What's been eating me lately Vol. 3

I've been so obsessed with this web drama lately because...

  • It has 2NE1's Dara and Winner's Seung Yoon.
  • The second guy is SUPER adorable. SUPER ADORABLE.
  • The acting is nice. Most of the time it falls in the typical "K-drama style" of acting and the sound effects are most of the time completely unnecessary but I get it (it did come from a web-comic after all) I think they wanted the show to be edited "comic-style" hence the sounds effects.
I don't know for how long this show will run but I'm enjoying it, more than I initially thought I would.

Edit : I just watched the ending. It was cute.

Facebook. It has really become my news portal. Not just for news about who got married, who broke up and who got promoted in my friends' list but daily tidbits regarding politics, disasters, science (Hey Pluto!) and gender issues.

A shift dress. Fancy-speak for daster.

About the weather. How come it was so hot yesterday?

Jazz for sleep on Spotify aka the best player in the world which has forever trumped iTunes in my laptop.

Mellow. Must be all that jazz... And all that jazz

That there will be a lot of movie releases this year and the succeeding year.

The Kat Von D Shade and light eye palette, Stila's Mind palette and Tarte's Tartelette palette.

A solid matte palette. Or a palette with a lot of mattes in it. Any suggestions?

For calmer but windier weather.



  1. I also watch We Broke Up, can't believe Dara is already in her 30's. You might want to check Claire Marshall on youtube for the reviews on matte palettes (she likes the lorac pro a lot)

  2. I haven't watched Koreanovelas in so long but I absolutely love them. Props for having Dara on this one, I'm going to search for it.

  3. waaaaaa I've been wanting Stila's Mind Palette since December last year! I still can't seem to get my hands on it. It gets sold out very quickly every time I check it out at the Stila counter in Rustan's. huhuhu
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  4. Yeah I watch Clair!!! I love her. I'll check out her vid regarding that palette. :)

    Ganda ng We Broke Up no? Ang cute cute cute ng 2nd guy talaga.

  5. It was addictive, at least for me. It kinda got me back to the waiting in vain for the next episode feeling, that I used to get when watching tv. I don't get that anymore, I want online and thru dvds :)) Nung pinapanood ko nga iniisip ko na parang mas umokay yung acting ni Dara then again I haven't watched a lot of her movies when she was here. Lol

  6. Omg omg omg super ganda ng packaging. Ughhh. Same with Tartelette. I really really really want an all matte palette. But I don't know which one to go for. In terms of pricing almost the same lang sila.

  7. THAT STILA PALETTE! :'< I really want a high end eyeshadow palette, but whenever I think that 1 high end = 2 affordable ones, I fold. I'm saving up for the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette and some from Makeup Revolution right now. :)

  8. I'm also thinking of getting some Makeup Revo palettes! But these are tooo toooo pretty!!!! Ughhh And I really want a high-end palette. :))))) But I can't seem to justify it since there are way more affordable ones out there. Hindi man pareho sa texture and color mas mura naman. :((((

    1. The Makeup Revolution palette I have is nice! It's actually my favorite and I hardly pick up anything else - it's the dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. :) And if you have the right brushes and the patience to blend, affordable options are enough. For me, at least. :))


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