As you can see, I changed the title because a friend of mine told me I should really change it because it might make the readers "think" about something else. {it was originally Big Bad Banana} And I admit, if I ever want to be taken semi-seriously, I shouldn't entitle my site with a very misleading name...even if does roll off the tongue. *cough*


Why this title?
  • I thought about the James Bond movie; From Russia with love.
  • I am from Manila, that's in the Philippines.
  • I give lots of love and care.
So my posts would be about news, tidbits and fashion/style tips all over the world, by a girl (that's me) in Manila. I'll also be writing about movies/tv shows, music, food and my personal thoughts about certain topics Let me know what you think of the name, site and what other stuff you think I can write about?

Cute video. Cute song. Cute guy. Yes, he's oh so hot.

Apt ending. More memorable in my opinion...teehee

1. Liquid Liner
Brush or Felt-tip, doesn't matter. 
What matters is how well you know how to use them and what kind of look you're going for.
Hard pencils (Not too hard though, we don't want them peepers to get wrinkles) and fast-drying liquid liners with firm brush tips, for me work best.

2. Mirror
Please, for your sake and mine, use a mirror.You can't "guess" when it comes to make-up and you don't want to end up like Lindsay here. 

Did she apply make-up in the dark?

As for me, I mostly do winged liners, since I have small eyes. 
I also do just the normal un-winged brown liner when I want just a little bit of emphasis on the eyes.