SM Woman Celebrates Diversity with 2017 Summer Collection

When a plus-size model walked out I visibly lit up. Then came the POC models. Then the someone with Pink hair and I realized this wasn't any old typical we-only-employ-thin-models type of fashion show.

True to it's campaign #SMEveryWoman #SMfashionForEveryWoman the show and its collection under SM Woman catered to not just one body type and skin color. Which I really commend. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to go to a tonne of fashion shows but I know for a fact that it needs some shaking up in terms of catering to different body types. Realistically I would expect this for the mass-produced labels, haute couture is, I think, more difficult to address.

There were a lot in their collection that I liked, like resort wear and the sandals but the suits (and coverups!) definitely stole the show for me. They looked very trendy as well as active (they had long-sleeved rashguards, body suits for surfing etc.)

images via SM Woman

Power couple Joey Mead-King and Angelina King graced us with their presence at the show but sadly I didn't get to see them. The whole show was definitely an experience (my first summer/swim-wear show!)

With these two again.

What do you think about their latest campaign?


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