Outfits for Creative Spaces v1

Outfit for creative spaces

Living in a tropical country with only two seasons— sweltering and flooding, is usually not an excuse to wear shorts and slippers to work no matter how close to a heat-stroke you are in that blazer. [So put that back on intern.]

Note: It's even hot/humid when it rains sometimes.

Thankfully there are more free / casual companies out there who don't care what you wear as long as you get things done. They're a little more "devil-may-care" wherein you might find some people in the office stomping around in flip-flops.

This post serves as a menu or inspiration of sorts for when you want to wear shorts but don't want to appear TOO casual.


Shorts are heaven sent to spaces like these especially in this particular part of the world. These are not your daisy-dukes denim kind of pair as it is still a workplace : the material and cut should be taken into consideration. Because the length of the bottom is shorter the turtleneck serves to counter it by having the neckline close on top.


Of course for shoes, I always have to choose boots. This suede pair adds texture and still keeps the subdued palette...well, subdued. The jacket is also pretty neutral, the cut and design however makes it more interesting. Apart from the pop of green from the shorts everything else is pretty muted, a no-brainer palette for work but the overall look make up for the otherwise [color] blandness.


The accessories like the earrings, watch and necklace break the monotony and add a little more flair especially the watch face -with the burst of rays design- and the sun earrings. To finish the look a versatile simple leather bucket/backpack is not only utilitarian and sturdy, the off-white colour and gold hardware says chic [and matches the rest of your jewelry] whichever angle you look.

What do you think? Which pieces do you like?


Monki crop top
1,800 PHP - monki.com

H M motorcycle jacket
1,080 PHP - hm.com

Valentino high-waisted shorts
24,740 PHP - stylebop.com

Giuseppe Zanotti black booties
12,795 PHP - currentboutique.com

Elizabeth and James sling backpack
31,645 PHP - harveynichols.com

Boum leather watch
3,955 PHP - bluefly.com

Stud earrings
8,560 PHP - jewelstreet.com

Vanessa Mooney long necklace
2,560 PHP - shopbop.com

PS. Yes. The 2 seasons were jokes. Get over it.
PPS. The earth is changing too fast. The ice caps are melting. There's hail and snow where there shouldn't be. Open your eyes.

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