I've always had this penchant for anything classic/retro/old-school. So naturally this would be one of my dream cars, next to the Volkswagen.

The Classic red and Dark blue, would be my top color choice. Last option would probably be black.

Sadly I don't think they sell those here in the Philippines.*Long Sigh*

*Disclaimer: images used are not mine. 

A clutch a day

A clutch a day by csurita featuring an animal print clutch

I never fully appreciated evening clutches or clutches in general until college, when I had to attend evening events and all I had in my arsenal were book bags, Backpacks, Messengers and Gym bags.

I still went to the events but man did I look ridiculous. Especially since I had classes earlier in the day. I hauled my shit to the events and it was a little tiring.Going out partying with friends becomes silly too because I'd be sporting my day-time medium-sized shoulder bags that don't really work well with my "party" outfit.

These are just some of the clutches that caught my eye and I like that it's a boxed, hard-type of clutch lord knows I tend to man-handle my things.

What do you think of these cool-looking clutches? Most are a little "out-there" and "young-ish" but I quite like it. I think anyone of any age can rock these.