Mainstream is just not what it used to be


I do love some mainstream singers and songs nowadays but honestly speaking, I don't find myself listening to the radio with the current and "freshest" beats and looking up latest tracks the way I used to. I wanted the old songs, the songs they used to play on the good old MTV not the Teen-Mom-Jersey-Shore sh*t they are now.

I love songs by Michael Jackson (some Jackson 5 songs too), Mariah Carey (before all the surgery), Britney (before she went bald), Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani (or No Doubt, but really, they basically broke-up because she was getting all the limelight), I mean I could go on and on.

PS. I still like the songs they released after ,whatever I put in the parentheses, even now, especially you Britney I will forevs love you and stand by you and I will never judge you again. Love you Brit-Brit. <3

Now this song for me is such a classic, I wouldn't say "love song" exactly, more of like, a post-confession song? Or post-breakup? But in the lines of a love song, so I guess it qualifies. And I like acoustic-quiet songs as I am into folksy music.

I don't wanna blab on and on about how music nowadays is meh or music before was woot!, because this was just supposed to be a song post. Literally. I just wanted to paste the mp3 player and upload this sh*t, but I wanted to write and get things out of my head before I get too loony.You don't have to read this though. Just skim through or just play the mp3 player. I don't mind. Please.Go ahead. Please just shun my efforts of trying to connect with you through my blog. I mean, it will only be a source of terrible anguish and emotional distress. All the while debating with myself about my apparent writing abilities which are not so apparent after all.

I might just be a little bit affected by your indifference...okay a lot. I'm not fond of rejection as you might have noticed that is IF, you're still reading. *sniff* *sniff*

Ok then.

I'll just send you my sweater of tears.

Heartless B*tch.


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