NEWLIFE or NEWLIFE Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic specializes in offering safe and advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures for everyone.

Become a model for NEWLIFE

NEWLIFE is in search for two new Angels, one female and on male to receive free cosmetic procedures specially catered to their needs and become the new addition to their growing NEWLIFE Angel family.

How do I apply to be a NEWLIFE Angel?

Stage 1 : Wait for the official announcement on how to apply.
The announcement will be made their website social media pages here:

So make sure you're following their socials!
The application process will run from July 8-15, 2019.

UPDATED : Application on their site here : https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/

Stage 2 : The Selection Process
After submitting your application, create a post on your Facebook account using the hashtags: #NewlifeAngel and #NewlifeAngelMovement. Don’t forget to add this link on your post: https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/
Sample Post: I joined the Search for #NewlifeAngels because I believe and support the advocacies of the #NewlifeAngelMovement. Visit this link to find out more about the contest: https://newlife.com.ph/search-for-newlife-angels/

STAGE 3 : The Battle Round
The second round officially begins on August 15, 2019. In this stage, the photos of the TOP 40 contenders will be published on our official Facebook Page. The next round is a popularity contest where the TOP 40 go head-to-head against each other for likes, comments and shares on their respective photos.

The candidate gets 10 votes for every share made on their photo and 7 votes for every comment posted. Emoji reactions will be valued as follows: heart (6 votes), like (5 votes), wow (4 votes), laugh (3 votes), sad (2 votes), and angry (1 vote).

The result of the votes shall form 50% of the total score. The remaining 50% will come from the panel of judges – the #PremierNewlifeAngels.

The Battle Round will run from August 15-30, 2019.

STAGE 4: The BIG Reveal
The winners of the Search for NEWLIFE Angels will be announced on August 31, 2019. The announcement will be made on our social media accounts.

Are you joining?


7th Floor Centuria Medical Makati Century City Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines

cover colourette review
Lip tints are the ultimate versatile beauty product. Most tints in the market today can be used on the eyes, lips and even cheeks. They're also decidedly more welcoming to makeup newbies than the standard bullet lipstick and liquid lip.

Enter Colourette Cosmetics. Ever since their conception they've continuously produced products that are not only affordable to beauty enthusiasts but are at par with other local and even international contenders.

Housed in this quirky nail polish-like tube the Colourtint's ...well tint is suspended in oil that has to be shaken vigorously prior to use.

The shades in my vanity : (left to right) Lola, Kira, Thalia (and Old Thalia) and Liv.

One thing unique for me about this tint is the brush applicator and the nail polish-like tube. It's different and kitschy especially the fun stares you get when they think you're putting on nail polish on your lips.

Sadly, it's not as travel-friendly as one would like. There have been issues with the tint spilling due to screwing it too tight or not enough. So the best way is to just keep it always upright and don't screw on the lid tightly.

Consistency | Finish

As I've mentioned, you have to shake this vigoruously before using to mix the powder pigment and oil togethe or else they'll be just chunks of powder patchily on your lips.

The Colourtint line has two finishes, fresh and matte. The original line only had matte finishes, following its success Colurette released a new 'lighter' 'mlbb-finish' under the Fresh line.

Liv, is the only one I have in the Matte line.

Both variants of our Colourtints include beeswax and argan oil.

The finish for both Fresh and Matte though, on my lips tend to be the same as I have perpetually dry lips. So always exfoliate and moisturize before using regardless of the finish you purchase.

Longevity | Pigmentation

Despite being suspended in oil, it doesn't give you that 'lechon-lips' or lip gloss poppin look. These hug the lips more (if lips are properly prepped and hydrated). As advertised, the colours are vibrant and true-to-color on the tube.

These are definitely blendable and extremely pigmented so a little does go a very long way. Be careful when applying to areas other than your lips, as one tiny drop tends to be more than enough for the cheeks and even less for the eyes.

As for longevity, yes it does last long. 100% but there will be bleeding and transfer when you eat something, oily or not. That being said, the pigment is strong enough to stain your lips barely taking pigment off, unless you really try.

Do I Recommend?

As a convert from most drying Korean lip tints (I SEE YOU TONY MOLY and ETUDE), these are better in terms of texture and finish. Supporting a local Philippine made brand by a very young entrepreneur is always a plus. Their whole branding of conventional and unconventional Filipina beauty, breaking the 'beauty standards' and their staunch support of makeup being for literally everyone - what isn't to love?

