I'm back with a proper review for you (been a while, I know). You might think me too young to use eye creams, but prevention is better than the cure as they say.

At first I didn't see the point since, I am just 23 and I thought eye creams were supposed to be used when you're 30 and up (according to one article I read, you start showing small signs of aging when you hit your late 20s going into 30s, so prevention should start at around 25)

I'm two years too early but who cares. I don't.

*This is a sample size I got from the goody bag during the KATE Tokyo launch.*

Consistency is thick and creamy. It's emollient and sinks in slowly. It's not a fast drying eye cream, so if you're looking for something more snappy, I suggest go for an eye gel. They tend to dry faster. As most gels are wont to do.

It has a very very light flowery talc smell but doesn't irritate my eyes or anything.

I like the moisturized feeling it gives. It's a nice step to add (if I remember to do it) and being the thinnest skin (or one of) it requires a little bit more attention at least to me. So despite not being a necessity I like to think it'll help me in the future.

I wouldn't say it's my holy grail, but it's not a bad eye cream. And knowing it's a known Japanese brand I'm reassured that excellent ingredients were used and that the product was tested thoroughly. I mean, have you seen their skin? Apart from their diet, they have the best skin in my opinion.

You can find these at some Watsons' stores and Department stores - Beauty section.

PS. What eye creams have you used, and can recommend me?
PPS. What do you think about eye creams/gels in general in relation to adequate age usage?
PPPS. Seriously, have you seen Japanese people's skin?

How many of you honestly want to switch over to an Organic or All-natural lifestyle - In terms of Beauty? I do! But I'm not completely comfortable with the price of said lifestyle.

Nayangu New Brand Discovery

Science has tonnes of proof, that whatever we put in contact with any part of our body gets absorbed. The skin being the largest organ, does absorb all those chemicals in our toners, hand sanitizers, deodorants etc. just to site some examples.

Nayangu Deodorant and Hand Sanitizer
They also come in re-fill bottles

Now I love experimenting with different brands too much makeup-wise (and sparingly in the skincare department) to completely switch over to all-natural organic ones. But I'm trying to incorporate it, and change out what can be changed-out.

Rouse, Glow and Free beauty soaps
All of them are written in English and Arabic (I think)

I've recently come across an amazing new brand that pushes, organic, all-natural and cruelty-free as its agenda. Plus they're FDA approved and Halal not to mention decently priced.

Cruelty free, Halal
Did you know cinnamon helps with acne relief?

Lemongrass the main ingredient found in most of the products is used as an anti-bacterial agent, helps heal wounds and is a natural insect repellent.

Handshake is my shit. And so is Soothe. I wouldn't recommend it if you're going to be sweating profusely though.

Masculine, Feminine and Breath spray

Blossom smells good. If you don't like feminine scents though there's refresh
- never mind that it's called "masculine spray".

NOTE: Not all chemical names that you see in the product are bad. Sometimes a little "evil" is necessary to make the shelf-life longer.

Product/Price Page : http://www.nayangu.com/product/personal-care
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nayangu

If you have any questions about this feel free to email me [email protected] or tweet me at @manilawithlove!

What do you think about going Organic/All-natural when talking about makeup? I hear a lot of stories saying they can be pretty high up there, but I could be wrong. Know any brands?

DISCLAIMER : Not a sponsored post. I bought ALL of these with my own money. I wasn't paid in monetary form or otherwise for this post (I wish I was though. *Cough* *Ahem* Man it's dusty here). As always, these are my honest opinions whether they be sponsored posts or not.