Marry Your Daughter - Beautiful Engagement Rings for your beloved.

And by beloved, I actually meant myself...Buy engagement-style rings for myself...WOW, I’m amazed at how easily I made myself a bit depressed. Anyway, I put a slideshow of some gorgeous engagement rings after the jump and the whole reason why I decided to look for some rings over the internet.


But, I have been thinking about it from time to time. Like how the guy should propose, where the place would be, which friends and family members would see it, should I cry? 

You know how girls are, planning weddings and proposals even if there isn't  any specific guy yet. Yet. Oh and because of this song and more specifically this guy.

His voice is sooo soothing. I find it really unexpected for a guy like him to have a voice like that. Personally I don’t find him attractive but he definitely compensates for it by singing so astonishingly.

What kind of rings did you like? Do you do plan proposals and weddings in your head even if you’re single or unmarried or even if you’re already married? What did you think about Alex Thao’s cover of Brian Mcknight’s Marry Your Daughter?

Let me know in the comments below!

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