Yes, traveling will always be daunting because of potential spillage BUT the pros outweigh the cons in my book.

Have you tried this brand or their tints? Let me know!


Netflix has been on the highest of highs lately ever since the crime documentaries have been "flying off the shelves" and they've hit a sweet spot again (in my heart) with the darkly funny, nihilistic, sardonic, time travelesque, deadly gem of a show which asks the question of "If you had the chance to relive your day what would you do differently?".

And it's not just that, this show is multi-layered adressing life and death, religion, sex, love, control, trauma, mental health etc.

Nadia is a 36 year old game programmer who unfortunately died during her 36th birthday party and keeps on dying to relive the same damn birthday. The episodes (so far) show how she tackles getting stuck in a loop, why the loop is there in the first place, how to get out of it and navigating her past and present relationships to everyone around her to top it off.

Natasha Lyonne was easily one of my favorite characters in OINTB and her take on Nadia is no less a stellar piece of acting- She is the star of the show and she shows it. PLUS she's one of the producers along with Amy Poehler! If that isn't enough to get you watching I don't know what will.

Spoilers ahead

What sets it apart from an otherwise an 'Edge of tomorrow' premise are that it's more somber, human, personal. There's basically a lot more complexity in it's characters and the lead's stories and like I said tackles the supernatural and or time travel and death interestingly.

I like that Nadia jumps over the usual 'leading lady trope'. She's not this slim/slender devastatingly attractive woman (not that she isn't gorgeous 'coz she is Hello! American Pie anyone?) with a penchant for trouble and 'daddy/mommy issues' .

She's this intelligent, uncoordinated, trouble-magnet, wordly, realistic woman...with mommy issues. and doesn't have to ultimately 'change' or give up her crass, bratty self to discover more about her or be better at her relationships. Which like I said makes it more relatable. Because people don't just change in a snap for other people.

This is one show you should definitely watch. I'm on the lookout for Season 2 as I type this down.

Sweet birthday baby,

Google just unveiled their landing art celebrating women this March 8th and it is all kinds of stunning. Partnered with gorgeous animated typography are the words of wisdom of various notable women from around the globe.

Take a peek yourself! Here are my favorites!


I've heared the term 'Madame Butterfly' before in the context of someone being a 'lady of the night' or someone who is mysterious and alluring but I didn't really know its origins.

First published as a novel it has been revived, re-imagined, redone and has served as general inspiration for other novels, movies, operas and plays like Miss Saigon and David Henry Hwang’s M.Butterly

And now because of Jhett Tolentino and FRONTROW Entertainment , Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu, Davao, Manila and Baguio will have the pleasure of experiencing the three time Tony Award winning dramatic and moving spectacle for Best Play, Best Feature Actor and Best Director.

Synopsis: René Gallimard is a member of the French embassy in China. René is mild mannered and considers himself to be poor with women. He meets and falls in love with Chinese opera star Song Liling, a woman whom he considers to be the embodiment of the perfect woman, Madame Butterfly. But when West meets East, everything is not what it seems…. #Frontrow #MButterfly

The M. BUTTERFLY National Tour 2019 was made to bring the world-class masterpiece to those who did not have the opportunity to catch its 2018 Manila run. After all, location should not limit one’s exposure to the arts and culture.

Photo by Raymond Isaac | image from whatishappening.com

I really want to see this as I find the plot extremely interesting and paints a look at how westerners/europeans view people in the asian regions during those time (dare I say even now). Also the fact that *spoiler* the leading man falls in love with a man in drag, as most plays during that time are played by an all male cast.

Cast of M.Butterfly

Rs Francisco - Song Liling
Aira Igarta - Song Liling (Alternate)
Olivier Borten - Rene Gallimard
Jenine Desiderio - Helga Gallimard
Norm Mcleod - Manuel Toulon
Lee O’brian - Marc (Rene's Bestfriend)
Mayen Estañero - Suzuki, Comrade Chin and Shu Fang
Maya Encila - Renee
Jasmin Salvo - Opera Singer
Pheith Iena Ballug, Ullyses Basa, Sasa Cabalquinto, Franco Ferrer and John Paul Ortenero - Kurugo

The artistic team of M. Butterfly are as follows: Jhett Tolentino and RS Francisco (Producers), Ohm David (Set), Eric Pineda (Costume), John Batalla (Lighting), Jethro Joaquin (Sound), Joed Balsamo (Music) and Carissa Adea (Choreography).

