3 things to nail down if you want a dream wedding

Weddings are fucking expensive am I right? And not to mention high-stress all around. Drama-rama like there's someone paying them to act out. I can't blame the couples getting married to be stressed emotionally, mentally and physically with all that needs to be prepared—It's.a.whole.freaking.production. Where do you even start right?

Creations by Mr. Edwin F. Uy (left) and

I've never gotten married myself but I would assume based on my friends, family and acquaintances' stories- getting married isn't a walk in the park (or down the aisle *badum tss* okbye). There are 3 things I've gathered to be high priority though when it comes to most weddings and it might help those planning to get hitched.

1. The venue

Venue sets the mood and the whole 'theme' of the wedding if you're going for that themed weding thing. They're usually booked in advance, typically months in advance for larger gatherings. You want enough room for the people you want to invite. For the dj or the dancefloor or the cake. This will also probably take most of your budget.

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Your wedding cake/cakes should taste as good as it looks.

2. Food

What's a festivity without food? As great as the venue might be this is just as important. Food is something, if we're being real here, most people look forward to at weddings and don't even try to deny it. You've made your guests sit through the ceremonies and meeting their equal matches in the other side of the family, the least you could do is feed them.

This cool 'photobooth' by Party Studio Manila, has a full length mirror/touch screen! Really really cool. Definitely stole the show at the expo.

3. Videographer + Photographer

Ok either/or maybe both? Hear me out. You're going to want to remember this for the rest of your life. Hopefully this is the only one magical marriage you will have so you might want the best photos and videos of your special day. Plus you get a digital copy of your significant other spill their guts and be all lovey dovey about how they feel about you at the viewing pleasure you and everyone at the wedding.

So who am I talking to? I want it to be both parties getting married. You know what I mean. Usually 'the guy' doesn't lift a finger in organizing, talking to suppliers, choosing and deciding regarding the wedding when there's a lot of chaos to be sorted out. Oh, I've seen it. They usually quip with 'she doesn't want me there' ' she doesn't choose what I decide on' etc etc etc.

Well if YOU actually take the time to get involved and maybe even act a little interested 'she' might want to hear what you want to say. Because if you act like you have a better time being somewhere else, I wouldn't want you to be hanging with me either! Sorry I have a lot of feelings regarding this 'just because she's a girl she MUST like planning weddings BY HERSELF'.

Good thing there are online magazines, blogs and wedding expos to steer us in the right direction. Century city mall hosted their wedding expo - from dresses and tuxes suppliers to cakes, photographers and venues. Basically every aspect covered so you meet with them personally

PS. Are you getting married? Are you already married? If you are, how did you manage and what was the first thing you decided you needed?



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