Love the shoes and the trench

Hello from the very cool (literally) China. Or rather Ni Hao! Yes, if you're wondering, I'm blogging from Guangzhou, China right now and my nails have never looked more dead. (THIS PLACE IS FREEZING MY TOES OFF)

Last time I showed you some "Cool Guy Outfits from Japan" now it's the girls' turn.

Red and knee-high socks
Paparazzi-proof. Or paparazzi-magnet? I mean just look at those red cuties.

I mostly like her hair

I've rocked this look a few times before, just hate it when people assume it's cosplay

Love the textured sweater on the right and beige socks

Both are too cute for words
What are your favorites from the pictures? Care to share?

P.S. Might do a travel makeup/beauty bag. I did bring quite a number of things. :) What do you think?

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I love making wishlists {and dream boards}. I think they're a good thing to do when you have some certain goals/dreams you want to achieve, it helps when you make them and immortalize them in one way or another. Not to mention it makes for a good blog post every now and then. *ahem*
Plus it's always fun to see {at least for me} what others are coveting lately, be it fashion, home improvement or something beauty related.

I just had one light colored jean since forever, I don't have it anymore which was why I thought of picking another one up because it makes for a variety in outfit choices if I had at least one again that's light-colored/acid-washed. Despite the thickness of my thighs and against the advice of most fashion articles {large thighs/legs should avoid white/light colored bottoms} I think I wear it quite well. Anyone can wear it well to be honest. Finding the right cut and right color is the key.

Lately it's been getting cooler and cooler, I sometimes just leave the windows open and snuggle against my pillows. I personally think this is the perfect weather for dressing up so I've been drawn to jumpers/sweaters. Choosing other colors other than gray, black and shades of white proved to be quite the challenge for me but I think I did well in incorporating the blue floral number, which I think is really beautiful against the dreary weather and can be dressed-up or down.

The other two gray jumpers are amusing to me. Type-designed tops are great conversation starters especially ones that pose a question, are funny or unbelievable stupid.

Jeepers Creepers! {Dang, how long was it since I last saw Scooby Doo? The original version.---they've rebooted it and I think the original's art and story-line were way cooler} These creepers have been on my shoe list since FOR-fucking-EVER. And the ones that I've seen here are too small and too common. Nothing exceptional about the material and/or design so I will continue scouting for them. I swear on the blood of my ancestors---I will have them!

Don't you think this Moschino bucket bag just seals the deal? Black+Chains+Red piping=Heaven {Reading the equation again, it's actually the formula to another place, but I digress}
What has been on your wishlist lately?

Because there's been a huge interest in makeup lately or anything beauty related, partly (or mostly in my opinion) because of beauty "YouTubers" or Beauty Vloggers. I think it's pretty nice that a lot of women are not afraid to go out with a heavily made-up face because they consider it an extension of their whole look which is one of makeup's uses really. Youth is a time for experimentation after all....or at least I certainly think so. And besides it's your life. Nobody's dying just because you put eyeshadow on.

Unless it's electric blue. On your whole lid. In broad daylight.

Then count me paralyzed.

Moving on, I'm actually thinking of selling brushes. I posted a picture on Instagram (@manilawithlove) a few days back and if you're from the Philippines, would get one for yourself?

Or as a gift perhaps? Christmas is looming. (I used looming because I'm not particularly excited about the fact that it's almost Christmas) 

I will price it appropriately of course. (I got yo back ;) ) 

Do let me know if you're interested.

I also posted a picture of my old Victoria's Secret bag. Details in my instagram account. I'm selling it for Php100 because I want to get rid of some stuff and that's the first thing I saw. Shipping is probably pricier than this bag. 

PS. It's authentic. Got it from the States. If you're interested I can send some sexy inside shots of the bag as well.

PPS. It's used. Or rather "pre-loved". Missing some glitters. Yes, big chunks not the craft kind of glitters. But it just looks like the bag's pattern. All stitching is still there. No holes. Doesn't smell funky.  Etc etc. 

