Not exactly a "spree" but these were totally unplanned.

I've actually been wanting to try these as per urging of the beauty community (cuuuuurrseeee youuuu!!!). Don't you just hate that you buy something you really didn't plan on buying but then still love that you bought it? (That love-hate kind of relationship, is it just me?)

I've used a beauty soap from snoe before that didn't agree with me. It really broke me out bad! I thought I was just purging, but after a month it wasn't going anywhere. My skin started to behave immediately after I stopped using the soap. I don't remember the type but it's colored yellow and smells citrus-ey, like lemon? It was supposedly for acne/pimple prone skin (which I also have, among other things).

But I'm hoping this'll work, fingers crossed.

I'm really excited to try these things especially the argan oil-infused hair heroes! My hair has been thirsty for ages and I'm hoping this will help revive it. If this works I'll definitely get the conditioner!

Any recent impulsive buys lately? Share!!!

1. Naked 2 Palette // 2. Lorac Pro Palette // 3. Nyx Nude on Nude // 4. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I am going crazy. I seriously am. I'm not much of an eye-shadow person but these palettes are so beautiful. And being a novice makeup err, enthusiast, these neutral shades suit me to a T.

I'm thinking of getting me a nice neutral palette that I can play with; pretty neutral colors that are are a dream to blend and something I can possibly keep forever (so pigmentation is a big deal). These are just the palettes that are at the top of my list based on my research that checks off these points.

  • + Smooth/Creamy/Not so powdery
  • + Mix of satin/shimmer and matte
  • + All shades work well together
  • + Highly pigmented
  • + Blends like a dream
  • + Compact/Doesn't have a wide array of choices and not too little (You know what I mean?)
  • + Perfect for beginners and pros
  • + Pretty packaging (I like 'em pretty)

And I can't seem to choose just one. They all offer something slightly different but all are very pretty everyday shades.

A review on the two primers that I currently own: One promises a baby-butt-smooth base while the other, a mineral-infused one promises to make your makeup last longer.

(was it baby-butt though? or just baby smooth? some babies are rough though so…) Read more nonsense like this after the jump!