Hey Hey Hey! Unsure of how to pull-off a sheer blouse at work? If you're at a conservative office environment, certain clothes are a no-no ( Flip-Flops, Sandals, Slingbacks, Clear shoes, Expadrilles ) and it can be a bit constricting with certain trends that you're only allowed to try at weekends/nightouts/dinners. So here I am with a look that is work appropriate and  safe. Read the post after the jump!

Sheer Clear

Have you heard of the old wives tales from your superstitious mom or aunt of using toothpaste for pimples or that shaving makes your hair thicker/darker ? Which are really true and which are just myths? Well keep on reading to find out which is which.

There's no amount to how much I love this! Pixie Lott and Korean singers GD & TOP of BIGBANG.

woman putting on mascara

Note: Trust me, this is from experience.

Now as some of you know, usually mascara can only be used for 4-6 months as it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Since mascaras have a liquid consistency and you use it on your eyes then put it back in the tube, certain kinds of bacteria may be thriving in there. And if you find it's kinda smelling a little funky, you better toss it. It's not worth the risk.

But if you find that you still have plenty of mascara , hasn't hit the mark of 6 months and isn't smelling like feet but is getting a little clumpy here's what to do to extend it for a few more uses before you buy a new tube.