Call me ;)

or just email me. I'd rather you email me/instagram me. I was just trying to be flirty there...


Don't ask me. I do weird things.
1. SNOE Hair Heroes "Intense PM Repair" || 2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer || 3. Baby Lips Tinted || 4. Liquid Neutrogena Mild Cleanser 

My first empties post yay! Or rather, Mehhh. Which basically sums up what I feel about these products. Click through to know more...

And it's making me sad and want to just lie down whilst staring blankly into space to contemplate how much this song is hitting me to the very embers of my core.

God, can I get more melodramatic than this?

Yes. Yes I can. So here's the song for you all. #allthefeelsintheworld

The lyrics, the melody, the harmony of voices and the fact that they decided that this song be sung by both a female and male is a smart move.

That aside, Ariana Grande is, for lack of better adjectives, the absolute bomb. Gorgeous and talented and gorgeous, did I say that already?

Her whole "look", in my opinion is in complete contrast to the sultriness of her voice. Ever since "The Way ft. Mac Miller" she has been on repeat on my playlist.

Very reminiscent of Mariah Carey when she sings those high notes, she still has something unique to her. Since I can't elaborate on what that "thing" is, let's say a certain "Je ne sais qois" like most people would say when asked to describe something they can't really describe. Not because, they lack the vocabulary, oh no. (Lies)

These two songs are for me the "what if" and "what happened" in the love spectrum. After playing The Way on repeat for a bajillion (Pretty sure that's an actual word) times, what takes its place is Almost is Never Enough ft. Nathan Sykes (Who is Zac-Efron-Hairspray-Movie-pretty-boy-type of handsome) from The Wanted, whom I think is underrated in terms of actual singing prowess, because they each have an amazing set of pipes.

There's actually one more song on loop, very much on the same somber love note I'm currently getting sucked in to, but I'll leave it for another post lest my feels completely get hold of my sanity.

What songs are on loop in your playlist lately?

PS. I don't know if I'll watch the City of Bones, but it does look interesting.

Remember those times when you scraped your knee or had an accident with hot water or just had a bad case of dry patches or just about anything and your Grandma/Mother used to say just put this on immediately...

No? Well then you're like me. I've only learned about this when my mom came back from a trip. She bought this despite not knowing what the heck it was for. So I put on my Nancy Drew wig and proceeded to investigate. (via google, I'm the 2.0 version. Gotta keep up with the times!)

Hi! How are all of you during this lovely weather? *sarcasm*

Just wanted to make a quick post about these grossly amazing products.

I have been blessed with acne-prone, roscacea induced, acidic, dry-combination and not to mention sensitive skin. Even if I use the mildest of mild cleansers, one wrong trigger, say, prolonged dust/pollution exposure/using the wrong skin care product/makeup ingredient, only once and my skin instantly, and I mean instantly flares up, turns read and/or get little white-heads or red itchy bumps.

For curing acne, I can only tolerate a small amount of Salicylic acid and I'm allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide so it's tricky to choose the right acne cure, among other things.

While using these for 5 of days, ( this supposedly was to last me 2 weeks according to the assistant. Sure. The moisturizer lasted longer though, maybe 3 more days. ) I didn't experience any flare-ups, itchiness and new bumps. It's extremely mild and the moisturizer felt cooling on my skin. Made it matte too.

The ONE thing that impressed me with this was when I looked in the mirror one day, right after washing my face with the gel cleanser was that my pores were pushing out the whiteheads on my cheeks.

GROSS I know.

But absolutely amazing. I've never encountered that with any skin regimen I followed or any skin product I've used. I was totally grossed out in a good way.

Sadly it's WAY out of the confines of my pocket. One bottle apparently costs around Php 1,500 (~$26 at Kiehl's website) if I'm not mistaken and for 100 ml or so, it's just not my style to spend so much on one product.

Damn it.

