blk Travels All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick Set | Perfect for the beauty wanderlust

Traveling with make-up can be a little more stressful than it needs to be especially for the makeup lover. There's the issue of the liquid bases and huge canisters eyeshadow and powder. Not to mention the many lippie choices you have to consider for day-to-day, depending on the finish and itinerary, how it doesn't clash with your outfits or when you're so spoilt for choice but can only bring at most 2 lippies etc etc etc.

Made for the wanderer and jetsetter in mind, these mini (and when I say mini I mean the bullet is about 2 inches in height the product inside even less) lipsticks are the quick and easy companion of people who need options when they're traveling and don't add up on the airport scale.

Ingredient list

The names are must-visit locations of every traveler.

Isn't the packaging beyond adorable? From the box to the tubes themselves - this collection feels very well thought-out. I do appreciate the matte lego aesthetic and the animal icons on each tube it can come across to some as a little juvenile given the packaging and how mini this is (about 2 inches in height).

The blk travels set retails for P1,499 with eight creamy matte shades to choose from. Why all the animal icons? It's because the set donates a portion of the sales to the WWF or World Wildlife Fund .(If you haven't tried their lippies, isn't that a good incentive to try them? lol)

These particular lipsticks are made in Taiwan while I believe makeup in their other collections are made in Korea. All their products are cruelty-free and PETA approved. 

On to the swatches :

These lipsticks were released in a set way back, around this time last 2018 I believe. Hence the 'holiday' main box packaging. I might've switched the labels of the hand swatches. Sorry!

LA and Paris are shades I'm lukewarm about. They work when I have a specific look in mind, but I prefer them more as washes or tint rather than full on color on the lips.

Application-wise there's full color with one swipe but full opaqueness can be achieved with two full swipes.

LONDON and DUBAI are my most favorite shades out of everything. Majority of the reason being that they're nudes and they're so flattering.

Hongkong is the perfect blue-based deep red on me. It's perfect.

The texture and consistency for most if not all the lipsticks are the same : matte and creamy but not  soft. The finish is definitely matte and it's creamy enough to apply without heavy dragging but  not easily meltable(?) There's some stability to the formula. Don't expect kiss/budge-proof as these do transfer but I find that they leave a slight stain on the lips as it fades throughout the day.

As for how it feels on my dry lips, sufficient prep is needed as these are matte. The small size offers a little more precision than the usual normal sized tube and you can easily finish a tube in a couple of months before it even expires - so that should boost your hitting-pan lemmings. Some of the shades might not work for the darkest of skintones, I think these are perfect for fair to medium-tanned skin, anyone darker some shades would look ashy or too odd.

Try this if you want an introduction to the blk matte lippie formula or you're the type to bring more than two lippies whenever you travel or you just want to finally finish a tube before it even comes close to expiring.

As for me, I like its size and the different shades and the fact that it answers my particular quirk when bringing lippies with me. I personally would like at least two universally flattering options for when I travel. So this set is a cute little addition to my travel makeup bag.

Have you tried any lispticks from blk or any other makeup? What else is good with the brand?


PS. Thanks to my beau for gifting me these. I personally love the story more of how confused you were when you got these though. The lipsticks are just a sweet bonus. :P


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