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doing what I do best. makeup-ing and eating.
Hello it's CJ, creator of From Manila with Love Blog.
The blog From Manila with Love was made to be a playground of sorts to flex my writing muscles as well as document my foray into beauty, makeup, skincare, style and food.

This initially started as a diary (with a very different and embarrassing name) at around 2010 - 2011. As with most "journal/diary" blogs it was very personal. I've thus been blogging on and off until 2012 when I've developed a steady interest in all things beauty.

I try to keep the blog varied, to reflect a little more of who I am with posts aside from beauty like  lifestyle/fashion, food, feminism, tv , music and some random personal thoughts about everyday events mixed in.

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Vaseline, Dermplus, Zalora, FoodPanda, Dress.Ph, Sosro / Reddimart, AboutFace.Ph, BornPrettyStore, Krispy Kreme, Althea Korea, Magic-Potions, Cathy Valencia, Irresistible Me, Rucy's Vanity, Nayangu, TripKada, Cetaphil/GSK, Doublemint, HOOQ, SM Woman, YeppunOnniePH, Maybelline, Features & Shades Cosmetics, Valero Eat Street, Misono, Yves Rocher, Liese, Whipped Sugar Waxing Salon, Grassroots / CraftMill, C&C Salon, Physiogel / GSK, Coca-Cola, Regroe, GlutaWhite, PAC Cosmetics, Nanshy, Azta Urban Salon, Uncle Cheffy, Wellspring of Morocco, Formal Dress Australia, Jarful of Goodness, Watsons and more.


I am open to working with companies (most especially local ones) for collaborations, sponsorship and reviews etc. Please be informed that I write my sincere and honest opinions about a product/service whether they be positive or negative as is my blog's policy. Don't be alarmed I always look for the pros most diligently.

Feel free to send me sweet nothings at manilawithlove@gmail.com

NOTICE : You are not free to use/repost/claim any of my photos and or my articles/blog posts as your own. You can however repost/use my photos (without removing the logos/watermarks), link or quote any post on my site provided credit is given :)

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