<3<3<3 Some people like him, some people don’t. I’m the former. :)
C’mon, the song is sweet. Look past his Beiber-ness and just listen.
And countdown starts now! Happy Christmas Eve!

2 more days!!! Well…2 and a half.
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Woot! 4 more days!

I love him.

I love her.
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I'll Be Home for Christmas (sad version) by auxprojects
I don’t know who sang this version but it’s very lovely.
Last-Christmas by yukari
Taylor Swift’s version of Last Christmas. <3

Glee Cast - Santa Baby by lucidonline
I've always liked this song. Not only is it almost always sung by women. It’s always sung by GEORGEOUS and SEXY women.

I’ll be posting some Christmas songs everyday until Christmas. Just to make the days more colorful by filling it with awesome music.

Song is by Naya Rivera from (Santana) from Glee! Her voice is luscious. Like velvet.Mmmmm red velvet.

Red Velvet Cake

How about you? What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Comment the link to your post about your favorite Christmas song/s!