M.Butterfly National Tour Beneficiaries

The M. BUTTERFLY NATIONAL TOUR 2019 will benefit 10 charitable institutions namely: Iloilo Prima Galaw, Philippine National Red Cross Iloilo Chapter, The Children of Cebu Foundation, Silliman University Culture and Arts Council, the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Love the Children Foundation, House of Hope Foundation, Halfway Home for the Boys and St. Louis University Culture and Arts Center.


VENUE: SM City Iloilo Cinema 6
Feb. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Feb. 15 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Luce Auditorium, Silliman University
Feb. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 01 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 02 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 03 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE : SM Seaside City Centerstage
Mar. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 15 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: SM Lanang Premier Cinema 6
Mar. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 29 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 30 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 31 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Maybank Performing Arts Theater
May 8 – Wednesday – Opening Night – 8pm
May 9- Thursday – 8pm
May 10 – Friday – 8pm
May 11 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 12 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm
May 15 – Wednesday – 8pm
May 16 – Thursday – 8pm
May 17 – Friday – 8pm
May 18 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 19 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm

VENUE: St. Louis University
May 30 – Thursday – Opening Night 7pm
May 31 – Friday – 7pm
Jun. 1 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Jun. 2 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

Ticket merchants

ILOILO, DAVAO, CEBU, BAGUIO – SM Tickets at any SM Mall nationwide or online at SMTickets.com

DUMAGUETE – Culture and Arts Council Office, Silliman University through contact nos. (035) 422-4365, (0917) 300-0346, (0999) 797-7825

MANILA – TicketWorld through contact no. (02) 891-9999 or ticketworld.com
The ticket prices vary per city between P500 to P2,000 plus taxes and fees.


Facebook: /MButterflyPH
Twitter: @MButterflyPH
YouTube: MButterflyPH
For further inquiries, please contact JHETT TOLENTINO at (0906) 576-6914.


MARIKINA — Known as the shoe capital of the Philippines because of the long history of quality shoe making, I find that in the recent years it has steadily begun to be known more for something other than their leather craftsmanship —their food.

Or more specifically their local bistros, restaurants, pubs, cafes and of course food parks. With eateries popping up here and there it still amuses me (a non-local) that there can even be 'secret' restaurants within subdivisions and in between residential houses.

With the holidays nearing comes the numerous parties/inumans/coffee dates get-togethers you want a place you can gather comfortably. Here are some spots in Marikina to help you narrow down your choices.

For tea/coffee dates

Bubba Lab
This 'scientist's lab' inspired cafe is total ig fodder. Bubba Lab's industrial feel, the indoor plants, the kitschy decor and the wooden furniture accents give something a little more different than more popular tea joints in the metro.

Tip: Skip the food and desserts. It's nothing to write home about. Just head straight to their drinks.

Price : 65 - 180 per person
Location : Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Niño / C&B Circle Mall Marikina Heights / Graceland Plaza JP Rizal

For dinner gatherings

Antonio J
When in doubt, Filipino food never fails and here at Antonio J's it's done very well. Delicious food that's worth the price. The servers are attentive and nice. The place itself is cozy but enough for groups of 10.

Tip: Try their Kare-kare and ribs!

Price : 300-500 per person
Location : Ground floor C&B Circle Mall Marikina Heights

If the group's feeling more American, this place serves amazingly fall-off-the bone ribs, yummy barbeque, tender steaks and porkchops. The decor is very Americana and country-home-esque. The star of this place though is the outdoor seating especially at night. This is perfect for large groups of friends and family as the servings are generous.

Tip: Try to get a outside and opt for the group platters! They're more worth it for groups.

Price : 300-500 per person
Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino

For drinking sessions

Lots of seating options for smaller or bigger groups and you can either listen to bands or sometimes comedy acts OR opt to sit outside on their patio. The food is a hit or miss (nachos are a safe bet though) but go here for their cocktail towers. Absolutely worth the money especially if you're in a group.

Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino
Price : ~200-300 per person

Roadside bar
Their al-fresco seating area is great with the cool night breeze and lovely acoustics of the live performances. The cocktails will have you reaching your sugar limit after 2 glasses so opt for beers or ask them not to make it too sweet.

Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino
Price : ~150-250 per person

Which of these places have you visited and what do you recommend?


As someone who's an avid fan of Korean beauty, I found that while most base makeup boast 'moisture!' and 'dewy glow!' they tend to just sit on top of my skin and look like makeup. So it's a challenge for my dry + sensitive skin to get the right formula, apart from the wide selection of shades I mean *sarcasm*.

