specializes in offering safe and advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures for everyone.

Become a model for NEWLIFE

NEWLIFE is in search for two new Angels, one female and on male to receive free cosmetic procedures specially catered to their needs and become the new addition to their growing NEWLIFE Angel family.

How do I apply to be a NEWLIFE Angel?

Stage 1 : Wait for the official announcement on how to apply.
The announcement will be made their website social media pages here:

So make sure you're following their socials!
The application process will run from July 8-15, 2019.

UPDATED : Application on their site here : https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/

Stage 2 : The Selection Process
After submitting your application, create a post on your Facebook account using the hashtags: #NewlifeAngel and #NewlifeAngelMovement. Don’t forget to add this link on your post: https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/
Sample Post: I joined the Search for #NewlifeAngels because I believe and support the advocacies of the #NewlifeAngelMovement. Visit this link to find out more about the contest: https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/

STAGE 3 : The Battle Round
The second round officially begins on August 15, 2019. In this stage, the photos of the TOP 40 contenders will be published on our official Facebook Page. The next round is a popularity contest where the TOP 40 go head-to-head against each other for likes, comments and shares on their respective photos.

The candidate gets 10 votes for every share made on their photo and 7 votes for every comment posted. Emoji reactions will be valued as follows: heart (6 votes), like (5 votes), wow (4 votes), laugh (3 votes), sad (2 votes), and angry (1 vote).

The result of the votes shall form 50% of the total score. The remaining 50% will come from the panel of judges – the #PremierNewlifeAngels.

The Battle Round will run from August 15-30, 2019.

STAGE 4: The BIG Reveal
The winners of the Search for NEWLIFE Angels will be announced on August 31, 2019. The announcement will be made on our social media accounts.

Are you joining?


7th Floor Centuria Medical Makati Century City Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines

cover colourette review
Lip tints are the ultimate versatile beauty product. Most tints in the market today can be used on the eyes, lips and even cheeks. They're also decidedly more welcoming to makeup newbies than the standard bullet lipstick and liquid lip.

Enter Colourette Cosmetics. Ever since their conception they've continuously produced products that are not only affordable to beauty enthusiasts but are at par with other local and even international contenders.

Housed in this quirky nail polish-like tube the Colourtint's ...well tint is suspended in oil that has to be shaken vigorously prior to use.

The shades in my vanity : (left to right) Lola, Kira, Thalia (and Old Thalia) and Liv.

One thing unique for me about this tint is the brush applicator and the nail polish-like tube. It's different and kitschy especially the fun stares you get when they think you're putting on nail polish on your lips.

Sadly, it's not as travel-friendly as one would like. There have been issues with the tint spilling due to screwing it too tight or not enough. So the best way is to just keep it always upright and don't screw on the lid tightly.

Consistency | Finish

As I've mentioned, you have to shake this vigoruously before using to mix the powder pigment and oil togethe or else they'll be just chunks of powder patchily on your lips.

The Colourtint line has two finishes, fresh and matte. The original line only had matte finishes, following its success Colurette released a new 'lighter' 'mlbb-finish' under the Fresh line.

Liv, is the only one I have in the Matte line.

Both variants of our Colourtints include beeswax and argan oil.

The finish for both Fresh and Matte though, on my lips tend to be the same as I have perpetually dry lips. So always exfoliate and moisturize before using regardless of the finish you purchase.

Longevity | Pigmentation

Despite being suspended in oil, it doesn't give you that 'lechon-lips' or lip gloss poppin look. These hug the lips more (if lips are properly prepped and hydrated). As advertised, the colours are vibrant and true-to-color on the tube.

These are definitely blendable and extremely pigmented so a little does go a very long way. Be careful when applying to areas other than your lips, as one tiny drop tends to be more than enough for the cheeks and even less for the eyes.

As for longevity, yes it does last long. 100% but there will be bleeding and transfer when you eat something, oily or not. That being said, the pigment is strong enough to stain your lips barely taking pigment off, unless you really try.

Do I Recommend?

As a convert from most drying Korean lip tints (I SEE YOU TONY MOLY and ETUDE), these are better in terms of texture and finish. Supporting a local Philippine made brand by a very young entrepreneur is always a plus. Their whole branding of conventional and unconventional Filipina beauty, breaking the 'beauty standards' and their staunch support of makeup being for literally everyone - what isn't to love?

Yes, traveling will always be daunting because of potential spillage BUT the pros outweigh the cons in my book.

Have you tried this brand or their tints? Let me know!


Netflix has been on the highest of highs lately ever since the crime documentaries have been "flying off the shelves" and they've hit a sweet spot again (in my heart) with the darkly funny, nihilistic, sardonic, time travelesque, deadly gem of a show which asks the question of "If you had the chance to relive your day what would you do differently?".

And it's not just that, this show is multi-layered adressing life and death, religion, sex, love, control, trauma, mental health etc.

Nadia is a 36 year old game programmer who unfortunately died during her 36th birthday party and keeps on dying to relive the same damn birthday. The episodes (so far) show how she tackles getting stuck in a loop, why the loop is there in the first place, how to get out of it and navigating her past and present relationships to everyone around her to top it off.

Natasha Lyonne was easily one of my favorite characters in OINTB and her take on Nadia is no less a stellar piece of acting- She is the star of the show and she shows it. PLUS she's one of the producers along with Amy Poehler! If that isn't enough to get you watching I don't know what will.

