How to wear leggings when you're not going to the gym : Leggings as pants.

There's a reason why most if not all girls love leggings. They're super easy to put on and super comfortable. I myself am a fan of the basic black and dark gray leggings - they just go with everything I have.

But as much as I love leggings, there are certain materials that aren't meant to be worn as substitute for pants a.k.a when you're not in the gym / don't have a performance somewhere.

As long as the top covers the ass in some way -- think long t-shirt, mini dresses/skirts, long jackets etc. I think it looks perfectly fine. But regular t-shirts, baby tees even with leggings are too home-lounge wear or gym-y. (I'm just brimming with eloquence aren't I? "Gym-y")

Why don't I approve?
  • IT might rip. And then what are you gonna do? You wore them as pants. Not like you have extra pants stashed in your purse.
  • Everything's in full view. Everything. When you don't really want to or even realize.

It's all about the material
If the material is sheer (similar to tights) = they're not meant to be pants. Leathery-looking material and denim-looking ones (like jeggings) you can definitely use. It just has to be opaque enough, NOT see-through.

Styling is essential

Long blue dress
1,480 PHP -

With Love From CA black stocking
445 PHP -

Wraparound watch
820 PHP -

Of course you can still wear the sheer/yoga pants looking ones as long as you cover up the butt (more like safeguard it from ripping accidents, but you get the gist.)

But if you still like wearing them as pants, sure why not. It's your body. And they ARE comfortable. These are just my personal thoughts on them. Style IS personal.

If you're looking for some cute ones, let me redirect you to Zalora which I don't really need to introduce since it's quite famous here in the Philippines. I'm partial to the jeggings and neutral solid colored ones, but the "aztec" prints are cute too.

What are your thoughts on leggings as pants?


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