Let me just stick to gentle cleansers, change my sheets every 2 weeks, rinse my towels 10 f*cking times so there's no soap residue and be extremely vigilant in choosing products. Or suck it up and go to Kiehl's periodically to live off of their samples.

Damn it.

I just love guys who dress well. Period. I admire a guy who's not confined to his T-shirt + Jeans + Sneakers combo. Although I do admit a fondness to casual-sporty-esque outfits or rather, creative recreational outfits for guys, I tend to tip my hat more to the adventurous kind who play and discover the style that suits them best. Who also have an appreciation to classic, basic and tailored pieces. ;)

The coat plus the pop of red || The tan blazer with checks and tan shoes.
The necklace and tattoo.

What is it with Japanese men or just the Japanese in general that makes them pull-off theoretically fashionable outfits? By theoretically fashionable, I mean fashion styles/outfits that only look good in theory or in sketches but when worn, can invariably raise some eyebrows. If I see this outfit worn here, it'll just look ridiculous. Shorts + Tights? On a guy? I don't mean to sound rude and pull-out the double standard card but, no. Ditch the shorts and we're good to go. But he just pulls it off fantastically. And that necklace is LOVE.

The jacket and the shoes.
The purple scarf || The polka dotted pants with the green parka.

Final edits by me. 
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Initial Reaction : How come I've never seen this salon before?
(Azta Urban Salon - Eastwood Branch)

*Picture heavy post*

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Not exactly a "spree" but these were totally unplanned.

I've actually been wanting to try these as per urging of the beauty community (cuuuuurrseeee youuuu!!!). Don't you just hate that you buy something you really didn't plan on buying but then still love that you bought it? (That love-hate kind of relationship, is it just me?)

I've used a beauty soap from snoe before that didn't agree with me. It really broke me out bad! I thought I was just purging, but after a month it wasn't going anywhere. My skin started to behave immediately after I stopped using the soap. I don't remember the type but it's colored yellow and smells citrus-ey, like lemon? It was supposedly for acne/pimple prone skin (which I also have, among other things).

But I'm hoping this'll work, fingers crossed.

I'm really excited to try these things especially the argan oil-infused hair heroes! My hair has been thirsty for ages and I'm hoping this will help revive it. If this works I'll definitely get the conditioner!

Any recent impulsive buys lately? Share!!!

1. Naked 2 Palette // 2. Lorac Pro Palette // 3. Nyx Nude on Nude // 4. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I am going crazy. I seriously am. I'm not much of an eye-shadow person but these palettes are so beautiful. And being a novice makeup err, enthusiast, these neutral shades suit me to a T.

I'm thinking of getting me a nice neutral palette that I can play with; pretty neutral colors that are are a dream to blend and something I can possibly keep forever (so pigmentation is a big deal). These are just the palettes that are at the top of my list based on my research that checks off these points.

  • + Smooth/Creamy/Not so powdery
  • + Mix of satin/shimmer and matte
  • + All shades work well together
  • + Highly pigmented
  • + Blends like a dream
  • + Compact/Doesn't have a wide array of choices and not too little (You know what I mean?)
  • + Perfect for beginners and pros
  • + Pretty packaging (I like 'em pretty)

And I can't seem to choose just one. They all offer something slightly different but all are very pretty everyday shades.

A review on the two primers that I currently own: One promises a baby-butt-smooth base while the other, a mineral-infused one promises to make your makeup last longer.

(was it baby-butt though? or just baby smooth? some babies are rough though so…) Read more nonsense like this after the jump!


Here are some of the photos I took when I went to Guangzhou, Guangdong China to visit family a few months back. We didn't get to do a lot of sight-seeing since it was raining cats and dogs most of the time but hey! At least I got to go around and take pictures.

Just wanted to share with you guys.

African Weapons, Shields and other artifacts can be found in this museum. Now I have no idea why this is in China, I'm guessing they crossed paths at one point along the border of Africa and PRC.

They had monitors playing commercials and other interactive advertisements.

No travel log is complete without some food porn.