Walking into the TFS store with a specific game plan in mind I started towards their cushion line.

Firstly, I wanted very light coverage so I can re-apply without looking like I had 10 pounds of makeup. Secondly, something that adheres well to dry skin but doesn't melt the second it gets a little too hot. And thirdly, a good enough match for my skintone. And this cushion surprisingly ticked all of those for me.

This CC Cooling Cushion is specifically made for dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness. So of course I practically ran towards this variant. There really isn't much in terms of coverage which is perfect for me and the texture is watery and thin.

Sheer coverage works best when you want to re-apply throughout the day. Most products that have coverage, I find tend to cake up and look like you have a lot of base on.

The Face Shop Miracle Finish line - CC Cooling in shade V203.

I'm a sucker for packaging so this black and gold cushion case is a+.
Priced at Php 1,095 it's a little more steep than what I usually get but I got this buy one,get one so it's a better deal.

It has this cooling sensation because of the 'Snow oil' that aids in calming itchiness and irritation. And that factor makes it a nice 'summer' or actually perfect for our Philippine weather. Full ingredients here.

The tone is yellowish and with a little olive.

As you can see, there isn't much in terms of coverage it's really more of the whitecast of the SPF (42+++) content. After applying it does set dewy and remains slightly tacky but it looks natural.

Throughout a hot day, it does fade gracefully and doesn't melt off and clump together. I don't really need to set this when I'm at work since it's freezing there but a I find a light dusting of loose powder does the trick for me when not in an air conditioned place for most of the time.

I think most of their stores still have this for the Buy 1 Get 1 promo so it's worth a look even for the other variants of the Miracle line. (they have one for oily skinned gals and people who want more coverage!)

Have you tried this line? Let me know what you think!



Gone are the days when skin clinics are only for those with extreme skin issues and who were rolling in dough. There are multitudes of skin clinics now available for the vast majority of people who want to address various skin concerns.

When you think of laser procedures, you'd think it's really expensive and opt out...therein enters Substance Clinic.

They offer skin procedures that rival any other skin clinic's. Quality is not compromised here regardless of the price - as is their motto.

Launch pictures below!

Their clinic is soo my style.

There were a lot of people including media and influencers so it was a little hectic for the Substance team.

Me feeling my oats.

I visited them again after their launching to try out their services. And being a part of #peopleofsubstance, I was privy to their main laser treatment every month.

I had popped blood vessels on my face that day but the whole treatment was quick and regardless of what I felt about their demeanour, she had light and experienced hands.

It wasn't without hitches though. I went in for the monthly treatment but they thought I was being adamant in getting the 'launching laser treatment of my choice' which was already past due - and I of course knew it. After that tiny commercial it was onto the actual skin treatment.

It wasn't really my first time getting a laser treatment done, but it has been ages since. I did the "Holy Grail Laser" (Php 4,000). A laser treatment that tackles acne, freckles, dull skin and uneven pigmentation.

Over-all the treatment lasted no more than 15 minutes. 20 tops because they took photos of my skin before and after, so as to see the progress after every treatment.

- After the laser, WASH your face only after 24 hours
- Lasers work better, according to my skin tech, after a facial
- ALWAYS use sunblock! Especially after a laser treatment!

All-in-all I really liked the place. It's not the 'clinical' squeeky clean type of clinic or the overtly hyper feminine clinic and opulent royalty type clinic. It's very clean, modern, urban- 'brooklyn' feel that most coffee shops I tend to gravitate towards have. It definitely fits the androgynous vibe everyone is bound to appreciate. So our fragile "guy-guys" will not feel out of place here.

Have you tried this clinic and will you try it?

USE MY CODE SUBSTANCECJ18 for a skin consultation worth Php1000! Why not? You might end up liking it there.


PS. Their social media is chock full of 'aesthetic' pictures. I LOVE IT.
PPS. Staff could be a little more welcoming? There was no warmth in the whole encounter. I could only pick one person there who was amicable. Maybe it was a bad day. Oh well, we all have those :)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/skinbysubstanceph/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/skinbysubstanceph/
Website : http://skinbysubstance.com/

While everyone is flocking to the usual summer spots in Zambales, Palawan and Batangas some people prefer the quieter, more serene and a little less sandy.

Valentino Resort and Spa is a nice and peaceful IG-worthy resort for a little RnR by yourself, with your significant other, family/barkada.

