I love making wishlists {and dream boards}. I think they're a good thing to do when you have some certain goals/dreams you want to achieve, it helps when you make them and immortalize them in one way or another. Not to mention it makes for a good blog post every now and then. *ahem*
Plus it's always fun to see {at least for me} what others are coveting lately, be it fashion, home improvement or something beauty related.

I just had one light colored jean since forever, I don't have it anymore which was why I thought of picking another one up because it makes for a variety in outfit choices if I had at least one again that's light-colored/acid-washed. Despite the thickness of my thighs and against the advice of most fashion articles {large thighs/legs should avoid white/light colored bottoms} I think I wear it quite well. Anyone can wear it well to be honest. Finding the right cut and right color is the key.

Lately it's been getting cooler and cooler, I sometimes just leave the windows open and snuggle against my pillows. I personally think this is the perfect weather for dressing up so I've been drawn to jumpers/sweaters. Choosing other colors other than gray, black and shades of white proved to be quite the challenge for me but I think I did well in incorporating the blue floral number, which I think is really beautiful against the dreary weather and can be dressed-up or down.

The other two gray jumpers are amusing to me. Type-designed tops are great conversation starters especially ones that pose a question, are funny or unbelievable stupid.

Jeepers Creepers! {Dang, how long was it since I last saw Scooby Doo? The original version.---they've rebooted it and I think the original's art and story-line were way cooler} These creepers have been on my shoe list since FOR-fucking-EVER. And the ones that I've seen here are too small and too common. Nothing exceptional about the material and/or design so I will continue scouting for them. I swear on the blood of my ancestors---I will have them!

Don't you think this Moschino bucket bag just seals the deal? Black+Chains+Red piping=Heaven {Reading the equation again, it's actually the formula to another place, but I digress}
What has been on your wishlist lately?

Because there's been a huge interest in makeup lately or anything beauty related, partly (or mostly in my opinion) because of beauty "YouTubers" or Beauty Vloggers. I think it's pretty nice that a lot of women are not afraid to go out with a heavily made-up face because they consider it an extension of their whole look which is one of makeup's uses really. Youth is a time for experimentation after all....or at least I certainly think so. And besides it's your life. Nobody's dying just because you put eyeshadow on.

Unless it's electric blue. On your whole lid. In broad daylight.

Then count me paralyzed.

Moving on, I'm actually thinking of selling brushes. I posted a picture on Instagram (@manilawithlove) a few days back and if you're from the Philippines, would get one for yourself?

Or as a gift perhaps? Christmas is looming. (I used looming because I'm not particularly excited about the fact that it's almost Christmas) 

I will price it appropriately of course. (I got yo back ;) ) 

Do let me know if you're interested.

I also posted a picture of my old Victoria's Secret bag. Details in my instagram account. I'm selling it for Php100 because I want to get rid of some stuff and that's the first thing I saw. Shipping is probably pricier than this bag. 

PS. It's authentic. Got it from the States. If you're interested I can send some sexy inside shots of the bag as well.

PPS. It's used. Or rather "pre-loved". Missing some glitters. Yes, big chunks not the craft kind of glitters. But it just looks like the bag's pattern. All stitching is still there. No holes. Doesn't smell funky.  Etc etc. 

Call me ;)

or just email me. I'd rather you email me/instagram me. I was just trying to be flirty there...


Don't ask me. I do weird things.