Spoilers ahead

What sets it apart from an otherwise an 'Edge of tomorrow' premise are that it's more somber, human, personal. There's basically a lot more complexity in it's characters and the lead's stories and like I said tackles the supernatural and or time travel and death interestingly.

I like that Nadia jumps over the usual 'leading lady trope'. She's not this slim/slender devastatingly attractive woman (not that she isn't gorgeous 'coz she is Hello! American Pie anyone?) with a penchant for trouble and 'daddy/mommy issues' .

She's this intelligent, uncoordinated, trouble-magnet, wordly, realistic woman...with mommy issues. and doesn't have to ultimately 'change' or give up her crass, bratty self to discover more about her or be better at her relationships. Which like I said makes it more relatable. Because people don't just change in a snap for other people.

This is one show you should definitely watch. I'm on the lookout for Season 2 as I type this down.

Sweet birthday baby,

Google just unveiled their landing art celebrating women this March 8th and it is all kinds of stunning. Partnered with gorgeous animated typography are the words of wisdom of various notable women from around the globe.

Take a peek yourself! Here are my favorites!


I've heared the term 'Madame Butterfly' before in the context of someone being a 'lady of the night' or someone who is mysterious and alluring but I didn't really know its origins.

First published as a novel it has been revived, re-imagined, redone and has served as general inspiration for other novels, movies, operas and plays like Miss Saigon and David Henry Hwang’s M.Butterly

And now because of Jhett Tolentino and FRONTROW Entertainment , Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu, Davao, Manila and Baguio will have the pleasure of experiencing the three time Tony Award winning dramatic and moving spectacle for Best Play, Best Feature Actor and Best Director.

Synopsis: René Gallimard is a member of the French embassy in China. René is mild mannered and considers himself to be poor with women. He meets and falls in love with Chinese opera star Song Liling, a woman whom he considers to be the embodiment of the perfect woman, Madame Butterfly. But when West meets East, everything is not what it seems…. #Frontrow #MButterfly

The M. BUTTERFLY National Tour 2019 was made to bring the world-class masterpiece to those who did not have the opportunity to catch its 2018 Manila run. After all, location should not limit one’s exposure to the arts and culture.

Photo by Raymond Isaac | image from whatishappening.com

I really want to see this as I find the plot extremely interesting and paints a look at how westerners/europeans view people in the asian regions during those time (dare I say even now). Also the fact that *spoiler* the leading man falls in love with a man in drag, as most plays during that time are played by an all male cast.

Cast of M.Butterfly

Rs Francisco - Song Liling
Aira Igarta - Song Liling (Alternate)
Olivier Borten - Rene Gallimard
Jenine Desiderio - Helga Gallimard
Norm Mcleod - Manuel Toulon
Lee O’brian - Marc (Rene's Bestfriend)
Mayen Estañero - Suzuki, Comrade Chin and Shu Fang
Maya Encila - Renee
Jasmin Salvo - Opera Singer
Pheith Iena Ballug, Ullyses Basa, Sasa Cabalquinto, Franco Ferrer and John Paul Ortenero - Kurugo

The artistic team of M. Butterfly are as follows: Jhett Tolentino and RS Francisco (Producers), Ohm David (Set), Eric Pineda (Costume), John Batalla (Lighting), Jethro Joaquin (Sound), Joed Balsamo (Music) and Carissa Adea (Choreography).

M.Butterfly National Tour Beneficiaries

The M. BUTTERFLY NATIONAL TOUR 2019 will benefit 10 charitable institutions namely: Iloilo Prima Galaw, Philippine National Red Cross Iloilo Chapter, The Children of Cebu Foundation, Silliman University Culture and Arts Council, the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Love the Children Foundation, House of Hope Foundation, Halfway Home for the Boys and St. Louis University Culture and Arts Center.


VENUE: SM City Iloilo Cinema 6
Feb. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Feb. 15 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Luce Auditorium, Silliman University
Feb. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 01 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 02 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 03 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE : SM Seaside City Centerstage
Mar. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 15 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: SM Lanang Premier Cinema 6
Mar. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 29 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 30 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 31 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Maybank Performing Arts Theater
May 8 – Wednesday – Opening Night – 8pm
May 9- Thursday – 8pm
May 10 – Friday – 8pm
May 11 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 12 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm
May 15 – Wednesday – 8pm
May 16 – Thursday – 8pm
May 17 – Friday – 8pm
May 18 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 19 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm

VENUE: St. Louis University
May 30 – Thursday – Opening Night 7pm
May 31 – Friday – 7pm
Jun. 1 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Jun. 2 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

Ticket merchants

ILOILO, DAVAO, CEBU, BAGUIO – SM Tickets at any SM Mall nationwide or online at SMTickets.com

DUMAGUETE – Culture and Arts Council Office, Silliman University through contact nos. (035) 422-4365, (0917) 300-0346, (0999) 797-7825

MANILA – TicketWorld through contact no. (02) 891-9999 or ticketworld.com
The ticket prices vary per city between P500 to P2,000 plus taxes and fees.


Facebook: /MButterflyPH
Twitter: @MButterflyPH
YouTube: MButterflyPH
For further inquiries, please contact JHETT TOLENTINO at (0906) 576-6914.