The annual RAWR Awards is back with a vengeance with more stars, celebrities and more tv personalities! This time I'm not just a guest, I'm a media partner! 

What is the RAWR Awards?

The award seeks to recognize local talents in the entertainment industry, build stronger ties with relevant and like-minded partners, and utilize this as a venue to express LionHearTV.net’s gratitude to everyone who supported the site since its first time to go online.

With a total of 25 awards (under 3 major categories - Lion, Cub and Pride) at stake this year, it will be a night to remember especially with a gorgeous venue like Le Rêve Pool Party.

Dress to the nines on November 14, Wednesday, 6pm and I'll catch you there?

Read on for the who's -who of nominees per category

With 'Glass Skin' being the latest talk of [Korea beauty] town in terms of skincare, it's no surprise that affordable korean beauty source, Althea Korea came up with another addition to their line.

Makeup artist Ellie Choi shares her skincare routine to achieving clear, pristine, poreless a.k.a 'glass-like skin',

I've tried the whole line for about a month and I have to say this line overall is pretty good with one a particular standout I might add.

Skin type : Sensitive with dry cheeks, under-eyes and  forehead.

Althea Korea, has been on a roll with their own beauty brand following a great response from their pioneer product - Althea Velvet Powder. Now they're delving into the world of skincare and tackling the laborious 10-12 Korean skincare routine. Their answer? The 3 step 'Bare Essentials' line.

Great makeup starts with great skin

As most makeup lovers know, great skin equals great makeup. There's no denying the satisfaction of playing with makeup and getting your face ready for the day but there's equally a satisfying feeling when you apply less or not to even wear makeup at all you know?

The 3 step line, aims to give a more streamlined easier approach to having Kbeauty skin without the intense multi-step regimen.

The product breakdown

Step 1 - Cleanse
Contour Cleanser - a rich and refreshing foaming cleanser that contains micro capsules to both cleanse and gently exfoliate away impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look.

Key ingredients:
Ice plant - Hydrates and calms redness
Lemon verbena leaf - Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the skin

Step 2 - Tone
Primer Water - smooth, hydrating and ever so slightly balm-like, this bottle of wonder penetrates into the layers of the skin to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to come.

Key ingredients:
Snow lotus - Smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture
Patented "dewdrop" formulation - Revitalizes the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture

Step 3 - Moisturize
Fixer Cream - powerful moisturizing properties are packed into this little jar that provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion.

Key ingredients:
Trehalose - Powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin
Wild Green Tea - Hydrating, skin soothing and pack with antioxidants
Baobab Tree Extract - Non-greasy moisturizing agent that helps promote collagen production

Thoughts / Experience

As you can tell, the whole line is about hydration and moisture as with most Kbeauty skincare regimen and I'm all for it. The key ingredients all promise moisturization and soothing which we all need regardless of skin type. What I like most about the ingredients are that they aren't that common. Everything was a new thing for me to discover and most of these ingredients are pretty natural/plant-based (no breakouts from me!). It's worth noting that the fragrance is listed at the very end. Three thumbs up for that.

The cleanser - is a typical foamy cleanser. The beads aren't harsh at all and the consistency itself is creamy and you really only need a small pea-sized amount because it lathers so well. After cleansing I don't find my skin feeling taught or dry. Would I buy it by itself? Probably not.

The toner - If you've ever tried Cetaphil or Galderma cleansers, you know the non lathering cream cleanser, the consistency and texture is similar to that albeit this one is a little more runny and not soapy feeling after wiping it off.

It's very milky and I do find it giving me a little more moisture after cleansing. I do really like this one. But the best one for me in this line is their...

The moisturizer - This one takes the cake. The cream itself is emollient but not oily or thick. It's like a gel-cream hybrid. So still light but it won't let you feel like you didn't put anything moisturizing on. It's very hydrating for me but I must say I only use it at night. If I do use it during the day, I make sure to use a small amount.

How much is it?

The price for the entire set is ₱1,341, which is pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Plus Althea's customer service is top notch from what I've experienced so far.

Out of all the 3, I would recommend the moisturizer. If only for the fact that it has Baobab tree extract - the tree in The Little Prince. I know,  such a trivial thing but people go crazy over boxes of product so leave me alone! (Their minimalist packaging for their homegrown brand also stole my heart, just to add. Kbye)

Have you tried this yet? What do you think about the key ingredients?


Ps. Thanks Althea Korea for sending these over to try!